Tecumseh, MI Hidden Legends Prerelease June 13th

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  1. farbsman

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    Pokemon EX Hidden Legends Prerelease Tournament

    Date: June 13th 2004

    Time: Registration from 10am-10:45am EDT

    Play begins at: 11:00am

    Cost for main tournament: $20

    Tournament Location:
    Tecumseh Scout Cabin
    Elliot Park (100 block) E. Kilbuck
    Tecumseh, MI 49286

    All Ages Welcome!! Pokemon Organized Play is featuring three age brackets for the Main Tournament play. Our age brackets are; 10 and under, 11 to 14, and 15 and over. The main event will feature the same prize structure for all three age brackets!

    Everyone who signs up for the event will receive a special prerelease card from the upcoming expansion that is only available at one of these events!

    Save Money, Bring a Friend
    When you attend the Prerelease in both Cromwell, IN on June 6th and LaGrange, IN on June 12th you get $2 off the LaGrange event!!!

    So in other words:

    Attend both prereleases pay $15 in Cromwell and get in for $13 in LaGrange!!


    Get ready to Play at 2 Prerelease Tournaments!!!!

    Main Tournament Format

    You will not need to bring a deck or any other cards in order to play in main tournament. When you register you will recieve 6 packs of Pokemon EX Team Magma Vs Team Awua and will need to build a forty card deck out of those cards and the basic energy that will be available for your use at the tournament. All energy will need to be turned in at the end of the tournament but you get to keep everything you recieve in your 6 packs of cards!!

    The tournament will be age-modified swiss and you will be given 30 minutes in order to play each round. During this tournament you will only play with 4 prize cards instead of the normal 6.

    So what can you earn for winning? Each age group (10 and under, 11-14, and 15 and up) will receive the following:

    1st Place
    1 Box of Pokémon-e TCG: Ex Hidden Legends Booster Packs

    2nd Place
    18 Pokémon-e TCG: Ex Hidden Legends Booster Packs

    3rd & 4th Place
    9 Pokémon-e TCG: Ex Hidden Legends Booster Packs

    5-8th Place
    4 Pokémon-e TCG: Ex Hidden Legends Booster Packs

    Side Event Formats Explained

    We will be offering a Game Boy Advanced Ruby and Sapphire Tournament during and after the Main Prerelease Event. This event is FREE!!

    Also after the main tournament we will be holding various side events. Each Costs $5.00

    Pokémon Modified-Swiss Tournament-After round 3 Players will need to bring there own Modified Legal 60 card deck. Players will play a number of rounds of Swiss based on the number of participants. Players will then break to top 8 to determine the winners.

    Pokémon Modified-Single Elim Tournament-Players will need to bring there own Modified Legal 60 card deck. Players will play a number of rounds based on the number of participants.

    Side Event Prizes

    Prizes (For every 8 players after the 8 needed to run the tournaments, 14 packs will be added to the total packs given away as prizes):

    1st Place-6 EX Hidden Legends Booster Packs
    2nd Place-4 EX Hidden Legends Booster Packs
    3rd & 4th Place-2 EX Hidden Legends Booster Packs
  2. farbsman

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    Oops forgot this too

    We will be also holding a Theme Deck Challenge to help players learn the game. They will get a NEW theme deck (Hidden Legends) to play with, and will also be GUARANTEED 3 packs of cards for playing!!! This event will be non-sanctioned and limited to 24 players... As this event is limited to 24 players, priority will be given to 10 and under players first, then their parents, then older players for entry, the cost is only $15.00 and it gets you a THEME DECK, 3 PACKS and the promo!!!
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  3. TheAnswer3

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    Im going to try to attend this one as well as the one in Garden City. Any information whether this location will be holding a Gym Challenge as well?

  4. farbsman

    farbsman New Member

    No, there will be no gym Challenge at this location. The distance requirement is greater for Gym Challenges then it is for prerelease tournaments. Right now the only gym Challenges I know of in our area are Detroit MI, Columbus OH, and LaGrange IN which are all on different days.

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