Texas State Championship REPORT!!!

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Cyrus, Apr 18, 2004.

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  1. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Okay, kiddos. Here's the Patriarch, with a little info on just how things went at the tournament!

    Being the crazy dope that I am, I stayed up until 6AM doing random stuff (Starcraft calls...), so I almost missed my chance to compete! However, a shower, a chicken quesidilla, and an unlimited deck afterwards, I was set to go!

    I arrived at Creative Gift Baskets, to be greeted by the first of my city championship rewards: $5 off the tourney! Cool beans! Also got to get in free at the unlimited side event, so that was also quite awesome! I wanted to play GBA, but knew that Ricky (AKA Spectreon) would EAT ME ALIVE!!!! >_<

    Unlimited Tourney Round 1: VS Some Sneasel deck
    -Killed his sneasel with an Aerodactyl ex. Blaziken and bex never saw play =/

    Round 2: VS Ryan
    -Dead turn two =(

    So...yeah, Blaziken ex is pretty BAD in unlimited! ^^""

    After my crushing defeat in unlimited, I had some fun talking to people, not to mention my VIP package!!!! Eeeeee! Free shtufzzz! I traded one of my deck boxes away (the articuno, zapdos, and moltres one) to Seth (AKA AggronBlaster) for a crapload of holos. Also some failed trades with Olliver (no 'gym name), and I even got my third blazi ex! Well, you're tired of me rambling on, so I'll just go straight to the tourney!

    Patriarch Niniken V2.0

    Pokemon (24):
    4 Torchic (2 singe, 2 dragons)
    1 Combusken (double kick)
    3 Blaziken (duhhhhh)
    2 Blaziken ex
    3 Vulpix (Expedition)
    3 Ninetails (Expedition)
    2 Skitty (Minor Errand-Running)
    2 Delcatty (duuhhhhhh)
    4 Dunsparce (duhhhhh)

    Trainers (21):
    4 TV Reporter
    4 Oracle
    4 Rare Candy
    3 Professor Elm's Training Method
    3 Friend Ball (00ber Blazi tech!)
    2 High Pressure System
    1 Fisherman

    Energy (15):
    15 Fire

    Round 1: Bye, buddies =/ (1-0)

    Round 2 (VS Mr. Meches [or was it his Dad? I'm better with real names than net names!] w/ Muk ex&Umbreon): He got very screwed early game. I T3'ed him with a Blaziken ex. (2-0)

    Round 3 (VS Richard Collinsworth AKA MP Birch w/ RAMBO): Unlike the last two games, this was definitely a good one, and is considered my favorite out of the tournament. I started TERRIBLE, yet I managed to squeeze past his menacing forces for a good 3-4 turns until I got exactly what I needed! Soon, a terrible hand became better...and better, and I gained back all ground lost (KO'ed Dunsparces are not good!). We shot each other's pokeys down until it was eventually decided by just who was running ex's, and who wasn't. With a combination of Blaziken/ex, and Ninetails, I scored the win. Good game, Richard. Just wish I had more opportunities to play you. (3-0)

    Round 4 (VS Clary Carney AKA Blazi-King with Niniken): Hmmm, this game was decided simply by who had the Dunsparce or not. he went just absolutely CRAZY, and teched in Suicune! However, to hold back rebellions and whatnot, I made sure to get Blaziken ex out fast, so I could shoot down his tech, and his energy factories (ie blaziken). Although he did considerable damage to some of my guys, he was unable to win. (4-0)

    Round 5 (VS Phillip AKA Xeno with Salamence): Now, I was QUITE scared in this one. He just absolutely annihilated the other blazi variants he played before me, so there was much room to fail here. We both got setup relatively fast. However, when that Salamence hit the board...*shudders*. Good thing he didn't get powered up ASAP, or I would have been a goner. He agilitied against my sitting Ninetails for a while, until it dawned on me: Delcatty is dragon tech!!! So I began powering up the cat like a madman, and was able to OHKO the bugger. He managed to almost get setup again. However, through a combination of the cat and regular Blaziken, I was able to score my fifth win (5-0)

    Quarter Finals (VS Mike C): Probably the only person able to play Wailord ex and win in these parts. For the longest amount of time, since we both got just awful draw, it was a stare-down. Luckily, I get out my Blaziken ex to begin pummeling his Electabuzz into retreating. Wailord ex showed his face, but only after I had dealt just too much damage for him to handle. Blaziken slowly picked away at the whale, the buzz, and that was game. (6-0)

    Semi-Finals (VS Taylor Collinsworth w/ RAMBO): I was able to just outright cream him 'cause of his awful draw. A lot like my last game with him....can't wait until we have a real game. *sighs* (7-0)

    Finals (VS Daniel): Hmmm, while I was going to start off pretty well, I just got a little energy-screwed, so it went downhill from there...ESPECIALLY when the RAMBO strategy was pulled off flawlessly! He shot down my entire deck before I could fight back. Good game, Daniel! Best of luck at nationals (7-1)

    So, I walked away with half a box, and a sickeningly-high rating! Daniel and I were the only two to go with only one loss each for our age group, so chances are I'm an extremely-high 1st in Texas, and he closely behind at 2nd. Invites, here we come! Lol

    -EVERYTHING!!!!! SOOOOOO MUCH FUN! PICHU IS MY MASTER!!!! Personal props go out to meeting Olliver, Seth, and Phillip, my opponents: Mr. Meches, Birch, Blazi King, Xeno, Mike C, Lil Birch, and Daniel. Professors Torchic and Sam, along with Gilbert ran a great event!

    -Other than them not updating on the PUSA site for the tournament last week, or the bad draw in the finals, no real big deal! This is nothing compared to the Gym Challenge, so what happened here is only a preview of what's to come from the three Gym Challenges in the OK/Texas area, and the super-awesome Stadium Challenge in Arlington!

