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Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by GinoLombardi21, Oct 7, 2007.

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  1. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    Johnston, Rhode Island
    Hey i go 2 league here. Well i made my version of Empoleon+Lucario cuz my friends hav been talking about it. I tested it and its pretty solid and consistant. Then my buddy edwin tells me about this Meganium d, Nidoqueen, & Dusknoir deck. He tells me its almost impossible to lose with are meta and its hella fast. He hooks me up wit a list & i decide 2 play it. (I hook up my boy J-Rock wit my Luc+Emp deck which he goes 5-1 and top 4s and misplays in the top 4 match FTL. IDC jon dat waz impressive!)

    R1 Dave Cox - Spalsh
    Well I get a slow start. All ik is if i get meganium early its over. I dont see it till t10+. By then hes got a prize lead of 3/4 and the round has 10 minutes left. So even though i was getting going. He wins on time.

    R2 _____- Charizard/Gyrados
    I t4 em with nidoqueen mt on his charmeleon d + Gyrados d .

    R3 Adam Tuttle - MegaGator
    We both get horrible setups. 10 turns later from chikorita stall and all my pokemon setup wit energys. I get 1st strike and dusknoir shuffles his only pokemon that hes getting going and i run threw everything from there.

    R4 _____ - Tune
    She misses the t2 grass energy on tune. I get meganiums + nidoqueens going. Its over

    R5 Patty Lawson - Blissey/Vire
    I faced her last week and lost with bascially an auto win matchup and it turns into ****0 both games. I had 3 dre, 1 chikorita,1 meganium, 1 duskell, 1 pyschic, 1 warp point. I couldnt draw candy to save my life which was all i needed.

    R6 Con Lee - Empoleon Spalsh
    He struggles early on to setup. I pull meganium out t5 reducing 30-60 and its downhill from there. He also missed a t2 mantine 50 energy drop early game.

    Milford, MA
    Well I wanted to play Empoleon+Lucario yesterday so I figured i'd play it today. J-Rock was also gonna play it. I get picked up around 8:50. We get to MA and I mooch off michelle for sum french toast sticks & a egg,cheese,sausage crossiant from BK. We get to tha card place. Me, jon, and alex figured tjs would have a 360 system in the store. So we brung HALO 3 + Controllers. Which we played and I rocked both of em :cool: 10 minutes till tourney me and jon had a fun game in a mirror match which i won.

    R1 Michelle Rock - Lighting Strikez
    She gets going early on. Im struggling to setup but i turn it into a game and a huge comeback. It was her 2 prizes at the end and me with 1. Times called. She cant follow up wit a ko so I win on prizes. (The hugest play in that game was me absolin her quaza d ex to finally gain the lead) Michelle why r u so good against me?

    R2 Brian Jessing - Salamence ex, Swampert ex, Delcatty
    He starts with two chinglingsz. I start with piplup and next turn start showerin everywhere. I had 2 priplups out and 2 empoleons out and all my spreading made him able to get nuttin going. I koed shelgon with 2 energy on it. He dropped bagons down and i one shotted ea. of them cuz he had no candy. So i basicially just picked spots the whole game and set picks for a 6-0 prize win game.

    R3 John Rock - Empoleon + Lucario
    Before the round we were joking around how we would face ea. other in this round. Whadda uk, MIRROR MATCH! He hits te lucario lvx 1st and after that i struggle to get back in the game. We both have lucarios, priplups and empoleons goin he just has better setup and pancakes me.

    R4 Steven Jessing - Magnezone
    He has lone magnemite with 3 metals on it before i win. I had 2 priplups on the bench with empoleon + scramble handed b4 lucario koed em.

    R5 Nick Krupa - Turbo Blissey
    He starts with blissey i start with riolu and flip tails. Next turn lucario and 60. He does 3 potions. :( I and he eventually get setup. We both had 5 prizes left. I have 1 card in my hand. I attached multi and put my thumb on it. He claims i took my hand/finger off it. So the judges + pto got involved. The pto ruled that he doesnt see me ever do that so he thinks im lieing and forces me to attach that energy to that pokemon. I ALWAYS DO THAT. Anyway we got a 4 minute time extension and times called and i beat the cheatin flunkie 3-4 on prizes. Go play WOW & dont come bak.

