The growing gap between Unlimited and Modified requires another Format

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Prof. Douglas Zuver, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Suggested Constructed Format:

    "Broken Banned" Format
    (Sneasel's Box)

    All Pokemon Trading Game Cards are allowed
    except the following cards:


    Ancient Mew
    ______'s Pikachu.....Promo #24 (Birthday Pikachu)
    Brock's Ninetales
    Feraligatr....Neo #5 (Riptide)
    Team Rocket's Meowth.....Promo #18


    Energy Removal
    Super Energy Removal
    Gust of Wind
  2. Prof. Douglas Zuver

    Prof. Douglas Zuver New Member

    Furret prances in...
    Furret looks at the list of Pokemon
    Furret sulks
    Furrets storms out


    Espeon "What's the matter, Furret?"
    Furret "I didn't make the banned list....grrr..."
    Espeon "You did go to the big events this year."
    Furret "Sigh, I guess so..."
  3. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Aren't we forgetting about little things such as Oak, Comp Search, Item Finder, and other such overused cards? I'm also surprised that you didn't include all the Haymaker cards (Zappy, Buzz, Chan, etc), considering that you basically got rid of all of the kool and fun cards in the format, let's get rid of the rest!!! lol
  4. Baboon

    Baboon New Member

    Are you suggesting a "somewhat" Modified middle? If so, I would restrict more than just those cards, especially adding Trainers to that list, because Trainers are mainly what make Unlimited the format it is, not the Pokemon, so much.

    It would be a cool idea, but I just don't see this ever becoming useful, since without the powerful Trainers banned, it's the same thing, but just superficially different.
  5. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Chansey? That is not broken, IMO, although hearing your reasoning could change my mind. The same goes for Team Rocket's Meowth -- that's only broken in Team Play. Rocket's Zapdos, however, does need to go.
  6. ShadowOfTyranitar

    ShadowOfTyranitar New Member


    Unlimited should NEVER have any cards banned.
  7. Dro~

    Dro~ New Member

    My suggestion is only to allow at most 2 copies of each cards from the base to neo sets. Therefore only 2 oaks, 2 computer searches, etc. In addition, almost 50% of the deck (not including energy, doesn't have to be exact) must contain cards from E-on.
  8. cattdreams

    cattdreams New Member

    I think we should worry more about what is going to be the officially announced modified before we really worry about a middle format.

    that said, I think an in between format would be something like a certain block on, with special restrictions on "Broken cards"
  9. Broken Lizard

    Broken Lizard New Member

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  10. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    The only card I would disagree with on this list would be the Chansey.

    Under Nintendo Rules, without Metal Chansey, Chansey will not be the force it once was.

    I would also disagree with banning energy removal. Super yes, regular no. You need to have some cards that add to the energy removal strategy that is prevelant amongst some unlimited decks.

    Banning Gust of Wind would also be a mistake. It is one of the power cards that is not overpowered, and keeps people from playing cards that are only bench sitters on their bench with no fear of them being called out to play, and abusing their power sitting on the bench. Double gust answers this to a small extent, but requires all decks use legendary dogs to impliment this strategy. Gust of Wind requires no combination cards.

    You want to take out a card to make the game balanced, take out Lass. Lass, along with Super Energy Removal, are two of the most destructive trainers in the game. Get rid of lass instead of Energy Removal or Gust of Wind.

    Banning Team Rocket's Meowth is pointless. No metal energy to help it, and it gets taken on a first turn hit. Leave it in as an option. It is not that broken of a card in any format except team, which is not coming back around.

    I would not have certain cards restricted. It would make tourneys too hard to judge.

    Would this format be titled "Restricted" or some other title, that shows it is not the main format, but would be a good alternative that would keep the game fresh, and allow older players to use many of their existing cards, while we ease them into modified.

    My opinion.

    Meganium45 (what a big box that will be!)
  11. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Otaku made an interesting suggestion in another thread -- block formats. These are formats like Base to Rocket only, Gym only, Neo only, and E-block only. I think these would make for interesting games, since so many tried-and-true combos would be broken because the cards are from different blocks.
  12. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    I call for removing a new format of 'EXTENDED' as in MTG, where its like modified, only the last 8 (not 4) sets are allowed!
  13. Perfect0ne

    Perfect0ne New Member

    Ooops :( double-post :p
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2003
  14. UncleBob

    UncleBob New Member

    How about a no-Trainers format? That'd be interesting.. :)
  15. dkates

    dkates New Member

    No Trainers? Ouch! That would be a slow format. That one I'd suggest play-testing first.
  16. Baboon

    Baboon New Member

    No Trainers?!?!? lol...
    Yeah, you've got Cleffa and Promo Cleffa. What after them? @[email protected]
    You'd have like 30 Pokemon and 30 Energy. Talk about your hand filling up... Yeah, no Trainers would only be like a joke format in my opinion... Lol, you'd also have to break the 4 of each card rule if you were to do no Trainers... If you'd ever run it in a tournament, the rounds would be like an hour long... XD

