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    Team M presents the best Starters, Techs, and Lvl. X’s in the game today... we hope you enjoy.

    All right so now I'm going to get into something that almost every deck needs and uses. You use it to set up your game plan, and most people would call them your "Starter" because they are the Pokemon of choice to open with. I'm going to go through what I think are the top 5 starters of this format. There are many types of starters, and the one you use is based on the deck you'll be using. Some starters will fill up your bench with basics, which are often good in Stage 1 based decks, with maybe a single stage 2 tech, like Magmortar or Blissey. The two best examples of basic-grabbers are Corsola SW and Pachirisu GE. There are some that grab either trainers, Supporters, or both, which are often used in Stage 2 based decks. The best ones are Mawile and Stantler, with Budew and Chingling right behind them. There are some that do essentially the same thing, however can grab any card at all, like Furret. Then you have the disruption starters, like Absol SW and Mawile GE. They are often used for the sole purpose of hindering your opponents setup, and in some cases like Mawile, often net you a bonus as well. Finally, you have your draw starters. There are plenty of these, the most known being Holon's Castform. Another good one is Chimecho, which nets you a solid three cards if he's evolved from Chingling. There are random decks you might come across that will use something like Smeargle SW, because they need good amounts of energy, or maybe another odd card choice. Now I'm going to get into the ones I see best of all, and explain why.
    Author = Team M with special thanks to Hurricane Warty

    -Also thanks to the following people for participating in the poll:
    DukeFireBird,Mr. Meches, ~Blazi-King~, CyberManectric Ex, FT. Laud Loud Mouth, MasterOfPuppets,David's Confused Pokedad, ~Flygon~, Moza, Therage, HurricaneWarty, and 4 Non Gym Members.

    Date = February 27th,2008
    Format = HP-GE
    Article: Best Starters, Techs, and Level X’s

    Absol SW

    This would be higher on my list due to the intense popularity it received during Cities in G&G decks, however, not only did it's ability to do good things decrease massively with the release of Claydol GE, but I never really saw it as too useful, seeing as it didn't get you anywhere a lot of the times, and just hindered your opponent. If anything, it would just drag the game out, which you do not want in a G&G mirror match.

    Corsola SW

    This was widely used in Magmortar decks because it could often grab 3 basics at one time just like Pachirisu did, and had a solid 70 HP. It is still good in certain decks, but Pachirisu is just so much more versatile that it won't see nearly as much play as before. It has been outdated and outdone, but not forgotten.

    Mawile CG

    This was the starter of choice for many in G&G, however little Mawile never got the respect he deserved, this format or last. Last format was clogged with too much aggro and Holon's Castform based decks that it wasn't too great. It had a small time of fame during the gap between MT and SW, when Furret wasn't around. Probably hit #1 on the charts, but it didn't last long. Furret often outdoes this card because not only does it grab 2 cards, but it grabs anything. Even so, it's still a great card choice in many decks.

    Furret SW

    The most widely used starter since its release in SW, especially in G&G. So much so that people even started renaming G&G to GFG because of the widespread of Furret starts. I personally stuck with Mawile till the end, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. It will definitely still se plenty of play in Stage 2 based decks like G&G and soon-to-come archetypes. And to boot, besides it grabbing two of any cards, the attack is free! The only downside to this card is it is a stage 1, but that doesn't hurt it too much. It even has a nifty second attack, which most starters can't claim to that feat.

    And finally…

    Pachirisu GE[​IMG]

    This is THE power card of GE, in my opinion. What stinks about the little electric weasel is he was printed as a Holo rare, but that doesn't stop most people. He is amazing in any stage 1 based deck, which the format seems to be mostly dominated by now. He can even be used in some Stage 2 based decks, especially if they have several basic/stage 1 techs and accelerators like Claydol or Porygon2. To make this card even more worth your while, all those spaces you've been wasting on Windstorms? Waste no more! Pachirisu has a built-in Windstorm in the form of Smash Short. For one colorless energy, if your opponent's active Pokemon has a tool on it, you do 40 damage, discard the tool, get to look at their hand, AND discard any more copies of the tool you discarded they may be holding. To top it off, he has a whopping 70 HP and only one retreat cost. Pretty good for a weasel, if I do say so myself.

