Tentactruel13's HAVES/WANTS List

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Tentacruel13, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    :fire:No ripping!
    :grass:I check lists!
    :water:If you have under 15 refs you send first( I feel warm and cozy that way, and you should feel that way trading with me too).
    :fighting:If you have more than 15 refs I send first(exceptions, for a few)
    :lightningIf you are a cautionary trader you send first
    :psychic:If you are a bad trader you send NEVER! I won't trade with you!
    :colorlessI ship to the U.S. only(few exception...I.E. A really good deal)
    :dark:If I send to anywhere out of the U.S.(unless it's close by in Canada) you send first(unlesss you have a lot of refs).
    :metal:Have Fun!

    REFS:(if there is a star next to a name that's because they gave me a free Tentacruel! Thank You!)

    1xGarchomp Lv.X(any language)
    2xPorygon-Z Lv.X(any language)
    2-3xCrystal Beach
    2xFelcity's Drawing
    2xCelio's Network
    XxPokeball Sleeves(or any Ultra Pro Sleeves that don't scratch easily)

    3xFlygon ex d
    XxTentacruel (Any Set) only as surprise throw ins
    (trading Only!! pokemonmike)

    2xDarkrai Lv.X TIN
    3xPalkia Lv.X TIN
    1xDialga Lv.X TIN
    1xTorterra Lv.X DP
    1xEmpoleon Lv.X DP
    1xEmpoleon Lv.X TIN
    1xInfernape Lv.X TIN

    1xAbsol ex PK
    1xAltaria ex DF

    Latias* DX
    Shining Raichui 1st edition
    2xDialga GE(not holo)
    1xRaichu Promo#24
    1xDarkrai #3
    1xLudicolo SW
    1xHonchkrow RH
    3xGastrodon WEst Sea(all RH)
    1xRoserade SW
    2xTorterra(1 RH)
    1xCelebi MT
    2xCharizard SW(both RH)
    2xShiftry DP(1 RH)
    4xSwampert GE
    1xAmpibom MT
    2xTyphlosion(1 RH)
    1xMagmortar SW(not holo)
    8xUnown G(not holo)

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  2. Wallydraigle

    Wallydraigle New Member

    I have

    1xAbsol SW
    1xRoseanne's Research SW
    1xNight Maintenance SW

    I'd love to have have that Latias*, but I don't know if you'd want to trade it just for those. What condition is it?

    I haven't traded on here before, so I'd be shipping first, but I can do it tomorrow morning.

    Let me know.
  3. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    1 tangela
    idk 10 night main.
    1 windstorm
    1 cast away
    maybe one rare candy for

    Shining Raichui 1st edition
  4. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    Hey, do you want to trade at regionals, cause I could do that, I have a sentret, an absol, a Gardy EX d, a night maitenance, rare candy, and tangela. LMK and see you there:)
  5. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    Awesome. IM me after 4 PM EST or something like that to discuss.
  6. TcgPlayer2006

    TcgPlayer2006 New Member

    Hi! I haves this from your wants:
    1x Gardevoir Lv.X
    1x Gardevoir ex d
    2x Furret SW
    1x Sentret SW
    I am interested in:
    2x Darkrai Lvx TIN
    1x Palkia Lvx Tin
    1x Dialga Lvx Tin
    1x Charizard SW
    LMK via PM if we can do something, seeya!
  7. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    Bump* I'm checking lists too. I"ll add some stuff in a few.
  8. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    Weavile (SW) x2
    Wigglytuff x1 (GE)
    Sydneys Stadium x1

    Absol Ex.

  9. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    No thank you.
  10. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    Would you do:


    Weavile SW
    Wigglytuff GE(RH)

    for your:

    Magmortar SW

    LMK thanks.
  11. mine is cooler

    mine is cooler New Member

    1 wiggly
    1 blissy

  12. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    azure kite-could you throw in a Sidney's?

    mine is cooler-I don't have it anymore, sorry.
  13. mine is cooler

    mine is cooler New Member

    how bout honchkrow?
  14. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    just Wiggly isn't worth it.
  15. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    Sorry dude, don't have any. Is there something else I could throw in, like a Felicity's or something?
  16. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    Never mind, don't need them anymore.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2008
  17. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    Alright, thats fine, take your time.
  18. Ajax

    Ajax New Member

    hey, sorry I wasnt able to get in touch with you, but do you want to trade still?
  19. weatie21

    weatie21 New Member

    i want ur Latias* DX
  20. George2FRESH

    George2FRESH New Member

    Could you CML for Honchkrow? Lmk. Thanks!
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