    Interesting would be the word. lol
  17. Mob2099

    Mob2099 New Member

    thats right just make the formats type 1(unlimited),1.5(new format), and type 2(modified) as in magic. magic has block formats and many other casual play formats( singleton, prismatic, tribal). in magic the qualifiers are 1.5 format and the finals are type 2. makes for different ideas and uses of old cards while people are playing the new cards also. i know i keep saying magic, but im just using a known, great game that has been around awhile and still going for a model to try and give good change to a great game(ie pokemon). i for one im against ban cards if there is a counter for it in the format, and it isnt good to limit cards either, it should be all or nothing.

    thats my 2 cents.
  18. dkates

    dkates New Member

    The only thing, Mob2099, is what happens when a card gains a status where almost every deck either uses it or counters it, or both. Most of the cards on the list in the top post have that status in Unlimited. That is why I've started becoming bored with Unlimited.
  19. GuardianTIM

    GuardianTIM New Member

    No-trainers? Just recently we did a Ruby/Sapphire Booster Draft. That pretty much was No Trainers. Talk about a silly game. If it wasn't for the Ralts' that I got, I would have probably fallen asleep. Also, in my opinion, Skyridge was definitely the best set for trainer cards (that I've seen- Sandstorm isn't out here yet).

    Personally, I agree with the list of banned cards, with a few exceptions...
    Is Base Chansey the one with 90/100hp, and Does DoubleEdge for 80:60? If that is the one I'm thinking of, I can understand why with the old rules Metal chansey might be somewhat Broken, but with the new rules, it's as valid as anything else...
    Fossil Ditto is the one with Transform, right? No problems there... After all, that's pretty much what Ditto should be.
    Gust of Wind, I think we should keep, even with the new rulings. After all, the RuSa Swellow has a pokemon power which pretty much acts like the Gust Of Wind, except your opponent chooses (I think). but if you really have a problem with it, there is a RuSa card where you have to flip for it, but if you get heads it's pretty much a GustOfWind.

    The regular Energy Removal is just a silly card to begin with. I wouldn't mind if the Energy Removal type cards were Supporters, but they are so bad, especially as they can target any type of energy, not just basic. I hate it when my Scizor (aq) gets stripped of the 4 metal energy, and the 4 rainbow energy all because they had a hand full of Energy Removal type cards. (You'll know what I mean if you look at it's second attack. Being able to do 190 damage if I have it fully charged, and get all heads is absolutely brilliant. Of course, the odds of getting it set up like that are astronomically low.)
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2003
  20. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Chansey is the one from Base: 120 HP, 1 Retreat, Scrunch for (C)(C) and a flip to prevent attack damage to Chansey, and Double Edge for (C)(C)(C)(C), 80 damage, and 80 damage to Chansey. In combination with certain cards (Unown N and Gold Berry, mainly), it's a real beast -- I should know, I've played with and against it.

    Now, as far as the other cards on the list, let's look at them, and here are my opinions.
    • Ancient Mew: Banned from real Unlimited because it's never been printed in English. Therefore, banned from this format is only fitting.
    • ____'s Pikachu: Also known as Birthday Pikachu. Banned from real Unlimited, because of the condition of its attack (although WotC never said so), so it should be banned here.
    • Blastoise: The basis of the Rain Dance deck, one of the first archetypes. Mostly rogue, now, but extremely powerful.
    • Brock's Ninetails: More confusing than broken, IMO. It has the second-highest number of rulings in the old Compendium, next to Ditto.
    • Chansey: This and my other post have given the facts and my opinions on this one.
    • Clefable: POWERFUL! Why? One word -- Metronome. The most powerful, undercosted attack ever. Worse than Sneasel. Ban it, even though I like it.
    • Ditto: Again, confusing, more than broken. Powerful, though. The jury's still out on this one.
    • Feraligatr: WHAT? This guy was a beast in Neon Modified, sure, but not in Unlimited. He does have a very high potential power, but most good cards do, played right.
    • Slowking: I would not be sorry to see him go. One-sided, MEGA-overpowered Trainer denial.
    • Sneasel: He and Slowking were the first, and so far only, cards to be banned from Modified before their sets. Sneasel almost single-handedly made speed not just the preference, but the necessity in Unlimited. Ban it.
    • Team Rocket's Meowth: HUH? If this were about TMP, I'd understand, but there are far better cards for first-turn KOs that are not on this list. Keeper.
    • Wigglytuff: A popular partner for Sneasel. Powerful, thanks to DCE and Boost Energy, but since it tops out at 60 damage, I say keeper.
    • Energy Removal: Remove one of your opponent's Energy cards, no drawback, no questions asked. More powerful than you'd think. Consider a ban.
    • Super Energy Removal: Removes two of your opponent's Energy at the cost of one of your own. Powerful, with a small amount of strategy. Consider a ban, lean heavily toward it.
    • Gust of Wind: Keeps people on their toes. No Pokemon is safe on the bench. I like its unpredictability, and it is NOT broken, IMO. Keep it.
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