The Awakening -- Chapter 14 -- History

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    Not really a very interesting chapter, but probably necessary. Keep up the good work!

    I don't really understand what it is you have against Will, though...
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    I based Will's character off his Manga character, rather than his anime or ingame character. He was kidnapped as a child, then later formed Neo Team Rocket. When I first looked up information on various Psychic-themed high level Trainers, there was speculation on the Wiki that Will and Lucian were somehow related, so I just went a step further. Plus, it kinda works in the story. I've got nothing against Will, I actually kinda like the guy. But somebody had to be a hindrance, and Will just looks more the peeved off type than any of the other Trainers I mentioned.

    And, yeah, that chapter is kinda boring. I was shooting from the hip for that one. I needed it to set up Bull's character a little bit more, though I'm probably doing too much character setup and not enough storytelling at this point...
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    Okay, that's a reasonable explanation.

    Why did Cassidy's hair change from red to brown?
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    Now that I think about it a little bit more, there's actually something to be milked from that. It's interesting, as I've done the same character three different times, and she's looked different each time. It's about time I start using that to my advantage...
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    I modeled one character in this chapter after Numbah Four of the Kids Next Door. Not in personality, but in looks. You'll understand when you see this character.


    Chapter 8

    “I wish that I could just give him a little bit more time,” Sabrina said thoughtfully. “He’s only thirteen years old. I don’t want to push this on him any more than it’s already been pushed!”

    Silence. Nothing but silence invaded Professor Natsume’s office.

    “I understand. It’s getting out of control lately. He almost broke out last week.” Sabrina’s voice cracked just a little bit.

    Again, she was greeted with silence. Sitting cross-legged on the deep purple carpet, she didn’t seem to expect an answer. At least, not in the normal sense of the word.

    She spoke again, in no more than a whisper. “You’re right, as always. It’s about time he was given some help. I just wish that there was another way to stop this.”

    Her office was shaped like most offices, rectangular with a large window viewing outside. She had quite the view of Saffron City, being on the twentieth story of the institution. The two Gyms for which the city was well known could be seen far in the distance, but not far enough that little details such as movements couldn’t be seen. The office itself was quite bare of objects, though that wasn’t the unique feature of the room. The colors, all different shades of purple, arranged in squares or rectangles both on the walls and on the ceilings. Everything at perfect right angles. Order over chaos. Just the way Sabrina liked it.

    She stood up and spoke once again. “It’s about time. He’s waiting outside. Thank you for your advice, Principal.”

    Sabrina rose without actually standing up, and glided over to the door, which opened upon her approach. “Mister Doshi, it’s good to see you again.” Like Bull, she displayed no emotions, though her heart was heavy.

    Bull sat still for a moment, his eyes closed. For all intents and purposes, he looked to be asleep. However, he was far from that state. Only upon truly close inspection could a person see his brow furrow slightly, his eyes dart behind his closed eyelids, his mouth twitch at odd intervals.

    Sabrina cleared her throat. Mister Doshi, as you’ve no doubt heard, I’d like to have a word with you. Bull snapped out of his trance so quickly and suddenly that he jumped up and fell face first onto the floor.

    “Owwww,” Bull muttered as he picked himself up. “Sorry Professor. I felt something happening in your office, and I was just trying some new techniques both to see what was happening and to mask my presence. I think the masking worked, but the seeing, well, not really.” Bull got to his feet, rubbing his face, and looked up to Sabrina, who was a head taller than him.

    Sabrina waved a hand. “Never mind that. Come with me, please.” She turned to the receptionist without moving her feet. “Shirley, I’m going to be out of my office for a little while. You know how to handle yourself.”

    “Yes, ma’am.”

    Sabrina glided out of the room and into the elevator with Bull following closely afterwards. “Basement Greenhouse Three.” The elevator began to move quickly down from the highest point in the Institution.

    Bull raised an eyebrow. “Basement three, huh? I didn’t even know that existed.” He leaned against the wall of the elevator and crossed his arms.

    “Don’t lie to me, Doshi,” snapped Sabrina, disrupting Bull’s balance slightly. “I know that you’ve explored every inch of this place. You do that everywhere you go, am I wrong? Like to get a feel for the land before understanding its people.”

    Bull put a hand to his face. “You’re right. Gotta break that habit.” He put his hand down and continued to lean against the wall. “Why are we going down there? Only the most powerful Grass Pokemon are in that place. Totodile didn’t stand a chance when we explored there earlier this year.”

    Sabrina turned to Bull again without moving her feet. “It’s getting worse. I know it. You know it. There have been times when you’ve lost control momentarily this year. He’s getting stronger, and you can’t keep up with him on your own.” Bull started to open his mouth, but Sabrina cut him short. “Don’t try and contradict me, Doshi. I watched your battle with Fox last month. That was the closest he’s come to breaking free in a long time, wasn’t it? Your restraints are weakening. We need to strengthen them and give you a crutch at the same time.”

    Bull huffed and turned his head. “I don’t need a crutch. That didn’t last for long, and I was back in control before anybody noticed anything. Outside of you, of course.” He looked to the mirrored ceiling and watched his reflection look back at him.

    Sabrina shook her head slightly, sighing. “The rumors are spreading, Doshi. You know the rules. Nobody outside of the Staff here is to know about your condition. Ever. Even if he breaks free. This came straight from Indigo itself. You know what can happen. He can’t be allowed out. Ever. I told you when you first came here, your first lesson with me. If he ever came out, I would kill you with my own two hands. You know the danger, you know the risk.”

    Bull cut her off. “And I came here to prevent him from ever coming out again. You know my potential, you’ve seen it yourself. That cage is impregnable, and I’m strengthening it every day. He’s not getting out. Nobody will ever know that he exists.”

    “Unfortunately, Doshi, recent events have told me otherwise.” The elevator stopped, and the door opened to a brilliant bright shade of green. Sabrina glided out of the elevator, with Bull right at her side. “You’re losing control. I’m here to ensure that the control and the balance are restored again.”