    *All translations provided are direct translations of the JPN version.[/I]

    Best Basic,Stage 1 and 2 Techs
    Team M understands that some of the following cards are not widely used. However, we believe, if given some exposure, they could find their way into some tournament winning decks and even out the curretn metagame situation.
    So what is a tech? What can you classify as "Tech"? Well there are many forms of a tech card(s), and I'll show you one: Basic techs. Many techs are 1-0-1 stage 2 lines or 1-1 stage 1s, but I will just get into simple basics. The best thing about these guys is that they usually take up only one space, with the exception of the basic Lv. Xs like Palkia and Cresselia. I'm going to give you my top 5 basic techs and why I'd choose them in a deck. You can use basic techs for support, late-game help, disruption, help to cover matchups, or really just anything. You used to see plenty of these last format, strewn across decks like R-Gon and Metanite. Now with those two popular decks gone, you see a lot less basic techs, but they are still here, nonetheless.

    Plusle SW
    Plusle was used often in decks that liked to sit there and tank, tank, tank. They would often use energy acceleration to speed up the tanking, and once the tank died they'd need a way of easily re-acquiring the basic energies they needed. In comes Plusle, allowing you to retrieve two basic energies of your choice the turn your tank falls to the floor. You know it's going to happen sooner or later, so you better be prepared! Plusle could also be used in decks that need cards in their hand, or ones with Delcatty to reuse the Energy Draw Poke-Power.

    Minun SW
    Another Pokemon that's power activated only when your Pokemon kicked the bucket. When it did, this little fella' would net you pair of cards at no cost whatsoever! He was more useful during Cities with Absol roaming rampant, and no Claydol at your arsenal to help you in that alley. Minun can really be tossed into any deck, either as a counter to Absol or just as card advantage to get you what you need in tight situations. Now with Claydol in the scene, he may start to retire and die out, but he will probably still see a little play here and there.

    Palkia Lvl X GE
    Palkia Lv. X, unlike the two techs I've mentioned already, didn't help you set up or help you recover after your Pokemon decides to take leave. Instead, he'd help your board position and disrupt the opponent often more then he'll disrupt you. For those of you that played in the Neo-On format, his power is basically a built-in Double Gust. The best part about it is that, unlike many other Pokemon, he does not have to be active to use his power. He can be sitting on the bench seeing no action, and all of a sudden BOOM you screw up your opponent's entire game plan. It can be devastating when used at the right moment, especially early on; getting rid of your opponents pesky Furret or Mawile. He is especially useful with Holon WP to give him free retreat, so they don't put him active and he's stuck. Even more so in G&G where you have Gardevoir Lv. X to take him out from front row as well.

    Cresselia Lvl X GE
    What? I thought the two-prize EX format was over? No one is supposed to play those cards anymore! Well, they don't, but it sure seems like it. Cresselia has the ability to do something a Pokemon has never been able to do before on a non-ex: It can take an extra prize from a single knock out. For three energy, forty damage seems like nothing, but the extra effect is highly worth it. And while you're at it, Cresselia's power is a better version of Bannette EX's Shady Move, in the fact that it can be used from anywhere on the field, even from the bench! Multiple Cresselias on the field can be devastating, moving around 20 damage per turn and possibly scoring you two prizes, which will always put you in a good position.

    Sableye CG[​IMG]
    One of the main reasons this card is number one is because of its versatility. The reason it has been used so much for the whole format, and even some of last format, is because it can be a very useful counter to certain decks, putting them at a complete stand-still. Disable puts Blissey in a powerless state where it can't come anywhere near harming your precious Sableye. And while Sableye is stalling you out, he is also thinning your deck and getting rid of dead draws off the top of your deck. Not only does he hurt Blissey, but many of the other one-attack Pokemon, like Gardevoir SW and even another Sableye. Sableye often turned a deck's horrible matchup against Blissey into an easily winnable one, and it was only a basic.

