Texas and Atlanta Prereleases?

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Pablo, Aug 30, 2003.

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  1. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    Anyone know where the Texas and Atlanta prereleases will be? There's a location for Texas listed, but no address included :rolleyes: :confused: and there are no locations listed for Atlanta, if anyone can help me please, I would greatly appreciate it :)

  2. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    I'll help dude! Since I frequent the place often, here's the address:

    1717 East Spring Parkway,
    #100 Plano Texas

    Good luck! (Better not beat me, though...I'm the first to have registered! :p)
  3. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    lol, thanks alot patriarch, but I'm not going, I live all the way here in Mexico, and it is impossible for me to attend one of these prereleases, I asked this, for a friend of mine who lives over there, so she tries to get many prerelease promos, so we can actually try to do a prerelease tourney here, so I won't be beating you any soon lol, thanks again.

    Anyone have any info for Atlanta?
  4. IndigoMaster

    IndigoMaster New Member

    i doubt there will be an atlanta one, chattanooga for sure, check one of scythkings topics or email him, [email protected]
  5. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    ok indigomaster, thanks for the info :) Ill let him know about this. do you know why there wint be one in Atlanta?
  6. ScythKing

    ScythKing Member

    Old info

    I don't really check that email anymore it has been updated for the Gym also. As far as why not in Atlanta - Chattanooga is only 1.5 hours up the road, much cheaper and I have a larger in town group of players - plus I don't have to travel very far! ;-)
    Me & PUI are having a few issues - like I'm not getting emails on time and thus things are running behind. But I do have a venue reserved and $$$ committed so if they don't decide that I'm "too late" then we will have a pre-release Sept 13 at the Chattanooga Convention Center.
    I should know for sure Tuesday as they will be back in the office to answer me directly.
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  7. Turbo Blastoise

    Turbo Blastoise New Member

    Hey, does anyone know if they are going to have one around the Houston area. It seems sort of unfair for there to be one in North Texas while their aren't any around here. I remember wizards having 4 SBZ's just in Texas alone!!! Surely, Nintendo can at least match that figure or come close.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2003
  8. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    EX-Sandstorm in Plano, Texas

    :clap: Yea, get a bunch of your friends from Houston and carvan (carpool) up to Plano, Texas. We have space for 100-players in "Creative Gift Baskets" store and space in the mall for 150-more players. So, get your friends and come and show these Dallas Pokemon players how the game is really played. On May 28th myself and six of my friends drove to Conroe, Texas for "Super-BattleZone" down there. We really ruled your gym that day!!! :lol: If I were you, I would think that it is PAY BACK TIME now!!! :thumb: Below is the store location, phone number, and email address:

    "Creative Gift Baskets"
    1717 E. Spring Creek Pkwy.
    Plano, Texas 75074
    Phone: (972) 633-9396
    Toll Free: (877) 629-4994
    email: [email protected]

    Oh yeah, they are having "Free Hot Dogs-All Day" and "Side Events".
    (8-Player: Unlimited & Modified Single Elimination Tournaments)

    Date: September 14, 2003
    Start Time:12:30pm

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