    Bull and Sabrina walked through the dense foliage along the well defined path laid out from the elevator deep into the greenhouse. Trees towered over Bull’s head, reaching twenty, thirty, even forty feet into the air. Dozens of stories underground, it was a small marvel that the greenhouse was functioning as well as it was. Bushes of all varities littered the side of the path, and vines of all lengths and strengths were flung across the path and over the trees.

    Of course, Bull knew that none of these were actually plants. Everything that he could see was a Pokemon of some variety. Sudowoodo pretending to be trees, ranging from shrubs to giant oaks and pines. Tangela and Tangrowth resting along the side of the path. Bellsprout sunning themselves on the path and on the Sudowoodo. Everything in balance, nothing out of place. No fight or quarrel could be heard. And still, the pair walked.

    Sabrina suddenly stopped, Bull walking past her for a moment. “Doshi, here is the help that I promised.” She pointed forward towards a white person with green hair in a bowl cut.

    Bull stared for a moment. “What, some paleskinned brat who probably doesn’t know his head from his butt from sitting down here for so long? Thanks, but I’ll…” Bull suddenly felt himself hitting one of the Sudowoodo, hearing a small crack out of his shoulder. Taking a moment to pop his bone back into its socket, he took a closer look at the person he had just derided. “What in the… Wait. That’s no person. That’s a Ralts.”

    So glad you decided to actually look at me before making your decision. Ralts stood up. Barely a foot tall, both Bull and Sabrina towered over the tiny Psychic humanoid.

    Bull’s eyes widened. I’m surprised. I’ve never heard of a Ralts that could converse with a human. Even one of Natsume’s abilities. Bull knew that it wasn’t the best thought transmission he’d ever performed, he just hoped that the tiny creature understood what he was saying.

    The Ralts tilted its head to the side slightly, its tiny arm extended to its mouth. Bull thought that it looked much like an inquisitive puppy listening to its master’s first command. Conversing with humans? Not quite. Psychics only. Bull could detect a slightly foreign accent in the transmission. Not quite haughty, but certainly very sure of itself. Even amongst Psychics, I’ve never found anybody who could understand everything that I transmitted. I wonder… a sly smile crept across the Ralts’ face. Let’s have a battle. Right here. I’m wild, never had a Trainer. You have to try and catch me. But, here’s the catch. I’m going to transmit every move I will make into your head before I make it. Your task is to correctly utilize your Pokemon’s abilities to counter my attacks. Because I’ll never be caught inside a Pokeball unless I want to be caught.

    Bull scratched his chin a little bit. Huh. You won’t be caught inside a Pokeball unless you want to, huh? Bull smiled a little bit. Got it. “Totodile, this is your stage, time to shine!” Bull lazily tossed a red and white Pokeball towards his humanoid opponent, and a small blue crocodile emerged. Immediately, it started jumping spastically, screaming its own name almost untelligably.

    The tiny Psychic shook its head. Such brutality. Oh well. Calm Mind.

    Bull wasn’t paying any attention. In fact, he wasn’t bothered by the increase in his opponent’s power. Totodile had already sprung into action. In fact, it was no longer in the area. Ralts bowed its head and shone white and silver, likewise unaware of its opponent. It raised its head, and became lost in the powerful stream of water from somewhere above the area. The powerful Water Gun attack lasted far longer than it should have under normal circumstances. Staggering and sputtering, Ralts emerged from the violent stream only to be met by a wall of water, with Totodile Surfing and dancing along the top, screaming and jumping like a madman.

    The Surf crashed upon the hapless Ralts, bouncing it around the open field. Totodile landed on top of its opponent, still jumping, dancing, screaming, then jumped across the open field to perch itself atop one of the Sudowoodo that surrounded them. Ralts picked itself off the ground, hitting it as it rose with a tiny fist.

    Damn. Ralts regained its previous position and began swaying its arms rhythmically. I should have known. Sabrina told me about your specialty with quickstrike attacks. I just never thought that it would come that quickly. What was that? Its arms still swaying, its skirt beginning to move along with the arms. A much more rhythmic and beautiful dance than the jumping spastic insanity that Totodile called dancing.

    Bull noticed. “I’m not letting you unravel me quite so easily, my short friend.” That was quite simply two Water Guns, followed by a Surf. Totodile jumped off the Sudowoodo and back into the grassy field, still jumping spastically. “The first to get Totodile into position.” Totodile’s eyes began glowing a deep shade of red, a slight scowl appearing on its face. The second is designed to disorient the opponent. “You’ll notice that it’s not quite as powerful as a normal Water Gun, but it lasts significantly longer.” Totodile’s dance stopped, and its teeth were bared. It was growling slightly, but that wasn’t part of its next attack. That’s just the setup. “I then finish the opponent off with the most powerful Surf that I could possibly muster, and then the opponent is distracted again by the speed and tenacity of the attack.”

    Ralts, still dancing, shook its head. You flatter me by telling me this. However, I believe you have overestimated your abilities. One attack does not make a battle. Now, prepare yourself. My favorite attack. Impri…

    “You waited too long.” Bull shook his head and smiled, and Totodile launched itself forward, bringing its powerful jaws upon the young humanoid’s body in an intense Bite attack. Bull quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black, yellow, and white sphere. He enlarged it, smiling and talking to himself. “You’re mine.”

    With the flair of a showman with much experience, he spun in place and threw the ball into the air. At the same time, Totodile jumped, still clenching Ralts, and swung his neck using his powerful jaw muscles. Ralts was flung into the air directly into the path of the impending Ultra Ball. Ralts disappeared in a bright red light. The Ultra Ball began shaking even before it hit the ground.

    Bull turned from the scene as Totodile landed on his shoulder, covering his left eye with two finders from his right hand, and dropped to one knee. The Ultra Ball continued to shake, rattle, roll for several seconds as it jumped around the grassy field. Totodile mimicked his Partner’s pose, as the pair remained perfectly still. Bull closed his eyes, waiting for the one sound he knew would come to him. Finally, he heard the distinctive ‘DING’ that meant the Ultra Ball had completed its capture.

