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  1. yellowlob

    yellowlob New Member

    My deck im using for comicon =]

    its called tetris cuz my friend (vietgamer1021 :tongue:) gave me the brilliant idea because it Locks (pidgeot) and blocks! (meganium/bronzong).

    ill prolly change the lame title later =P

    4x Sentret
    2x Furret
    3x Chikorita MD
    1x Bayleef MD
    3x Meganium d
    2x Bronzor
    2x Bronzong
    2x Pidgey d (1 for 10 and electric type means 1 for 40 on an empoleon if i need to^^)
    2x Pidgeot d
    1x Feebas GE
    1x Milotic d

    Trainers: 22
    4x Celio's Network
    2x Roseannes Research
    2x Steven's Advice
    3x Team Galactics Wager
    4x Rare Candy
    2x Night Maintenance
    3x Warp Point
    1x Windstorm
    1x Lake Boundary

    3x Psychic
    5x Fighting
    1x Fire
    2x Holon FF
    4x Scramble

    Strategy: This deck was sort of made to counter the most popular decks out there, GG, Empoleon, and Eeveelutions (sorta). It does pretty well against rogue decks too, as in shutting powers down, disrupting hand, and blocking damage is pretty hard to deal with =]

    Furret start, get anything you need to set up a T2 Pidgeot lock hopefully. Then get setup from there using the appropriate counters for the deck you are facing (discussed below). Disrupt with wager, lock them down with pidgeot, and block any attempts at a comeback :thumb:

    Individual card strategy:
    Meganium- severely counters empoleon, as delta reduction blocks the spread (correct me if im wrong) as well as meganium has resistance. a fully powered surf together only does 40 damage after a reduciton and resistance. it also is playable through pidgeot lock and helps with the lack of claydol.

    Bronzong- decent GG counter. a scrambled coating with lake boundry ohkos a gardevoir and almost a gallade. also helps against magmortar and other fire decks, with its resistance and coating. against decks with lots of powers, free damage =]

    Pidgeot- many decks dont have a counter for this(only latilock and battle frontier), and it cripples opposing setups. also, it is scramble able and can do 100 to a empoleon with a LB. After your lead is up, you can rotating claws out your scramble for something else if you wish (still not very abusable with my energy line)

    Milotic d- its power goes through pidgeot, so that helps setup. it also lets you look into your opponents hand, a very very useful thing. They have a perfect hand? copy their supporter, then play your own wager to send everything away. And if they have nothing in their hand, you know now not to play wager =]
    also, it can ohko leafeons with scramble + LB, as well as hurt torterras and such.

    - add more LB?
    - change up energies
    -other suggestions? :smile:
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