The Ambush Has Begun...

Discussion in 'Feature Articles' started by Dante63s, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. Pinsir52

    Pinsir52 New Member

    I just started testing this deck today. I really like it. Alot. Except...Luvdisc. I cringe when I have to start with it. The battle goes SOOOO much better when you start aqua showering on T2, otherwise, its much harder to pull ahead. I'm gonna try with CG Mawile.
  2. KingOfKings715

    KingOfKings715 New Member

    OMG MK your a GENIUS!!!! NO WONDER YOUR SO GOOD AT MATH!!!! Read the card!?!?!?!? WOW we should definately inform a certain taco lover of your advice. Maybe he can get a win in a tourney, PACO I WUV YOU!!! <3
  3. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    Please stay on topic :nonono:
  4. With 27 trainers is that make this deck Absol bait? Anything new since SW came out?
  5. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    Not really :frown:. DP4 has Lapras that does castaway, thats interesting. Maybe it will be better than Luvdisc.
  6. Marcos

    Marcos New Member

    i like more marowak
  7. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    It left the Modified format, now it's HP-ON.
  8. After changing a few cards David came up with this for his ambush to win three cities in Jr. division. Not sure if it will work for other division since the deck is a little weak. He wants to try as many decks as he can to be ready for the tough competition that he will face at State and Regionals so this deck is now retired for him. Whats funny is how the deck sleeves had Mario in it to start with during BR. than changed out the Machamp line up with the help of Shaw for Empoleon. Then he took out the Lucario line up for the Electric line up to beat all the DWD he had been running into. He wants to move on and play a different deck every week. So time well tell what he plays next. So this deck needs something stronger if anyone else wants to try his ambush but he would like to offer it up to people that might want to try it.

    Peck em with Piplup
    4 Piplup
    2 Prinplup
    3 Empoleon
    2 Mareep
    1 Flaaffy
    2 Ampharos
    3 Electrike
    3 Manectric
    1 Rayquaza ex ( not sure why he likes this card in todays game)
    1 Minun

    4 Celio's
    1 Roseanne's
    1 Great ball
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Stevens
    1 Professor Oak's Research
    1 Professor Birch
    1 Professor Rowan
    1 Copycat
    2 Castaway
    1 Strength Charm
    1 cc
    2 Battle Frontier
    1 Lake Boundary
    1 Switch
    1 TSD

    4 Lighting
    4 water
    2 multi
    2 Double Rainbow
    2 Scramble.
  9. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    ^ You know Shaw? He helped get me and my bros. started last jan.

    Any way, I personly think that Empoleon works best with Lucario. The nrg is so much easier to do, than most think.
  10. kungfufita

    kungfufita New Member

    The -10 does not count for the bench..or thats what i was told.

    Last edited: Jan 1, 2008
  11. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    What did the Original Ambush look like? As you all know, I am a HUGE Empo player, but I jsut wanted to see how the deck came about!
  12. Kiss_n_Fire

    Kiss_n_Fire New Member

    I really liked this article as my hubby is an Empoleon fan. I am the fire fan so he kills me when we play at home. But anway, I like your breakdown and the card pics...makes it so much easier to understand! I like it...GJ!
  13. Skull Bash

    Skull Bash New Member

    If my memory serves correct, the original ambush was used first at last year's Nats and was Empoleon/Marowak D. Marowak complemented Empoleon's weakness, and was also a great damage spreader.
  14. Banette EX

    Banette EX New Member

    4-3-3-1 empo dp/empo x
    2-2 marawak d or it was 3-3
    1-1 budew dp/roselia LM(such a good card)

    thats just a guess. Marawak was overlooked for spread. Raichu d was supposed to be like it,but no where near it.
  15. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    oh, okay! It used Empo X??? I am Surprised! Thanks Banette EX and Skull Bash!!! I have always respected the idea of Empoleon DP being Rogue play, which is AWESOME for me. I heard it was OVERly used at Nats too!!!
  16. empoleonperson

    empoleonperson Active Member

    no it was more like

    4-4-2 Empoleon
    2-2 Marowak
    2-2 Roselia????
  17. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    ONLY 2 Empeolons??? So, it DIDNT use Rare Candys???
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2008
  18. Banette EX

    Banette EX New Member

    Some didnt just because we had Wallys Training and you just aqua shwered until the first prinpulp died. then you just place with Empo/Scramble then you cleaned up with Marawak d/scramble. Combo was good,but I mean it was obvious.
  19. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    I still Love Empo DP! IMO, he is still VERY playable, especially NEXT format!

    So with Wally's you could evolve to Prinplup, then Wally's to Empo???
  20. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    You did NOT play Empoleon lv x mainly because you played 4 Cursed Stone.
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