    Sabrina, who had been standing to the side of the field the entire time, nodded her head. “Excellent. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Trainer and his Pokemon so in tune without the use of telekinesis.” She afforded a rare smile.

    Bull, however, kept his head bowed, even as his Totodile began jumping again on his shoulder. He rose up and walked over to the now still Ultra Ball. He bent over to pick it up, and a drop of water hit the ground right next to the Ball. “I wish I could be as proud of this achievement.” It happened again. I could feel it. “I didn’t lose myself this time. But it was pretty close.” He rose, grasping the Ultra Ball. Another drop of water hit the ground. The thrill of battle. The adrenaline, the power, the prestige. “He was born of these circumstances. He feeds on them.” Bull wiped his face with his free hand, Totodile still jumping on his shoulder. “That’s why I try to avoid battles at all cost.”

    But he’s become too powerful, you are quite correct Professor. Totodile stopped jumping and simply sat on Bull’s shoulder. “He’s beginning to take over my daily life. Cassidy can see it. Fox saw it. I wiped their memories of it. But I can’t do that all the time.” He held the Ultra Ball in front of him. That’s why I needed this help. “Ralts, my friend, please come on out.”

    The Pokeball opened in Bull’s hands, and a stream of white energy spewed forth. In an instant, Ralts appeared. It looked around, surprised by the appearance. Quite the shock, I’m impressed. Tell me, how did you manage to do that? The small humanoid reached an arm towards its new Trainer, its skirt moving at the same time towards Bull.

    Bull took a knee. “Totodile and I have been training together for over five years.” We can practically read each other’s thoughts now. Bull stroked the small gator on its significant snout, and Totodile closed its eyes as if in bliss. I have complete confidence in him, and he is completely loyal to me, and to me only. “The first attack was our usual opening gambit, and almost every opponent that we’ve ever faced for the first time is completely overwhelmed by it.”

    Bull stopped scratching Totodile’s jaws. “The explanation is designed to distract my opponent from our next series of attacks.” I have the most complete database of Pokemon abilities ever assembled into a single device, and I have memorized it completely. Totodile began to jump again, off Bull’s shoulder and in the long grass below. We then devised a series of secondary attacks based on our opponent’s typing and abilities. “What you witnessed was our way of dealing with Psychic types with average to above average speed.”

    Totodile was dancing around Ralts and Bull as Bull grasped his head in his hand. Scary Face to ensure the opponent can’t get out of our grasp, “followed by our Dark typed Bite attack. It’s the best defense we have against the typing.” Bull then smiled a little bit, but ended his speech at that.

    Ralts nodded. Well, that makes sense. I’m still amazed that it took only those two attacks to catch me. Especially after my warning. Ralts tilted its head, this time looking incredibly inquisitive. You did something strange. I wouldn’t be caught by a Pokeball until I thought you were worthy. Yet I was caught. Why?

    Bull sighed, shaking his head. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice. “You’re better than I thought you’d be.” Bull pulled the sphere off his belt that he had just replaced, and re-enlarged it. “I take it you know exactly what this is.”

    Ralts touched the bee colored sphere and nodded its head. An Ultra Ball. You were paying attention. Bull could detect a small smile upon the mostly hidden face of his new partner. I was testing your intelligence. After the insult, I needed to know if you had the ability to use me. I’m impressed. You not only used strategies I’ve never seen or heard of before, but you also picked up on my hint. I would have never been caught by a PokeBall. The Ralts inclined its head, and Bull could finally see small, bright, pink eyes that offset the Ralts’ green hair nicely.

    Bull was mildly surprised. “You’re a female Ralts, aren’t you? I know that only female Ralts have those distinctive pink eyes. The male ones have deep purple eyes and generally don’t have that hair sticking up in the back.” Bull swept a hand through his Pokemon’s deep bowl cut.

    Ralts turned her back to Bull and crossed her arms. I’m actually amazed you didn’t catch it earlier. You seemed to be quite intelligent with extraordinary latent psychic abilities. I’m surprised that you didn’t just try and read my mind to get that information. Unless… She turned slightly, so that Bull could only see one eye through her hair. There’s something in there. Something you can’t let out. Or should I say someone Bull could all but feel the daggers pointing from her eyes.

    He sighed, bowing his head, his arms still crossed over his knee. “Sabrina, is it alright if I show it to her?” I’m in control enough to loosen and tighten the bonds at my will. “Including the Cyclone Defense, which I’m sure you still remember.” Bull looked over his left shoulder at the imposing, comforting figure behind him.

    Sabrina nodded, sitting down on top of air, seemingly supported by nothing. “I’ve seen your progress, Doshi. And I have to say that I’m rather impressed.” She needs to know in order for her help to be valuable. “You may go ahead.” She motioned with her hand and looked away from Bull and Ralts.

    Bull smiled. “Thank you. Ralts, please take my hand.”

    Ralts turned and frowned. Why? I’m a Psychic Pokemon, I can enter anybody’s mind at will. There is no need to guide me into your mindscape.

    “You’ve never seen anything like my mindscape before.” Bull’s brow furrowed. To say that it’s dangerous would be an understatement. “I had to erect a number of protective wards a couple of years ago due to a mistake on my part.” I don’t really care how talented you are at psychic insertion. My mind is designed to ward off all but the strongest of attackers. Sabrina’s Alakazam, as an example.

    Ralts nodded and floated onto Bull’s shoulder, turning to face the same direction as Bull. I understand. Lead the way.
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    Very nice!

    If there is one thing that I would say, it would be to bring in a second protagonist or antagonist. That way there can be more variety.
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    It's weird. I've written many parts of this story, but not in any sort of discernible order. Just a bunch of scenes that feel really nice in my mind. Then, I've gotta tie them together somehow. There are *plenty* of "other" protagonists in here, but they've mostly been peripheral at this point. I've got a couple of chapters centered around the others, but they've gotta be introduced first. At least two of those characters have already been introduced. Ahhh, the joys of writing...
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    Your writing style seems very confusing. At least, from the reader's point of view. I'm going to need a timeline for when which chapter occured at some point.
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    Yeah, that's coming. As soon as I actually figure it out.