    Stage 1:

    Claydol GE[​IMG]
    Ahhh, good ol’ Claydol. Quite possibly the best card out of GE.
    Its power is one of the things (along with Pachirisu) that helped bring set up decks back.
    It lets you put up to two cards from your hand to the bottom of your deck, then draw until you have six.
    It’s great.
    A lot of decks will be utilizing this card, even in just 1-1 lines.
    Claydol is fighting type, so no need to worry about Battle Frontier.
    And its power ensures you with a six-card hand at least during some part of your turn.
    My personal favorite card to combo with it is Steven’s Advice.
    Because of Pachirisu, a lot of decks are going to have big bench’s of 4+ Pokemon no problem. And Claydol’s power keeps you at six cards in your hand making it so you should always be able to play it.
    The only downside’s I can find with the card are that it has 2 retreat, and that it could be sniped fairly easy by Magmortar and Empoleon. Empoleon Lv X can snipe it in one hit, but hopefully we won’t have to worry about that.
    Unlike most techs, you do NOT want to start with their basic forms, but with Claydol it’s not that bad. Baltoy lets you draw cards until you have the same amount in your hand as your opponent. So starting with Baltoy wouldn’t be all that bad.

    Porygon 2 GE-Another great card our newest pack has given us.
    Porygon 2's power lets us discard a supporter card from our hand and then use the effect of said supporter.
    That is quite handy indeed.
    It makes Stantler and Mawile viable starters again because you can easily fill your hand with supporters and use multiple draw or search cards in one turn.
    It also combos’ quite well with the new Volbeat and Illumise. They will let you take a supporter from your discard and place it on the top of your deck, enabling you to draw into it again right away.
    But the best card to use with Porygon 2 is Scott.You can play that as your supporter for the turn, search your deck for three more supporters of your choice, then discard those with however many Porygon 2's you might have out.
    Making for a very consistent way of getting what you want, when you want.
    It also has an evolution that isn’t half bad itself.

    Stage 2:

    Dusknoir DP[​IMG]
    Its power says “if your opponent has 4 or more bench Pokemon, you may choose one and shuffle it and all cards attached to it into your opponents’ deck.”
    That can be a very nice power. Especially when your opponent doesn’t see it coming.
    It is a fantastic surprise tech. Just keep it in your hand until your opponent has 4 or 5 bench, then rare candy into Dusknoir and shuffle which ever one they have been working on or rare candied.
    Not much matches the look on the person sitting across from you’s expression when they ask if they can read the card and see that they have to shuffle something they have been working so hard on into their deck!
    Its attack is also very DRE and Scramble-able.
    It does 5 damage counters, plus 1 more for each prize they have taken, maxing out at 100 damage.
    And that isn’t very bad at all considering how you can so easily attack a DRE and another energy to it because its doing damage counters, so DRE doesn’t affect the damage output.
    It does however have 3 retreat cost, which is a lot.
    So you really do not want that to end up in the active position unless absolutely necessary.

    Nidoqueen DF
    Now it definitely won’t see quite as much play as it used to because of all the other near-broken powers that stage ones have, but in some decks it is very usable.
    Its power says you may search your deck for any Pokemon and put it in your hand.
    Not too bad.
    It can be very helpful in decks that are Pokemon heavy or in decks that already play queen, like “QueenHatter,” and “New Age Monarchy.”
    Its attack isn’t bad either.
    It does 3 colorless energy for 30 plus 10 more for each Pokemon in the discard.
    Its attack is very good with scramble and boost energy to hit for a quick 90 damage.

    Ampharos SW
    This card was oh so very hyped up when we first found out about the scans for SW, but when we actually got the card not many people, if any at all, played it.
    Its body does an impressive 10 damage to all of your opponents’ Pokemon whenever they play a supporter.
    That is an amazing body.
    Or it would be if there wasn’t so many different ways to get around not being able to use supporters.
    Your opponent can just use their Claydol or Porygon 2 to get around that 10 damage to everything too easy.
    While it may not be as useful of a tech as it was, it still has its place in the stars and could definitely be worth a tech in some decks.
    Its attack isn’t bad either if you have to use it.
    It does 1 lightning and 2 colorless for 70 and if you discard all lightning energy attached to it, it will do 20 to all of your opponents’ bench that have energy attached to them, helping in the damage spread that it is already good at.
    Again, very susceptible to scramble and DRE.

    (Shiftry is brought to you by HurricaneWarty, he wrote an entire book about it.)
    Shiftry Ex CG
    Shiftry was one of the best Pokemon in the format last year. But with the combination of it being double weak to fighting, and the release of Pokemon that are just as powerful but only give up one prize, it has declined rapidly as a viable option to build a deck around. However, it still has its uses in this format today. Obviously the thing that stands out most about it is it's Poke-Body, Dark Eyes. This is extremely useful in todays meta-game. The top two decks, Magmortar variants and Gardevoir/Gallade variants, both rely on power to get them setup.