    R6 Con Lee - Ape
    I faced him round 6 the day before :(. I start with piplup he starts with tauros. While hes getting bench i got 3 priplups and soon to be empoleons going. I hit a wage win w/ cess in play. So i locked it for 5/6 turns. I also brined 2 chimchars early to give him a almost no chance comeback. I also did aqua shower twice and his delcatty had 3 on it for sum reason which i didnt notice till i saw it and attacked it with ice blade. I draw a prize & he then says how did he get 3 on him? Meanwhile i get a warning becuz i drew a prize wen i wasnt supposed to but i mean the pokemon had 3 on it i didnt know. The prize that i drew i had to get during my next prize draw. I eventually had 3 priplup/empoleons rdy powered up + 1 lucario and it was over from there

    Top 4 Andrew Cox - Mario

    G1- my riolu vs. his machop. Im 1st and Kick = Tails. He does RC+machamp then the judges come over and take everyones decks. Meanwhile hes got god start and theyre doing a deckcheck. Srry

    G1 REPEAT- We both get setup but he hits lucario LvX and its over from there. I scoop with a little under 30 minutes left in the round

    G2- Im 1st and I got a decent start to his ok start. I get things going and hes drawing dead. 2 empoleons were too much for him to take down. I spread ftw

    G3 - 10 minutes left and im pretty sure this is going to SD. He gets first prize and I get the 2nd with lucarios feint. Hes got horrible setup and I got priplups, empoleon, 2 lucarios out so id be wicked angry if i lost to time. Times called on my turn. I have a scramble + fighting on lucario and i say auro sphere forggeting were tied in prizes. The judge rules I must do feint becuz "i declared an attk and if i cant do the attk it goes down to the next available attk if any" I personally think it doesnt make any sense becuz if u have 1 attk on a pokemon and he cant do it. Whats the logic for it? Anyway even after hes living with 10 dmg. He cant return a ko which i do the turn after his turn.

    FINALZ Tiffany _____ - MagmortorCatty

    G1- Shes got magby vs. my riolu start. I do castaway + Charm + Wild Kick + Heads = KO T1

    G2- Piplup vs. Magmar. I do 40 for 0 energy(peck+charm+20 weak) while i power up piplup bench. I eventually get 2 empoleons + 1 priplup going and just ko everything she has.

    ABOUT TIME!!!!!

    Finally winning after a bumpy start.
    Duncan for making the finals. With my dek :wink:
    The rocks for being cooler than cool
    One of my favorite events of the year so far not just cuz I won (Good attendance, Good player base, fun, and even with the rulings made towards me it was still enjoyable)
    Halo 3 for being great
    Jeremy Jones + his son cuz idk
    Pretty much all the people. Too many names to name.

    My bodyspray for being stolen.
    Losing Wagers all day
    Cappys beard
    Brian jr.
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  2. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    O no you didn't put Cap on your slops list!?! =/ lol, 4-2 with a fun deck I built in 2 minutes...not bad. :D GJ and c ya on saturday (think I'm ready to start stealing everybodys points).
    Edit: O yeah, don't forget to go to school tommorow. ;)
  3. Lordofflareons

    Lordofflareons New Member

    ! and that was your list Duncan used?! i just cant believe you did that to tommy........not cool
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  4. Jason

    Jason New Member

    gj on winning GINO. I am sure you got the wristplays right this time for the BRs :)
  5. KingOfKings715

    KingOfKings715 New Member

    Gino there is no school today!!!!!!!!!! just a reminder :p
  6. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    Gino nice report but easy on Nick Krupa. Thats cool Tiff made the finals too bad she was weak to you.
  7. DarkMagnus

    DarkMagnus New Member

    ( adidas body spray?) found it on the floor and handed it to Bjj dunno what he did with it. GL getting it back
  8. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    Lordofflareons: Who r u? and y cant I help out players?