    Suffice it to say, though, that chapters 7 and 8 are "after" chapters 1-6. I'm not completely sure how much "after", but definitely "after".

    I'll probably have a firmer grip on at least parts of the timeline when I'm done with chapter 9.

    What's confusing about my writing style? The abundance of description?
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    No, just the jumping around to random scenes to perpetualy confuse.
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    I could say that I was smart and was going for a Haruhi Suzumiya kind of fan fic. But I'm not that smart. I just have ideas pop into my head at random times, and they seem to fit into the development of the story in the order I think of them, but the characters are different ages in each of them. Don't worry, the payoff will be *very* naice...
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    Meh, for whatever reason, I couldn't think of any more development that should come before this. Might as well get this part out there, then head back to development later...

    Chapter 9 – Sights Unseen

    Parts. Portions. There are many aspects to a story. The second player is in play. However, there are still actions that must be taken, or that already have been taken. At times, the only way to advance is to retreat. This time is like no other, and every other. The pendulum that has swung forward now swings back…

    * * *

    Mid-terms. The subject of immense pleasure for teachers, and a horror unbounded for the students for which these exams are formulated. Countless hours are spent each semester studying for these exams, yet none of these anticipations can truly prepare the students for the terror that awaits them. This particular student knew this all too well. The knowledge did not stop him from preparing in every way possible using all of the information known to him.

    He poured over his notes at his desk. History notes, telekinesis tips, Mindscape diagrams; everything that his teachers had given him over the semester was spread over his desk. He was hunched over his desk at the moment, trying to force a pen to write his name on a piece of paper. His brow furrowed, and his lip twitched. A moment of perfect concentration, and the student could have it no other way.

    “Hey, Bull…”

    The student quite literally jumped out of his chair, hitting his knees on the underside of the desk in the process. “Owww, crap!” Bull turned to face Cassidy, who had just walked into the room. He rubbed his kneecaps. “Don’t sneak up on me like that! You know how intense I can get while studying!”

    Cassidy walked over to his chair and crouched in front of him. “Sorry. Man, you’ve been really hitting it this semester. I’ve never roomed with anybody who studied this much. Really, I think you need a break.” She smiled, and put a hand on his knee, trying to massage the pain away.

    Bull blushed, noticing that she was wearing sweats instead of her usual summer dress, and put his own hand on hers and smiled slyly. “You’re probably right. It’s a particular failing of mine. Once I get working on something, I can’t stop until the task is completed. It’s what makes me such a good student!” He grinned a toothy, silly grin.

    Cassidy smiled and punched him in the arm. “Silly! Too much stress isn’t good for you.” She got up and grabbed his hand. “I know that you have Pokemon. I’ve got something to show you.” She yanked him out of his chair and out the door, her brilliant raven hair flowing into Bull’s face as she ran in front of him.

    Bull was startled, but quite enjoyed the time he was spending with Cassidy. “Where exactly are we going?”

    Cassidy smiled back at him. “A small portion of the school that you probably didn’t know about. We have our own Pokemon stadium, mostly for people to just fool around in. I’m guessing that you haven’t so much as touched your Pokemon since you got here. Why not give it some exercise in the form of a battle?”

    Bull looked surprised. “Whoa! A battle? With who? I haven’t seen so much as a Pokeball since I got here. Who has Pokemon to battle with?”

    The two walked into the elevator at the end of the hall, and Cassidy pushed the button for the basement. “Almost everybody, actually. They just keep them hidden during class. I haven’t seen you leave your room without your Pokeballs yet, so it’s something different from what I’m used to.”

    Bull tried his best to hide his thoughts. If only you knew… The elevator doors opened, and the pair walked out into a set of bright lights. When Bull’s eyes adjusted to the new level of lighting, he could barely contain his awe, even though he had been down here many times before.

    Even the best Pokemon battling grounds that he had seen were no bigger than a high school basketball stadium. This surpassed everything that he had ever expected from a Pokemon stadium before coming to the Institution. There were grandstands that rivaled those of major sporting arenas, and the size of the battling area was absolutely massive, measuring at least the size of a soccer field. Bull acted stunned, forcing himself into naivety. “Is this that ‘little’ stadium you were talking about?”

    Cassidy shook her head. “Nope. This is where the tournaments take place. Quite an area, dontcha think?” She walked to her right, out of the massive arena, and into another area, much larger than the last. “This is our training grounds.”

    The area was massive, but broken up into many different battling areas, each about the size of a basketball floor. More than enough room to battle with small Pokemon, but not quite enough for the bigger Pokemon to have a good battle. A couple of them were in use. One had a Nidorino going up against an Abra, the other had a Charmander facing off against a Bellsprout. All four battlers looked completely intent on their battles, and didn’t notice as the two second years walked in. Cassidy ignored them and walked straight to a desk with an attendant standing behind. “My roommate would like to battle.”

    The woman behind the desk smiled. “OK. What’s your name, young man? Bull Doshi? What level Trainer are you? The levels range from S, the highest, down to E, the lowest.”

    Bull shrugged. “I don’t really know. I’ve never really tested myself against anybody really tough. I’ll put myself down as a C for now.”

    The attendant cocked her head, slightly confused. “C? Are you sure? You sure you wouldn’t be better off as an E or D level?”

    Bull smiled slightly. “I’ve been studying battle tactics for a long time, even though I don’t have the experience. One of my minor research projects. I know as much, if not more, than most Trainers out there. What I lack is experience.”

    The attendant shrugged. “OK, C it is then. I think we already have a C waiting to battle you. Please wait while I call him over.” The woman leaned over the desk to a microphone. “Would C Trainer Great Fox please come to the front desk? You have a challenger.”

    Within moments, an older Trainer approached the desk. He was taller and more muscular than Bull, and wore a red outfit with a fox tail around his waist and coming out of his ball cap. “Fox here. What’s up?”

