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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Hedgefoxidna, Apr 4, 2004.

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  1. Hedgefoxidna

    Hedgefoxidna New Member

    Hey guys, I used this deck in States, it did alright but if you guys could fix some stuff, that'd be great, also I don't have lots of money so try to be budget safe, thanks!

    Pokemon: 18

    2 Aqua's Kyogre
    4 Aqua's Poochyena (55/95)
    4 Aqua's Mightyena (30/95)
    3 Aqua's Spheal
    3 Aqua's Sealo
    2 Aqua's Walrein (if I had another one I'd use it, sadly I don't)

    Trainers: 23
    2 Potion
    2 Moo-moo Milk
    1 Relic Hunter
    1 Oak's Research
    1 Power Charge
    2 Energy Search
    1 Aqua's Tech Mac 01
    3 Aqua's Ball
    2 Dual Ball
    2 Archie
    2 Briney's Compasion
    2 Aqua's Schemer
    1 TV reporter
    1 Seer

    Energy: 19
    13 Water
    2 Aqua Energy
    4 Darkness

    that's my deck, all advise appericated, thanks again!
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  2. Hedgefoxidna

    Hedgefoxidna New Member

    Please, I'd like to know how to fix up my deck, thanks.
  3. WeileMom

    WeileMom New Member

    Look at the deck posted by Psychodad. That may give you some ideas on how to fix up yours. I wish I could help more but I'm not very good at building decks.
    Good luck!
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