    Jason: No wristplay idk about u but wristplays are out and mindplays are in!

    KingOfKings: Who r u? lol yea i forgot.

    JohnnyBlaze: Yea the nick krupa thing imo was so low and its a BR and wen someone trys cheating you, I dont take that lightly. So right there i if ur gonna cheat w/e. Ik sum judges use the phrase "plaid is laid"but if u hav a hand on it its still not played. All day the 3 rulings on me we within reason. But im telling u i never played that card. Since no1 can c it the judge has to do it threw his eyes. Good calls no big deal. The event was great. I think we had like 75 people im not sure. Also yea tiffanys matchup was just she couldnt get anything going. Cuz my deck spreads so fast i wouldnt let her get setup.

    Dark Magnus: I'll be hopefully getting that friday unless brian didnt use all of it by then :lol:
  9. DarkMagnus

    DarkMagnus New Member

    i told him to give it to steven........ and the total after lates was 75
  10. GL Mo

    GL Mo New Member

    The phrase is "laid is played". Your report would be easier for the general player population to enjoy if it were written in real english. Must be special to have the TO watching your every move! Must be to keep everyone from cheating against you, or vice versa?
  11. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    My bad yea "Laid is Played." Yea the TO watching my everymove is ridiculous. Him and the rest of the judges no names imo got it out for me. I can c it i aint blind. Its w/e idc. Its sad imo. I remember last year all the crap i got during citys/states then wen swimmer came down to watch our regionals they didnt do none of that to me. Fake ppl uk.

    A teenager wiser then so many adults go figure. If the staff wants drama over a card game this early in the season pushing all my buttons go for it. Ive sucked it up before, i can suck it up again. Ya for the record i definetely dont cheat. Lemme me just say "im very cool when im put in a hot situation"
  12. Muninn

    Muninn New Member

    You played that lady with T2 Kricketune? I got out a T1 Prinplup against her with nothing on my bench (although I had a Remoraid in my hand...) and she KOd it with Kricketune next turn. >_<

    EDIT: Wait a second, that was the same round. How many people were playing T2 Kricketune?
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  13. DarkMagnus

    DarkMagnus New Member

    3 i think or possbly just 2 but there where acouple kricket varients other than just T2 kricket
  14. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Great job Gino. Once again we both win tournaments, on the same day and with different deck styles. I only wish you could have told me that you were going to play that Dusk deck; I could have saved you some losses because from my play testing, it didn’t do so well.

    Also, Props for mentioning Halo 3. Can't wait to play Xbox live with you, neither can Anthony and Caleb. I’ll hook you up with our gamer tags on Aim bro.
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  15. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    8 games for a BR is a heck of a lot. Wow, GJ tho, :thumb:

  16. TomShea

    TomShea New Member


    Gino you don't get a free pass on this one. Let's call a spade a spade. You were the one attempting to cheat Nick Kruppa. You were the one who couldn't look me in the eye, and tell the truth. Your hand size at the beginning of your story was different than the hand size at the end of your story. The least you can do is get your lies straight. Yes the facts of your game were confirmed to me AFTER your match by someone who saw the entire thing. You were also attempting to stall Nick out as well. I had to keep promting you to make plays.

    This was a battle road. Actions like yours in a higher level event will lead to a disqualification. So before you try to slam someones reputation as being a cheater you should think about your actions. Your act is wearing thin. Your disrespectful attitutde is becoming tiresoeme. You dont' get to publically lie about other people. We have been bending over backwards trying to be fair. You are starting to leave me no choice in what to do.

    Think about it,

  17. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    Yea 1st i looked u in the eye with your hard stare that you gave me. Ok I had two cards in my hand isntead of one. I forgot it was a basic pokemon which i played on the bench. So i thought I had one. Honest mistake. The ruling was about 8/10 minutes and you gave us a 4 minute time extension. So when i won on time you shouldnt complain. If the match continued I woulda beat him anyway with the setup I had. That kid hasnt played for like 2 years so im not suprised that he'd try and cheat against me.