    The attendant pointed to Bull. “He’s called himself a C trainer. Looks like you actually have somebody to battle this time!”

    Fox smiled. “I look forward to the battle!” He turned to Bull. “What kind of rules do you want for this battle?”

    Bull looked at him, confused. “I’ve only got one Pokemon. If you want to use more than that, feel free. Doesn’t really matter to me.”

    Cassidy looked shocked. “Bull, only one? Your belt always has 4 Pokeballs attached to it!”

    Bull smiled sheepishly. “Well, it’s kinda a defensive measure. I won’t tell you about it, though. Something I came up to protect myself. The fewer people that know about it, the better.”

    Cassidy looked slightly annoyed. “Why not share stuff with me? What’s wrong with you?”

    Bull waved her off. “Another time, Cass.” He called her by a nickname he had given her when he first moved into the Institute, one which tended to annoy her more than anything.

    Cassidy sighed. “Oh well. Good luck with your battle!” She sulked away to the side of the arena, while Bull and Fox moved to one of the battling areas.

    The two took up spots on opposite sides of the battling area. “I’ll use my only three Pokemon. Don’t wanna go soft on you, now would I?”

    Bull shrugged, and pulled his PDA out of his pocket. “Whatever. It doesn’t really matter to me. This is just a little bit of fun, a break between studying.” Before anything else, Bull enjoyed feigning ineptitude when he really understood every part of a situation.

    Fox looked surprised. “Good attitude. Without further ado, I call forth my first Pokemon.” He reached around his belt, and picked off one of his Pokeballs. “Flareon, let’s see what this guy’s made of!”

    The Pokeball shot forth, and the graceful firecat appeared after a brief flash. Bull was not amused. “Oh well. Looks like another quick battle here. Totodile, have fun with this guy.” Bull threw one of his Pokeballs forward, and the fun loving crocodile Pokemon burst forth. “I’d at least like to make this an interesting battle, so we’ll give you the first move.”

    Fox smiled. “Type advantage, eh? No matter. Flareon, let’s start with Body Slam!” Flareon nodded and turned towards its aquatic opponent, only to find that it was no longer where it once was. Flareon looked around the arena, mystified that its opponent had simply disappeared, only to find nothing of the small crocodile that had once been its opponent. Suddenly, Flareon felt something hit it on its back, and it was thrown across the arena towards Bull’s Trainer box. Totodile closed from above, a stream of water shooting from its mouth, and a second, much more deadly, wave of water following it from behind. Flareon had no idea what hit it, and it was knocked out instantly, with not so much as an attack coming from the fire cat Pokemon.

    The trainer with the Charmander cried out, as the Surf attack had engulfed the entire arena and left the flaming lizard all but extinguished. His opponent recalled the Bellsprout, and the pair dashed to the stands to watch Bull’s battle.

    Fox was stunned as he walked over to his felled Pokemon. He looked to Bull, the emotion pouring from his face. “…How…?”

    Bull smiled something sinister. “An opening gambit that we’ve trained a long time to perfect. The moment that an opposing Pokemon turns its head to acknowledge its Trainer’s command, Totodile shoots its Water Gun straight into the ground, shooting it to the ceiling. Once there, it scampers around until it finds the perfect angle to attack, and launches its second Water Gun attack towards the ceiling to increase its own speed. After that, it releases, launches a third Water Gun, and follows it up with a Surf attack. When the combination works like it just did, it doesn’t really matter the type advantages or disadvantages of the two Pokemon. Totodile simply overwhelms them with its power and speed.” Bull crossed his arms. “I’m hoping that you can provide much more amusement than this with your next Pokemon.”

    Cassidy smiled. Good. He looks much looser now than I’ve seen him since he got here. Even with Batty coming to the school, he’s always tense. It’s quite nice to see him having fun like this. She crossed her arms, and waited for the battle to continue.

    Fox smirked as he recalled his Flareon. “You got me. I kinda knew what your Pokemon was in advance, which is why I used Flareon to begin with. I wanted to test your skill, and you passed marvelously.” Fox turned his back on Bull, and walked back to his Trainer box. “However, now the battle really begins. Vaporeon, it’s your turn!” He tossed a Pokeball over his shoulder, and the graceful mer-cat Pokemon appeared. It stared at its watery opponent, daggers in its eyes. “Vaporeon, let’s start simple. Go with a Bite.” Vaporeon didn’t even nod, it simply moved towards Totodile, who just stood waiting for its order.

    Bull smiled. “Take the hit, then have your fun.” Totodile knew exactly what was coming. Vaporeon opened its small mouth, and Totodile aimed the hit towards its stubby arm. Once it was certain that the attack had been a success, Totodile countered with its own Bite attack, only a much more vicious one, on the fragile tail of Vaporeon, and Vaporeon let go of Totodile immediately. Totodile also let go of Vaporeon’s tail, revealing that a small portion of the tail was missing.

    Bull laughed a little bit. “Now, while you have its attention. Focus Punch!” Totodile reeled back, charging energy in the fist that had not been hit by Vaporeon, while Vaporeon started to nurse its injury.

    Fox started to shake a little bit. “Vaporeon! Move, quickly! Get off your Body Slam!” Vaporeon momentarily stopped licking its wound and looked at its Trainer. At that moment, Totodile rushed forward and connected its fist with Vaporeon’s face, sending the mer-cat Pokemon flying across the arena much like Flareon before it. Vaporeon refused to stay down, though. It was up after a moment of struggling with its own limbs.

    Bull frowned, then snapped at his Pokemon. “Totodile, what have I told you about battling? Always go for the weakest points of your opponents. Those weak points will always be their downfall.” Cassidy was genuinely surprised. Before this, she had never heard Bull utter a single word of malice towards anybody. Before she could ponder over this any further, Bull had already ordered his next attack. “Slash Combo One” Cassidy watched in silence as Totodile glared at its opponent, baring its teeth while rushing the stunned Vaporeon.