    Against a Magmortar variant, you can do everything from eat away at their draw engine in the form of Delcatty and Energy Draw to hurting their energy acceleration in the form of Typhlosion and Blaziken using Fire-starter. Delcatty is relied on quite heavily by Magmortar, so being able to eat away at a Pokemon with only 70 HP that doesn't usually leave the bench is very nice. Other Pokemon in Magmortar variants you can target could be a Togekiss, although with it only using its power once it would not hurt as bad as Typhlosion or Blaziken.

    Against Gardevoir and Gallade, you will be targeting one of their main setup Pokemon in Gardevoir SW. Gallade variants usually rely quite heavily on Gardevoir using Telepass to help get out all the parts it takes for it to be successful. It is very nice to be able to damage it while on the bench with Dark Eyes because Gardevoir will not leave the bench often during setup, so you are getting extra damage on it now for when they later need to use its attack or want to level up to Gardevoir Lvl. X. When they do level up to Gardevoir Lvl. X and have access to Teleportation, you can also put damage counters on it when the use it.

    Some other things that Shiftry EX is very useful against are Feraligatr decks. They usually have Delcatty just like Magmortar does and also Magneton on their bench to get the energy Delcatty discards back. I personally believe Feraligatr variants rely most heavily on their powers in todays meta-game, so having Shiftry EX on your bench against this deck can put the match decidedly in your advantage. The other big thing Shiftry can counter now is the new Claydol from Great Encounters.
    However, Shiftry can be a bit of what I call a "trap" card because it looks so enticing, and seems to provide so much support without hardly any drawbacks. This kind of thinking can get you in HUGE trouble with Shiftry EX. First of all, its attacks are not as great as they might seem. 2 for 50 to any benched Pokemon with damage on it is great, but that means you're going to bring a fighting weak EX out to the active position and it has to stay there for a turn. This can be very dangerous in my mind, as cards such as Gallade can easily run through it, or a Magmortar could easily one-hit it believe it or not. And that is 2 prizes for your opponent when in all likelihood, you are only going to get 1 prize for each knockout you score against them in our current meta-game. Blade Arms is also a very mediocre attack at best right now. 3 for 70 in this Metagame really doesn't cut it. I understand we are talking about Shiftry as a tech, but sometimes you're forced to attack with your techs, and Shiftry's output just isn't great. Also, something to be aware of is that it isn't invincible just because it sits on the bench. Against a Magmortar deck, they can 3 hit your Shiftry on the bench very easily. All it takes is two Fireball Bazooka's and then one Flame Bluster from Magmortar Lvl. X, and that was a relatively easy 2 prizes they just picked up without having to focus all their damage output on your Shiftry. So, while Shiftry EX is a great tech, one that I would rate a 6.5/10 for its teachability, be careful not to over value it.

    Team M polled 15+ gym members and got their opinions on the best Lvl X's available.
    Level X rankings(based on current playability):

    <img src="" alt="131-Gardevoir-LVX" /><img src="" alt="123-Magmortar-LVX" />
    #1 Magmortar Lvl X Mysterious Treasures

    Magmortar Lvl. X is ranked #1 due to decks such as Fire TRUK(Magmortar, Typhlosion, Delcatty), Turn 2 Magmortar, and other various decks that may include Magmortar. When first released, there was speculation on whether this card could be effective or not. With Magmortar’s better than good Poke-Power, and it’s attack that can do 100 damage to any Pokemon, Magmortar Lvl. X is a staple in any deck that runs Magmortar.

    #2 Gardevoir Lvl X Secret Wonders
    This is ranked #2 because of the popularity of the deck G&G(Gardevoir and Gallade). It’s attack combos well with Gallade’s first attack. Also, it has a decent power that can get your active Pokemon out of a tough spot if it is affected by a special condition that would stop it from attacking(i.e., sleep, paralyzed).

    #3 Lucario Lvl. X Mysterious Treasures
    When Lucario Lvl. X was first released, it was talked about as one of the best cards in the game, and still is. However, with the decreasing popularity of Lucario decks due to more superior decks, Lucario is still playable in any deck that runs Lucario, and its Poke-Power, Stance, and can buy you a free turn and can let you get that extra turn you need to turn a game around, or even win it.

