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  1. Mewtral

    Mewtral New Member

    3-3 Exeggutor (MT i believe. the attack that switches hands for now energy)
    2-2 Giratina LvX (Using the Giratina that has 3 attacks(dark wing flap))
    3-3 Linoone (with seek out attack for no energy)
    1 Azelf (for prize cards)
    3 Dusk Stadiums
    4 Warp Points
    4 Night Teleporters
    4 Lookers Investigations
    4 Oaks new theorys
    4 DCE
    9 Purple energy
    1 Luxury Ball
    4 Pokemon Communications
    2 Night Maintenence
    4 Galactic's Mars

    Basically this deck is designed to prevent my opponent from attacking as fast as possible. Now I have thought about a sloking Hgss to keep them more frustrated. Also Porygon2s, in order to play faster with supporters. The Night teleporter and looker investigation are in there in order to drop my hand when exeggutor is active. I mean, if GiratinaLvX is on my bench, and i swap my no hand for their hand im sure they'd b in a huge predicament. I tested this deck out many times, this was my best list. I drew 4 prize cards at once, (opponents didn't have any Ebelts) i done so thanks to Giratina LvX's Darkness lost move. Putting a lethal 30 on all. I once had Ebelts incorporated in before in order to do 50 to active. Please help me improve if possible.
  2. Kayle

    Kayle Active Member

    Sounds pretty slick! I think you're referring to Furret, not Linoone. Is there a reason you aren't using Claydol?

    I'm not sure about specific suggestions for the list, but just food for thought: I used to run something very similar using Glaceon RR's Ice Bind along with its great Chilly Breath. Your opponent is discarding cards and can't use Cosmic Power or Set Up to replace them; they also can't use Unown G to protect themselves from Glaceon's paralysis. Bench a Giratina X to go with it, and, well, you have a pretty scary hand control deck going!
  3. Mewtral

    Mewtral New Member

    Yes, i ment furret. ^^; haha always mix them up.
    The reason for no Claydoll is simple, I do not have, and just want 1 color them. No wainbows.
    Also I had a very similar idea. I had to choose between Glaceon or the Ambipom that did 80 for 2 if they didn't discard 2. That deck had 4-4 Porygon2s in order to run super fast. (and i didn't realize that Team Rockets Minions wouldn't b out in time to play it well) Also I had the Giratina that would make both players hands go to 4. then I'd kick it off by playing many discarding supporters and follow with an attack. It had gone over well, unless Claydoll was on the field.
    As for Glaceon, im still debating. because i love the power shut off it has and paralysis and such, but im still not entirely sure it'd work out 4 me. Ran a proxy deck for it, and won cuz my opponent had no more cards to draw. And me having one card left in my deck.
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