    Fox was genuinely surprised by the tenacity of both the Pokemon and the Trainer. “Vaporeon, Protect, then get underground!” Vaporeon shone brightly as Totodile rushed it and slashed at the mer-cat’s tail with its claws. Of course, it did no damage. Once Totodile had moved away, Vaporeon used its front paws and quickly dug itself a hole into the arena.

    Bull did not look amused. “Is this really the best you can offer? Totodile, shoot an Ice Beam into that hole, then wait a moment.” Totodile did as it was told. Within a few moments, Vaporeon was unearthed several yards away from Totodile.

    Fox looked visibly shaken. “OK, that didn’t work. Let’s try a simple Hyper Beam!” Vaporeon began to charge the attack, and was almost ready to fire.

    It never had the chance.

    “Mega Kick.” Totodile rushed its opponent again, this time performing a perfect jumping kick to Vaporeon’s still vulnerable tail. Vaporeon fired its Hyper Beam attack straight into the ceiling, bringing the rafters down on the remaining two combatants. Vaporeon shrieked, then fell to the ground.

    Nidorino now was completely unable to battle, and had been replaced with a Gastly. The Abra opponent, however, called a halt to the battle the moment the rafters were brought down directly on top of both Abra and its Trainer. The pair glared at Bull, but joined their companions in the stands watching Bull’s intense battle.

    Fox had no idea what to say. He couldn’t even move after the vicious assault. Bull picked up on the mood, and started talking, but with a much more condescending tone. “Slash Combo 1 is a Scary Face followed up by a Slash. Quite obviously, the Scary Face made it through your Protect, and made the Dig attack much less effective.” Bull smirked something evil. “The Ice Beam into the ground was to mess with Vaporeon’s sense of direction while underground. It also forced it to unearth itself prematurely, meaning that the attack couldn’t have possibly succeeded. However, it was your Hyper Beam call that really won me the battle. You see, Scary Face lowers the opponent’s Speed significantly. It was all too easy for my speedy Totodile to attack your Vaporeon’s glaring weakness with one of its most powerful attacks.” Bull crossed his arms again. “Now, where was that battle I was promised? I thought this was supposed to be some sort of a challenge. Are you sure that you’re a C level Trainer? Could’ve fooled me.”

    Cassidy could barely move after this statement. Where did this ferocity come from? Bull is one of the nicest, most gentile people I’ve ever known. How could he be so merciless? She looked at her roommate with obvious concern in her eyes.

    Bull, who are you?

    Anger flowed into the face of Fox. He was obviously flustered. He had assumed that his opponent would be a fairly easy one, and he was completely unprepared for the onslaught of tactics, speed, and power that a single Totodile could create, and it was wreaking havoc on his team. “You… I’ll… Jolteon, smash this guy!” He was beginning to take things personally, and Bull could barely contain his excitement.

    Bull sneered at his opponent and the flash that had begun to reform. “Finally,” he said as the thundercat appeared out of the flash, “something interesting.” Jolteon appeared completely, and immediately began charging around the arena.

    Fox smiled. “Good, keep it going, Jolteon. Keep that Agility going. The more speed, the better.” He leered over at Bull, who was still sneering. “We’ll keep him on his toes like this.”

    Bull was beginning to get worked up. “Totodile, use your Double Team!” The single Totodile began running around the arena, matching Jolteon step for step. In fact, it was moving so fast that it appeared like there were two Totodiles moving around the arena. Then there were three. Then four. Then a whole lot more. The arena was filled with Totodile clones, though only one of them was the real one. “Now, Totodile, go for the tactical kill. Use Dig!” The many Totodile clones began to dig themselves under the surface of the arena, creating many different holes around the arena.

    Fox laughed, obviously nervous. “If it worked for you, it’ll work for me. Jolteon, shoot your Thundershock down into those holes! Flush that Totodile out of em!” Jolteon, without so much as a second thought, began shooting electricity through the holes that the Totodile clones had created. However, nothing happened above ground.

    Bull threw his head back and cackled. “Bwahahahahaha!!! You really think that an Electric attack would work underground? The electricity gets absorbed by the earth itself. Oh, and you’ve just wasted whatever time you had. Totodile, let loose. Show him what an attack is really like!” At that moment, a single Totodile leapt forth from beside Jolteon, who stepped in the opposite direction from the blast. Then, another Totodile, from directly behind Jolteon. Then, many different Totodiles started jumping out of the ground all around Jolteon. The thundercat Pokemon was completely immobile, too afraid to move for the fear of getting hit by one of the swarming Totodile.

    Fox frowned. “Move! Only one of them is real! Just keep mov…” Too late. Totodile, the real crocodile, burst forth from beneath Jolteon, sending the cat flying across the arena, into a corner by the arena boundary.

    Bull sneered and cackled. “Now, Totodile! Finish this pathetic piece of swine off! Don’t leave any pieces remaining from its worthless carcass!”

    Cassidy got up and screamed. “Bull!!! What are you doing! Who are you! Think about this!!!”

    Bull looked over at her, completely stunned, then balled up his right fist and hit himself on the head. Repeatedly. And endlessly. And he appeared to be mumbling to himself and trying to stop his right fist with his left. Cassidy was dumbstruck. “Bull? Are you OK?”

    Bull screamed. “You win. I forfeit.” Bull ran from the arena, now clutching his head, past the dumbfounded receptionist. He was so hasty that he even forgot to recall his Totodile, who simply stood where it was, unable to move.

    Fox stood stunned on the spot, his Jolteon struggling to regain its footing. Slowly, he trudged over to the stands where Cassidy was still standing and put a hand on her shoulder. The other four Trainers had already gathered around her. One had put a reassuring arm around her shoulder. Fox could barely walk, and he was mumbling to himself. When he finally made it to Cassidy, he lifted his head, and his hands were shaking. “Hey, what was that? He’s a good battler. Why quit like that?”