    #4 Cresselia Lvl X Great Encounters
    There is still much speculation on how effective Cresselia Lvl. X will be. However, it still received a respectable ranking as the #4 best Lvl. X available. With its Poke-Power that brings back memories of Banette Ex Legend Maker, and its attack that can let you draw an extra prize if the Defending Pokemon is knocked out, Cresselia Lvl. X looks like it has a promising future.

    #5 Infernape Lvl. X Diamond and Pearl

    Infernape was undoubtably the most popular Lvl X when the Diamond and Pearl set was released. The Infernape deck with 30+ Battle roads, however, was struck down at the 2007 United States Nationals(in the Masters division), and saw very little, if any, play at Worlds 2007. Ever since then, Infernape Lvl X has been mostly sitting in binders around the world, waiting to be traded to collectors or little kids who like it because it’s shiny. Since the Infernape deck still exists in the Metagame today(no matter how few there may be), it is ranked as the #5 best Lvl X around.

    #6 Honchkrow Lvl X Secret Wonders
    Honchkrow Lvl. X is a card that was widely talked about, but hasn’t really seen much play. Also, the deck it fits in best(Absol/Honchkrow) was popular for a while but has been set back with decks like G&G and Fire TRUK dominating the Pokemon scene right now. However, with some new decks popping up with it lately, Honchkrow Lvl. X may have a bright future in the Metagame. Therefore, it is the 6th best Lvl. X.

    #7 Empoleon Lvl. Diamond and Pearl
    Empoleon never really caught on as a popular card, even with Infernape decks running wild. At US Nationals 2007, the deck Ambush was born which featured Empoleon in it and sometimes Empoleon Lvl X. That garnered some popularity in the card. Since Ambush didn’t perform extremely well in that Master’s division, the Ambush craze faded and so did Empoleon Lvl X’s playability. Ever since then, Empoleon Lvl X has been laying in wait for the time when it can truly shine. Ergo, it is the 7th best Lvl X available.

    #8 Darkrai Lvl X Great Encounters
    Darkrai Lvl X has been talked about as one of the best Lvl X’s there is, but has also been talked about as just a collector card since it has weakness x2 to Fighting. Only time will tell if Darkrai Lvl X will indeed have an effect on the Metagame, or if it will just be a card that looks cool and gets sold on Ebay.

    #9 Palkia Lvl X Great Encounters
    Palkia is the 9th best Lvl X because of the sheer fact that its attack is sub par, but its Poke-Power is above average. With the ability to choose your opponents Pokemon that they bring up, nobody should be surprised if this becomes popular. And yes, your opponent chooses whom you bring up, but paired with the right Pokemon, it won’t matter.

    #10. Electivire Lvl. X Mysterious Treasures
    Electivire was looked at as a card that could slow decks down with its Poke-Body, but since the rise of G&G occurred, Electivire-based decks have basically been wiped out. Ergo, Electivire Lvl X is the 10th best Lvl. X.

    #11 Torterra Lvl. X Diamond and Pearl
    Torterra is the forgotten Lvl X of Diamond and Pearl. When it was first released, nobody bothered to make a deck with it since it was weak to Fire, and Infernape was the big deck. Then when Infernape went away, many thought it would have its time to shine, but then Magmortar SW came along and dashed its hopes. Will this card ever become popular? Will it win a major tournament? Will it become a tech in any deck? We’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out. Hence why Torterra Lvl X is a measly #11 on the list of best Lvl X’s.

    #12. Dialga Lvl. X Great Encounters
    Dialga Lvl. X.. What is there to say about this card? It looks quite cool, but other than that it doesn’t really have much going for it. It has weakness to fire, its Poke-Power is purely luck based, its basic form isn’t that impressive, and its attack is not the most impressive. With that being said, Dialga is the least playable of the current Lvl X’s.

    Thank your for reading. Team M hopes you ejoyed the article. Have a nice day!

