Team Pokemon: A New Beginning....

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Skywolf1, Sep 11, 2003.

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  1. Skywolf1

    Skywolf1 New Member

    Hello Everyone:

    "Team Pokemon", what does it mean? A game without barriers. Where ALL Pokemon TCG Players, Fans and the like can interact together and speak as ONE voice. Below, is an e-mail that I had sent to PUI, asking for a rather "unusual" request. I composed this e-mail, with the interests of the GLOBAL Pokemon community at heart. I love Pokemon and everything it stands for, and I will work dilligently to bring equality to this game and its players worldwide.

    So, here is embarking on a NEW BEGINNING!


    Dear Dave,

    After perusing the Pokegym forums last evening, and carefully reviewing all posts, including the few that were composed by yourself, I wanted to submit an idea for your review and consideration, that MIGHT help eliviate some of the concerns expressed by players in the European continent.

    While I understand that this request might SEEM unreasonable, I feel that this would be a viable alternative to having to take time and resources away from your busy schedule to address these concerns personally.

    What I am proposing is to act as an intermediary between PUI/TPC and the Pokemon player base, by disseminating information as it becomes available to be released to the player base. I would then post this information, and attempt to answer any questions and/or concerns as posed by the player contingency worldwide.

    I would do this on my own time, and do not ask for any monetary compensation. All I ask, is that information is released in a timely and consistent fashion, in order to facilitate a smooth transition for Nintendo's OP program worldwide.

    I feel, that with Upper Deck's OP program in close to full bloom, that many current Pokemon players might permanently switch to the "Yu-Gi-Oh" TCG, because many will feel that Pokemon's OP program is either non-existent, or has met with an unusual amount of beaurocracy which could result in lengthy delays.

    I, honestly don't want to see this happen. I feel that all players of this game should be entitled to a cohesive Organized Play program whether they reside in America or Australia.

    This would provide a "win-win" situation for all parties involved, that is two-fold:

    1. It would reduce the amount of time spent by the limited staff at Pokemon USA, Inc, allowing them to concentrate in building a more cohesive Organized Play structure for players on ALL continents.

    2. It would serve as a "beacon of reassurance" for players in these areas, many whom feel they have been forgotten and/or overlooked, and thus end up giving up on the game and going elsewhere. I would be able to provide information, as it is made available to legally release (pending any NDA requirements that NOA/NOJ/PUI/TPC have with regards to such dissemination of information.) which in-turn would put players on notice with upcoming events, news and other pertinent information that pertains to Organized Play.

    I understand and realize the burdens that creating a cohesive worldwide OP structure entails, and I can certainly imagine the time restraints and/or headaches that come along with this position. I am offering my services to alleviate some of this burden, and I ask for your consideration to this proposal with this in mind.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    Marsh Schneidau
    [email protected]

    Edited: Marsh, you should know how dangerous it is to post an address & phone number....
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  2. Silvercharizard

    Silvercharizard New Member

    Hey, I agree Nintendo or whoever's in charge should do some more to make pokemon tournaments etc more common.

    I live in New Zealand, just southeast of Australia and I haven't seen a tourney around here in about... I can't remember :/

    I am one of those people you spoke of who moved to Yu-Gi-Oh, but I haven't sold/thrown away any of my pokemon cards -it's just Yu-Gi-Oh has more tournaments and things which promote the game's popularity, which means there are more people playing.

    I personally don't blame them for switching to Yu-Gi-Oh, I mean what good is a game if theres no-one to play it with or a good place hosting it?

    Until I see a pokemon tournament maybe @ least once every 1/2 months, Increasing frequency as it gets more popular, I doubt many people will want to come back to it... I however, am still hanging on to my cards and checking the news in case that happens.
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