    Cassidy dropped to her knees, completely unaware of her surroundings. Totodile crawled to her side, underneath her arm, and she started stroking its head unconsciously, mumbling the entire time. “Who … are … you?”
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    I'm guessing that that was Bull's evil side being unearthed.
  14. Lucario EX

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    Kinda reminds me of a book I think you might have read, but great chapter anyway. Would be interesting to know why he has the extra Pokeballs.
  15. Napoleon

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    Evil side contained inside? Extra "equipment"? I know where you got that idea.

    Great story.
  16. bullados

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    It was that obvious?
    I don't doubt it. The bulk of my style is to steal as much as possible from other sources, and then recombine them into something from my own twisted mind.
  17. Lucario EX

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    No, it was even more obvious.
  18. bullados

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    Yeah... Subtlety is my weakest point in writing...
  19. Napoleon

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    Really bullados?

    But I may just say, don't feel down! Subtlety is not the whole thing with stories. I don't know if you have ever read a series called The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. That is subtle. Then you go and read Anne McCaffrey's The Dragonriders of Pern. That is not subtle. In fact, anyone who calls Anne McCaffrey writing subtle is insane.

    They are both great books. I recommend them to everyone out there. Yet they have different degrees of subtlety. One is here on the scale whereas the other (Anne McCaffrey) is all the way

    Keep writing and don't be worried about subtlety!
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    This begins quite possibly the most ambitious part of writing this. Yes, this really took me 4 months to plan and execute this chapter, but the next few should come relatively quickly (i.e. faster than once a month). Hope you enjoy!


    Chapter 10 – Questions Without Answers

    How long she stayed in the arena, Cassidy couldn’t say, so lost in her thoughts she was. “…bull…” Her hand was moving unconsciously over the head of Bull’s Totodile while she tried to reason with herself. “…power…” To everybody around, she was incoherent and unresponsive. “…broken…”

    Fox was standing over her, talking directly to her face, but she couldn’t recognize the words he was speaking. It was as though her roommate’s recent actions had shot her in the spine. She couldn’t move, couldn’t talk, couldn’t function in any way. Even her thoughts felt as though they were coming from somewhere else, almost completely without reasonable linkage between them.

    She couldn’t tell how long she stayed there, whether it had been seconds, hours, or days. She was vaguely aware of a strong set of hands pulling her standing and leading her away from the bleachers. Totodile was now resting on her shoulder, though she had no idea he was even there.

    As she moved, she felt as though she were plunging deeper into whatever state she was in, deeper, down into the depths of her mind, places that she had only read about, but never visited or seen for herself. Places of fear, of remorse, of danger. She couldn’t place these feelings to a specific event, even the ones that had just happened. She just knew she felt more at peace the deeper she allowed herself to go. And more ill at ease at the same time. The contradiction barely registered as she dove, plunged recklessly into the darkness, still walking through the enormous arena.

    As she was diving, brief images began to surface from portions of her memory she thought she had repressed.

    A young boy holding a door open, smiling.

    An old man hunched over a desk.

    A middle aged woman rocking on a swing.

    The same boy, older, running to a place she could not see.

    A building, tall as the sky and wide as a canyon, opening its doors.

    With each image that passed, Cassidy’s dive slowed. She became more aware of her actions, less inclined to continue into the depths of her own soul. She flailed, though her body didn’t move, and a flood of images swept past her, almost too fast to comprehend. Some slowed down long enough to be coherent.

    A young man standing at the foot of a cliff, telling two creatures something in private. One was a small purple humanoid, the other a silver and black quadruped.

    A train rocketing past, carrying passengers both known and unknown to a land visited but largely uninhabited.

    Black suits with red “R”s, carrying weapons of the most advanced variety, storming a house in the middle of a city.

    A young boy crying in the middle of a white room, two adults lying facedown in white coats, unmoving.

    Seeing each of these images gave Cassidy strength, and she began to climb, to swim, to will her way out of her soul. As she ascended, the images passed faster, with greater number and frequency. She couldn’t make them out anymore. She only knew that they wished her to continue her climb.

    She heard people talking indistinctly in worried tones. She knew that she was getting closer to the exit, and the images blurred completely, so that it was impossible to tell where one began and the next ended. As she climbed, the indistinct voices grew stronger, louder.

    “…ready to come out yet?” Decidedly male, but rather high pitched.

    A second voice, female, but lower in tone, “…Mindscape training must be made…”

    Cassidy couldn’t hold these voices for long, as a strange sensation began to take over. She felt an old friend, quite possibly her best friend, calling out, but not to her, over her instead. As though she were listening in on a conversation she had no business hearing. And still she climbed.

    Her hand twitched. She knew she was getting closer. And the conversation became more distinct, though she could only hear one side.

    “That mall, the worst part of my life. How I managed to escape that is a complete mystery even to me.”

    Bull? Cassidy’s thoughts were becoming more coherent, and she could feel her legs moving. The same hands that had helped her up earlier were still carrying her. She had the distinct feeling that she had been walking without realizing it, without being conscious of the action, and that the hands were merely steering her in a certain direction and ensuring she didn’t collapse upon herself.

    “That … thing … injured the best part of my life here. I can’t let it happen again.”

    The conversation was becoming more and more clear by the second. Cassidy began to hear with her ears, but tried her best to shut them off. She was still climbing, and she knew she was getting close to the end. She could feel her lungs drawing breath, and her eyes began to flutter.

    “Don’t you dare go near him. Don’t you dare. No. What are you doing?!? Don’t touch him, stay away from him! No. No! NO!”

    “BRANDON!!!” Cassidy’s head jerked back as she screamed this last word. Immediately, it was thrust forward, and she became violently sick, completely unable to control her body though she was completely aware of all of its functions.

    After a minute of constant sickness, she looked around, coughing and sputtering whatever was left in her stomach.

    Everybody who had been watching or participating in Bull’s match had left. She didn’t even know exactly where she was until she saw the markings on the floor partially covered in her vomit. Somebody had a hand on her shoulder. Still afraid she might become sick again, she turned her head slightly to see a pair of sneakers and blue jeans.

