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    So me three of my friends decide to got to arizona states so friday night we are test playing all night and we fill out our deck list and we head out to arizona at 1200 am.I decide to play luxchop with toxitank and other tech.We get to arizona around 630am-_-so we stand outside of our car talking. About a hour later tourney starts and i head to my table.

    round 1 luxchomp vs mudkip
    this game was pretty fast he starts with 2 mudkips i start out luxray i go first i draw attach dce and bite. he does some stuff and passes.i drop a few bats ko his frist mudkip and then i level up and flash impact

    round 2 luxchomp vs typloshin
    i start garchomp she starts cydiquil attaches fire and beats
    i draw and i attach dce and energy gain and flash bite

    round 3 luxchomp vs chenlock
    this round m a bit worried because i know if i dont draw a lot of supports this can be really bad for me so i look at my starting hand and its is ammazind 2 cyrus 1 collecter 1 pokemon contest hall 1 smeargle 1 uxie and 1 dce so im thinking i can have a good chance
    he starts sableye and gets a turn one judge -_- i draw 2 chomp x 1 azelf and a psychic energy. i portrait he has bad hand to but he has sableye so i pass
    then he disrupting spy and locks me for good. he gets honcrow out and i scooped
    gg 2-1

    round 4 luxchomp vs garchomp c celbi prime
    i thought this was a intresting deck. i dont remember much of early gae but i remember that late game i was using ambipom to ko his garchomps and my garchomp c x to rush his celbi i ended up winning by using a power spray on his celbi power so he couldnt retreat it
    gg 3-1

    round 5 luxchomp vs diaglachomp
    this watch was super close i start luxray he start unown q bronzong i attach dce and bite then he collecter for diagla and 2 chomps the we both continued to set up our filed then i bring up luxray bright look up and garchomp c attach expert belt and flash impact for ko then he brings up digala g and remove lkost 2 lighting energy
    my turn i bright look up a azelf attach lighting and energy gain and flach bite for ko then he removes lost my last lighting energy so at this point im like omg i am gonna lose. i look thought his discard see that he has no more poketurn so i bright look up a bronzong g and snipe his bench with garchomp c x. we were both where getting ko every other turn it came down to i had to top deck my last poke turn so i could bright look up his garchomp cx and earth quake it for win i dont top deck but i portrait his marley request and win
    gg 4-1

    i know if i in this game i make top 8 for sure pairings so up and im playing against blg

    round 6 luxchomp vs blg
    this game was really close i dont remember much i do remember i bright looked his bronzong g when he had no0 more poketurn and use roserade gl poisin bind to lock it up
    he draw passes for then next few turns til bronzong was ko
    then at the end of the game he could of won if he luring flame up my bronzong up instead of my azelf so i retreat and drangrush his blazekin
    gg 5-1!!!!
    so i talk with some of my oppoents from earlier game and they said how i was a top decker and thats the only reason i beat them

    standing are up im placed 2nd with one of my friend i drove in with in 5th witch is good for her and i go to top 8 tables

    top 8 im playing against my round 6 opponet again

    we set up i look at my hand and its pretty good i start garchomp c benched and active he starts garchomp also he goes first and he attaches dce and claw swipe for 6+0 i top deck cyrus but decide to use a collecter or a smeargle unown q and luxray so i bench q smeargle poketurn garchomp portrait his looker his hand and i attach dce top garchomp and set up and the frist card i draw is a energy gain so i retreat and earthquake for game
    game 2
    this game took a long time we both were exchanging prizes left and right till its 2-1 my favor and he gets out his dragonnite attaches dce and enrgy gain andmach blow 1-1 i top deck a poke turn so i tun my lux x and bring up a luxray bright look brongzong and bench roserade energy gain and poision bind and he scoops

    top 4
    luxchomp vs vilegar
    i look at my starting hand and i see that i have the perfect hand to beat vile gar 2 luxray 1 lux x 1 uxie 1 dce 1 bebe and collecter i start luxray luxray to his spritomp i go first and i draw pass he goes collecter gastly oddish uxie benches all three and plays broken ti9me space evoles oddish to gloom and darkness grace to vioplume i draw bright look vioplum retreat uxie attach dce bebe uxie x zenblade he looks at his hand ans scoops
    game 2
    he make me go first and i have a bad start unown q 5 trainers and a energy he donks
    game 3 i look at my hand and its good i start unonw q toxicraok g on bench (not the promo) he stars unown q and hiidin power i draw sp radar crobat flash bite turn flash bite turn flash bite
    top 2
    at this point i am really excited and i see im playing my round 3 opponet chenlock
    game 1
    he gets the lock on me and i scoop to preserve time
    game 2
    he cant lock me and i get luxray with belt and garchomp on bench ready to drangon rush he scoops
    game 3
    he makes me go first with garchomp start to his garchomp start i attach dce and claw swipe he attaches dce and judge and gets energy gain for game
    gg 9-3

    i come second so thats really good i give the judge some information and wait for my friend in top 4 (masters)

    that was my trip to arizona states

    going 5 1
    meeting nice people
    making top 2
    everyone i came with made top cut

    getting donked out of the win
    long car drive

    and thats my tourney report thanks for reading
  2. kamz

    kamz New Member

    nice job josh looks like we both won a medal
  3. BrightRush

    BrightRush New Member

    Team Big Head Top Cutting 4 for 4 is sick haha.

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