    Just to get the record straight everywhere else other then New England your the only judges who gives me crap. God forbid I ever wear a watch at one of your events its like WW2. Then again yall have 5/8 other players wearing em with no problem. At nationals or worlds with the best judges in the WORLD dont call me on anything you guys do from New England. Its ridiculous. Like your just watching all my moves to force me to do something wrong and even if its not yall still call me on it. Im glad brian hasnt reached that point. Hes always been the best judge here. You probably couldnt convince him to do so yet.

    Just because im not the fan favorite and you want brian or andrew to do better doesnt mean slam me with rules. Im sick of this. Just becuz you like a certain individual and dislike another individual doesnt mean you treat players different. If u want to be fair to me. LAY OFF!
  18. PokeDaddy

    PokeDaddy New Member

    I was the Judge and I have modified your story to what transpired. When you quote someone, please include the whole text. I described the rules that applied to the situation. The way you originally wrote the text gives false pretense that there was bias.

    I have included information on game play "steps"
    Per the rulebook, the game is split into 4 "steps";

    1) Draw a card.

    2) Do any of the following:
    > Put Basic Pokemon on the Bench (as many as you want).
    > Evolve Pokemon (As many as you want).
    > Attach 1 Energy card to 1 of your Pokemon (only once per turn).
    > Play Trainer cards (As many as you want, bot only one Stadium and one Supporter card per turn).
    > Retreat your Active Pokemon (only once per turn).
    > Use Poke-Powers (as many as you want).

    3) Attack!
    > Check to make sure that you have enough Energy attached to your Active Pokemon to attack.
    > Check Weakness and Resistance of your opponent's Pokemon.
    > Put damage counters on your opponent's Pokemon.
    > Check to see if you Knocked Out your opponent's Pokemon.
    > Take a Prize card (if you Knocked Out your opponent's Pokemon).

    4) Your turn is over now (also known as "between turns").

    If an action is mandatory (i.e. draw a card at the beginning of your turn, take a prize for knocking out a Pokemon, place damage counters for an attack, etc.), and you forget to take that action, you do not need your opponent's permission to do it. However, you should immediately call a judge so that things don't get muddled.

    If an action is optional (playing a Trainer, attaching an Energy, attacking your opponent's Pokemon, etc.), and you forget to take that action, you must ask your opponent for permission to take that action. For example, if you attach a Grass Energy to your Pokemon, and you wanted to attach a Fire Energy, you must ask your opponent's permission to take back the Grass Energy and attach the Fire energy instead. If he or she says no, you're stuck with the Grass Energy.

    While it is mandatory to proceed through both step 2) and step 3), the actions in those steps are optional. You can choose not to attach an Energy card. You can choose not to play a Trainer. You can choose not to attack the defending Pokemon. However, once you have entered one of these steps, you cannot rewind to a previous step without your opponent's permission.

    In other words, once you've entered step 3), you cannot leave it without your opponent's permission. If you declare an "illegal" attack, you may ask your opponent if you can back out of step 3). If he or she says yes, you go back to step 2) and can take any actions that you could have taken during that step. If he or she says no, you may either select an attack that is "legal" or pass.
  19. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    wow. 6 rounds in a BR. I had 3. XD.

    Good job on your win.
  20. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    Munin- Thx and who r u?

    Deck Master- Yea kid we'll definetely start a halo clan im getting sick at the game. Lets take both BR'z this saturday. I call captain/co captain :thumb:

    The Dark Twins- Yea pokemons been growing since 04 in NE. It hasnt stopped. Its been moving slowly but its moving up with players alot. Age Div. mostly. I think the million BRs around the US are gonna help the game grow because more events draw more interest and new players. Gl at the rest of urs drew

    Pokedaddy- It might not be the exact wording but pretty close to it. No big deal anyway but im glad i learned something new from that tourney. (The attk thingy)

    KazamBolt- Holla good luk at tha rest of urs!

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