The Ambulance takes Ft Pierce!!!

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Curry, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. Curry

    Curry New Member

    Alright so this is my first tourney for the season and I decide to play the Ambulance(TRUK) which I haven't tested at all and I built literally five minutes before deck checks were over. So after much running around looking for cards, I was able to sit down and chill with Bobby and Omar before pairings went up.

    Round 1: Sorry forgot name(Gabe's girlfriend) Duskqueen
    I set up really fast with a few Ambulances and some EMTs for support while she has a dysmal start to say the least. She eventually conceded when prizes were 5-2.

    Round 2: Begthoy with Mischampturn aka trashcan.dec
    He rips a T2 Milo d to make me share my wager which totally screwed up my hand and he gets ahead 3-0 on prizes before I start to come back. Time is called and it comes down to if he topdecks a DRE or not and, of course, he does. UGHZ

    Round 3: Larry A with Flygon/Ttar ex d
    He shockwaves one of my ambulances to the junkyard but I just turn on my sirens and run his guys to the hospital.

    Round 4: Gabe with Speeding TRUK
    This is the only game I don't actually remember, but I won.

    Round 5: Sorry forgot name with Shiftry/Claydol
    I set up fast and take him to the ER while he struggles to set up.

    So top 4 is:
    Me vs Richard Forrest
    Gabe vs Begthoy

    Bobby got 5th =(

    T4 vs Richard with Megatr
    First two games are pretty close just alternating on who is trying to come back, and the third game is just my Ambulances flying to the scene of the accident. GG Richard

    T2 vs Gabe
    First game he goes 0 for 9 on TSD flips so I just pound through him.
    Second game is pretty much the same. My EMTs helped me clear up any of my wrecked or injured TRUKs.

    So I won... yay?

    Only losing 3 wagers all day

    Leap frog (lol)

    Not a bad way to start off the season.
  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    aaron.mention the main pokemon and get rid of these jokes otherwise the thread will be closed.
  3. desert eagle

    desert eagle New Member


    GJ curry =D
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