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    We have a couple of articles that are getting published a bit late due to staffing issues.
    Our apologies to the authors.
    Please enjoy this wonderful article.
  3. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    I cannot believe you ranked Dialga lower than Torterra and Lucario! Flash Cannon is a great attack, 110 HP is better than Cresselia or Darkrai, Psychic resistance combined with metal energy is really useful, and the Poke-Power isn't bad. Dialga Lv. X is situational, not unplayable.
  4. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    How many people use Dialga Lvl X compared to how many people use the other X's that you listed?
  5. Pinsir52

    Pinsir52 New Member

    No Blastoise CG in the Stage 2 section?
  6. master of puppets

    master of puppets New Member

    none that i can think of.
    but i did play a red face paint deck at idaho with dialga lv x, darkrai lv x, and a few other things.
    ill tell ya, its a pain in the butt to ko a dialga with 3 Sp. Metal on it with nidoqueen when you cant manage to set up a dusknoir. especaily when you flip two tails because of its power TWICE in the same game! haha
  7. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    I know of more people who play Dialga Lv. X than Torterra Lv. X, dunno about Lucario. But I got the impression it wasn't about most commonly used cards, it was about which cards were best.
  8. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    Level X rankings(based on current playability):

    how much playability does Dialga actually have?
  9. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    What sort of example do you want?
  10. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    A good one... what is a decent deck that can play Diagla X and stand a chance?? a rigged coin deck?
  11. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    My Dialga/Venusaur SW deck? I got 3rd at MD States with it, IMO that's at least decent.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2008


    Huh I could of swore that MadHatter said a decent deck.

    I think he is talking about a deck that is played more, and come on I played a kid at league and he used Dialga 8 times...I never flipped 2 tails in a row : /

  13. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    Very impressive article, but just one thing:

    Are you serious? I went 5 and 1 at a fall BR with a Torterra deck. Team M member OSP knows what a versatile card that was way back when. I definetly wouldn't say that Torterra Lv.X isn't forgotten, and it might, just might, be remembered again when MD comes out.
  14. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    ^ i heard you won on a botched ruling :)

    but i know what you mean


    lol Nice Kayhon that is true though, who'd you lose to anyways
  16. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    What place did you get at States, then?
  17. CyberManectric

    CyberManectric Active Member

    The blotched ruling was on Plus Power. I was just saying how much potiencial Torterra Lv.X has with an example from my own experience. I never get tired of building and using rogue decks.

    What? That one Battles Roads? My "Torterrable" deck lost to a Magmortar deck. As far as battling you, we're tied 1 to 1.
  18. Tentacruel13

    Tentacruel13 New Member

    Dialga sees play only because people give it too much hype. Well, juniors and n00by seniors anyways.
  19. rY_YeN

    rY_YeN New Member

    dialga don't deserves the last place in lv.x's ranks...

    yes, the poke power is pure luck base, but it can disturb the opponent play, if the opponents failed to have a head on his/her flips, you possibly can turn around the game, you may be given free turn to kill your opponent's "hero", in my observation 1:6 chance to people, not only in my country, in america, canada, singapore, and japan, to get 2 heads in a row... well, data can be wrong, but speculation has more chance to failed than data.....

    more over, the attack is not bad, it only can't use metal flush, not can't attack like empoleon lv.x..... the first dialga attack also can let you draw a card, that can be crucial in late game....

    if you want to know the rank of popularity and who use level x in indonesia you'll be amazed....

    1. Gardevoir Lv.X
    2. Infernape Lv.X
    3. Magmortar Lv.X
    4. Electrivire Lv.X
    5. Darkrai Lv.X
    6. Honchkrow Lv.X
    7. Palkia Lv.X
    8. Dialga Lv.X
    9. Lucario Lv.X
    10. Cressellia Lv.X
    11. Torterra Lv.X
    12. Empoleon Lv.X <--- belive it or not, only 2 people that use this level x in their deck, BUT empoleon is the most popular here.....

    remember this is based on popularity.....
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
  20. dld4a

    dld4a Feature Writer

    15+? That's all? And who are they? Hardly reliable. I'm not saying the list is completely wrong. Back up your numbers with the research.

    Currently I think it's:

    1. Leafeon LvX
    2. Gardevoir Lv.X
    3. Cressellia Lv.X
    4. Torterra Lv.X
    5. Garchomp LvX
    6. Magmortar Lv.X
    7. Empoleon Lv.X
    8. Porygon-Z LvX
    9. Glaceon LvX
    10. Infernape Lv.X
    11. Darkrai Lv.X
    12. Palkia Lv.X
    13. Honchkrow Lv.X
    14. Electrivire Lv.X
    15. Lucario Lv.X
    16. Dialga Lv.X

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