    Anybody else who went have their stories to share? If so, go ahead!

    ~Johnny Kettler, AKA Patriarch

    PS: I'd like to comment on what was being played. There was plenty of Blazi variants dominating the field, followed by a few of everything else. Surprisingly, while there were three-four Alakatech decks being run there, I did not see a SINGLE Kingdra ex deck! I only saw one Swampert/Suicune that day, as well! Also, of the Top 8 in 15+, there were five Blazi variants (three RAMBO, and two Niniken), a sceppy, yet only two Blazi counters (wailord ex and Salamence)! I really WILL go back to my old roots for some tournaments after this one!
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  2. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Chicken quesidillas are awesome! Way to brag, fellow archetype bro! Heh, keep up the good work, and I'll see ya at Worlds 2005. (When I'll be 15...waaaaaaaaaa)

  3. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Haha, I know I'm such a bragger, fool. *edits topic slightly to be more accurate. After all, Daniel is WAY high up there. Great opponent, too*

    Also, like I stated in the Dallas City Championship report, the results from that tourney were ominous. Since no one in the 15+ went undefeated, that's yet another ominous prediction for what REALLY counts: Gym Challenges! =O
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  4. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    How many people in Texas???

    Just curious, rumor is i am going to be down there this summer


  5. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Lol, I love "rumors" ;)

    Perhaps someone from the tournament staff could do a better job than me, but it was a pretty full house. I'm guessing anywhere from 60+ to 80-. Plenty came, and that's a fact!
  6. old man

    old man New Member

    According to the standings posted, there were 69 players. If I remember right there were 35 players in 15+, 20 something in 11-14 & the rest at -10. The playoff cut was 8 for 15+ & top 4 for the other 2 groups.

    Patriarch - I was sitting beside you in your game against Richard. He was so energy poor, it might've gone very different, but a nice win either way!
    I know there were at least 2 Swampert/EX's there. They just weren't wuite good enough for the top 8.
    I'm proud of myself for making it to 10th place in the 15+ group after my miserable playing the last few tournaments.
  7. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member

    Nice Job....


    Nice Job!!!! :clap: What I like most about you is that you continue to think outside the norm for you decks. I am very impressed with the more that I am around you. I remember when you first started coming to "CGB". You were an average player. I honestly cannot say that about you any longer. Great win at the "Dallas City Championships" and a truely outstanding showing Sunday at the "Texas State Championships". :thumb: I just wish that you could make the "Premier Events" outside of the D/FW area. :( Good luck at the "Gym Challenges".

    :pokeball: Master Professor Birch :pokeball:
  8. ~Blazi-King~

    ~Blazi-King~ Active Member

    i dont remeber much about the whole tourny becuz it was such a blast other than that in

    top 8 first round i was playing Gilbert ( sceptile-ex deck ) i was behind in prizes to him....he had 1 left and i had 6....well anyways i finally drew something... ( a blaze-ex )
    i rare candied it and i drew a prize off his eevee and from there it was downhill for him.....somwhere in that game i forced him to bring out the big green bean by knocking out his stall guys......anywayd i ended up winning with jus blaze-ex.....drew all six prizes

    top 4- i faced danny and i lost to him becuz of blaze-ex and having 3 of 4 torchics in prizes after three oracles and 7 draw cards certainly didnt help my chances

    anyways i had tons of fun.....hope everyone else did too.....gl to all who are going to OK States
    see ya there

    P.s.- Blaze-ex talk about a extremely powerful card
  9. Obi_Wan

    Obi_Wan New Member

    That was a great tourney guys, I congradulate and wish the best to all that were there. I wonder when the new rankings will be updated, I can't wait to see what happens. Patriarch, you are a very formidable opponent, and it was a great batle to the end. I'll see you in the next challenge, hopefully. That was an agonizing 4.5 hour trip, so Dallas people how about you come to houston next time =)

    on a last note, there is a whole bunch of threads all over various TCG boards about how Blaziken EX should be banned because of its power. Blaziken EX was in 3 of the last 4 decks of the state championship. 1st and 2nd were both blazikens. It has also won numerous other championships. What do you all think of this ban proposal??

    Personally, I just smile.
  10. Xeno

    Xeno New Member

    Perhaps Blaze ex should be banned and it winning so many tournaments prove that it is too powerful? I beat 3 out of 5 of the BAR-ish decks I played. Anyways, let's not get off-topic here, plenty of other forums to discuss Blaze ex. Congrats on making it that far, Pat, and congrats on winning it all, Obi Wan. You were both awesome!
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  11. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    We were both VERY energy poor, lol! Normally, my opponent's don't expect me to play a T1 dunsparce and not attach ^^"".

    But yeah, I feel somewhat guilty for running a blaz variant again. Sure, I made 2nd, but I made 2nd with an overly-used archetype! Seth's take on the Alakatech made me realize that rogue is not dead, and, although I'm not sure whether or not I will go rogue at the Gym Challenge, I will be trying to find my old roots. Clay can vouch for my Rocket-On Haymaker and Ne-on Alakatech decks, lol ;)

    Obi, good luck at Nationals, man! You are a very formidable opponent yourself, and I was quite nervous while watching Ryan Soles playtest my deck against you during our break. You deserved the win, and I'm glad to have had the opportunity to play you. Conquer Origins in the name of Team Texas!

    Oh, there's enough s/ex and Kingdra to kill Blazi, so it's all good! ;P

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  12. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    That was an awesome State Experience!! Thanks to all that I met there and hope to be more challenging next time Patriarch!! Work on the Fan Club Fast Ball idea.. works a lot better!! Good Luck to all going to OK!!!

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