    A voice above her, soothing beyond anything she had ever heard before, spoke. “Be calm. Please. You are close to Doshi, aren’t you? Close enough that you could feel what he’s going through.” Cassidy couldn’t speak, so she simply nodded her head. Risking a momentary lapse, she looked upwards and saw a very familiar flashy violet suit. Quickly, she bowed her head again, recognizing the Salon Maiden Anabel Lilla. On her other shoulder, she could feel a smaller weight hopping madly. She assumed this was Bull’s Totodile, though she wasn’t completely sure.

    Still using her most soothing voice, Anabel said, “His is a trial beyond all others. I cannot tell you exactly what he is going through at this moment. I am not allowed to. However, know this. He will need your help once he comes back. You are quite possibly the only person who can quell his soul.” Cassidy could feel Anabel patting her back as she steered her towards the elevators.

    She pushed the button and waited for the next car to arrive. “Doshi is currently on a vision quest. He will not be long at this point, his greatest challenge is done. Please ensure that you are there for him when he awakens again.”

    Cassidy had no idea what the Salon Maiden was talking about. She could only nod her head. There was never a second thought about helping Bull. He was her best friend, and she would do anything to help him, as she knew he would do for her.

    The elevator doors swung open. Leading her into the car, Anabel whispered, “Thank you. You are brave beyond anybody I have ever met.” Speaking clearly again, she said, “You will know when Doshi is finished, and you will then understand what you must do for him. Good luck.” Anabel exited the elevator before the car had moved, taking Totodile with her, and Cassidy watched the doors close.

    Leaning against the mirrored walls, Cassidy tried to clear her mind, to understand what she had just been through. I’ve got to be ready for Bull when he comes back. He’ll probably be a while, and he’ll need somebody calm to talk to. She smiled despite herself, and pushed one of the basement buttons. A nice bath would take care of everything for me.

    Within moments, she had entered the artificial hot springs that the school had set up for all of its students. Relieved that nobody else had chosen that time for cleanliness, she undressed and entered the springs. Sitting down along a large outcropping of rocks on the opposite side of the changing area, she closed her eyes and meditated.

    Twenty minutes passed, though Cassidy was completely unaware that any time had passed. She remained completely motionless, letting the water soothe her body and letting her mind relax from the stress it had just been through.

    Suddenly, she opened her eyes and ran from the pool. I can feel it. Bull’s done with whatever he needed to do. Faster than even she thought she could manage, she dressed herself, not truly thinking about the task at hand. She raced into the elevators, dripping water the entire way, not caring what people thought of her appearance. Jamming the 13th button, she paced the elevator, her clothes absorbing all of the water they could.

    The moment the doors opened, she raced towards her room and started pounding on the door, screaming through it the entire time. “Open up, Bull! Let me in! I want to help, whatever you’re going through!” For five whole minutes, she stood there, pounding and screaming. Just as she thought her fist had broken on the door, it opened in the middle of her fist trying to bash the door through.


    “Christ, Cassidy!!! What in the hell was that?!?” Bull screamed as he stumbled backward, landing on her bed. He held his head back, and reached across his desk for the tissue box that he always kept in the room. He pulled out a few tissues, and held them to his nose. He then tried to pinch it to stop the blood flow.

    Cassidy stood at the door shocked. After a gasp and a minute, Cassidy ran to Bull’s side and took his hand off his nose. She started helping him with stopping the bleeding. “I’m so sorry, Bull! I didn’t think you’d open the door like that! Here, let me help with that…”

    Bull brushed her hand away. “I think you’ve done enough for today, Cass.” He went back to pinching his nose. He could feel the blood flow slowing down. Soon, the bleeding had stopped. Cassidy nearly jumped when he said this, and she grabbed the side of the mattress, letting her legs drop off the side of the bed. She could feel tears forming in her eyes. No, he needs my help. I have to be strong for him. She started wiping her face as Bull began to speak again.

    Bull scooted over on the bed and put a hand on her shoulder. She couldn’t stop herself at this point. She started bawling, and couldn’t stop herself. Over her sobs, she could hear Bull trying to comfort her. “Cassidy, I’m sorry for snapping. Really, I am. Please, stop crying. You know how much it hurts to see you like this…” Bull used the quietest, most soothing voice he could muster, and Cassidy was not immune to its effects. As Bull spoke, Cassidy’s tears slowly stopped, and she took her hands away from her head, revealing some makeup that had dripped down her face. Bull smiled, and grabbed a fresh tissue for Cassidy to use.

    She started wiping her eyes off. “Thanks, Bull. I’m sorry about that. It’s been a hell of a day.” She laughed a little bit, which somewhat surprised her, because she didn’t really feel like laughing. Her face turned solemn. “What happened back there? You looked like you were having such a good time, then you just snapped. Who are you? Or, a better question. What are you?” She looked at Bull, who was still holding her shoulder.

    He looked up, out the window and into the night sky, then let go of her shoulder. “I can’t tell you. In fact, I shouldn’t even be telling you that I can’t tell you.” He shook his head, then looked Cassidy right in the eye, a stern expression on his face. “Nobody can know about this. Period. Not your friends, not your teachers, not ANYBODY. This didn’t happen, and it won’t ever happen.” He could barely control his voice, and his body was shaking. “Understand? I want you to forget about this. It never happened.”

    Cassidy jumped out of her bed and hugged him, and she started sobbing again. Bull very nearly broke her arms as he tried to pull away, but she refused to let go. “I can’t forget about it, Bull! I like you too much for that. Something is bothering you, and I want to help you make it better. Please. Let me help you.” She realized that she wasn’t looking at his face when she said this, but she could only hope that Bull could understand her feelings.

    She could feel a hand touching her cheek. She looked up, straight into Bull’s eyes. He was smiling, though it was rather forced she thought. “Don’t worry. You’re helping doing what you’re doing now.” He leaned towards her, closing his eyes as he did so. Cassidy wanted more than anything to help him and also to help herself get through everything. She too leaned forward and felt their lips touch. Then, she could feel, think, grasp no more as her mind went blissfully blank.
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