The Laments File

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    Heya everyone. Well, I haven't actually finished my other Fan fic, but the idea for this was to good to ignore. Hopefully the character's will actually have personalities in this story, but only time will tell. And by the way, this is not the story I had the teaser for. That story might not even happen since arceus999 refuses to work on his story. Well, time for me to stop talking and let you guys get to chapter one, enjoy.

    The Laments File​

    What you are about to read has been extracted and decoded from the Team Nova files. Being pieced together from the memories of various people, parts of it may be unreliable and faulty, but it is the only account of how one boy, Daniel Laments, uncovered and destroyed the largest secret criminal organization in history…


    “Don’t let it escape! It’s the only success we’ve had.”

    These cries rang throughout the small stone buildings that made up the stone facility. Lightning illuminated the scene as a small Pokémon crawled out of a third story window on the tower that the buildings were circled around. It let out a squeal of pain when it landed on the ground, then it shook itself and ran off limping as the shadowy forms of humans swarmed out of the tower. As they frantically searched for the escaped Pokémon, the immanent punishment for failure loomed closer for every second that they did not succeed.

    Chapter One​

    Beep beep beep. Groaning, Dan rolled out of bed and turned off his insistent alarm clock.

    “What time is it anyway?” He asked, his question falling upon the deaf ears of his Pokédolls that lay throughout the room. Glancing at the digital readout on his clock, Dan's expression changed from one of reluctant wakefulness to a priceless look of shock and panic.

    “I’m late!”

    Quickly grabbing and pulling on some clothes, Dan raced down Route 2 to the Pokémon lab and skidded to a halt at the front gates.

    “There you are.” Dressed in a white lab coat, long tan pants and brown shoes, an elderly man with graying hair walked toward the panting boy. “I’m Professor Oak, and you missed getting a starter Pokémon. Usually I’d just give you some Pokéballs and rocks so you could go out and catch your own, but the economy’s so bad all I can give you are the rocks. Here you go!”


    Still crying out from his dream, fifteen year old Daniel Laments woke from his nightmare in a cold sweat. Freeing himself from his twisted blankets, he rolled to the side of his bed and sat up.

    His seemingly permanent bedhead made the teen’s short chocolate brown hair stick up in various places. His eyes, which were the same color, shone with confidence, but the rest of his face was a bit of a letdown compared to his eyes. Almost completely average. Dan stood at about 5’7, wasn’t skinny or fat, just average. There were only two things that made Dan different from every other teen. One, his I.Q. was a half point higher then usual, and his brain was different. Now nobody was quite sure how it happened, but when he was born, the doctors noticed that his brain was exceptionally sensitive to telekinesis. It is, to quote the doctors, “An antenna to the thoughts of exceptionally powerful telekinetic Pokémon.” Whatever that meant.

    “Wow. What made me think all of that? It’s like I was describing myself to someone.” Dan wondered to himself as he got dressed. Like most wannabe Pokémon Trainers, he wore the same outfit every day. For him, it was; Jeans, a black T-shirt and black sneakers. “And who in the world is Prof. Oak? Why would he just give me my first Pokémon? What did he mean when he said the economy is bad? And what time is it?”

    But of all these questions, only the latter would be answered. The teen finished getting dressed and glanced at his clock. Five A.M. was the time displayed by the glowing red numbers. He quietly groaned at the fact that his Primary Capture wasn’t for another hour that he could have spent sleeping.

    Slipping out of his room and into the dark hallway, Dan paused. He was a little surprised that he didn’t wake anyone up with his cry. Then he started walking again and exited his house through the front door. Taking a deep breath of the fresh forest air, he walked a few steps toward the dirt circle where the members of the small town met if there was something important. Like a Primary Capture. Turning in slow, small circles, the teen looked for what might be one of the last times for a while at Nowhere Village. There were ten wooden houses all arranged in an attempt at a circle, all of them surrounded by thick forest.

    But perhaps some background on Nowhere Village would be helpful. Founded about two hundred years ago in the year two thousand eight hundred, it was named after its founder, Edward Nowhere. He discovered the huge island that made up the Borayal Region while chasing after a Latios and would have named it Nowhere Island if it weren’t for the aurora borealis that painted the sky almost every night in the northern parts. He never did find that Latios though….

    “WHY! WHY did I do that!? It’s like someone is forcing me to describe myself and where I live to a group of ten or so people!”

    Holding his face in his hands, Dan just stood completely still for a while. When he felt a faint warmth on his hand, the teen looked up and was greeted by a neon orange sunrise. Its gentle rays were like paint on the canvas of clouds that dotted the sky, turning them bright orange and pink. Turning towards it, he just stared again smiling, but somewhat saddened.

    “That was probably one of he last sunrises I’ll see here.”

    As he turned to go inside, he thought he heard a voice.

    “I thought you men weren’t supposed to be emotional.” It seemed to snicker.

    But it was so faint he wasn’t sure he heard it at all. He was about to look around for the source, but then Dan heard his mother making breakfast. The allure of food greater then his curiosity of a voice that might not have even existed, Dan went inside, still smiling.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Dan’s mother was just transferring a stack of pancakes from her spatula to a plate when he walked into the kitchen.

    “Oh, good morning sweetie. I thought you were still asleep.”

    “Nah, I woke up around five. And why are you dressed like that?”

    “Dressed like what?”

    Snickering, the teen just pointed towards her clothes.

    “I don’t see what you find so funny. Oh….”

    After looking down, Dan’s mother didn’t like what she saw. She was dressed in bright pink pants, brown sandals and a green shirt.

    “Oh.” Again was the only response. Then, after a few seconds, her response became more defensive.

    “Well, your father was still asleep when I got dressed, so it was almost completely dark in that room.”

    “Wait, dad’s back!?”

    “He got home sometime late last night.”

    The news of his fathers return swept all thought of his mother’s clothes out of his mind. Dan’s father was employed by a R&D company in the northern most tip of the region. Since Nowhere Village was located in the middle of a forest in the far south, and he didn’t get many days off, a visit was rare.

    But when he did get a chance, the teen’s father always brought a Pokémon that couldn’t be found anywhere but the mountains that surrounded his workplace. The Pokémon would have to return when the visit was over, but it was always interesting to see something from so far away.

    “Do you think he’s going to be awake for my Primary Capture?”

    “Now don’t get your hopes up. He did get home sometime after midnight, and it starts in twenty minutes, so I don’t think he will be.”

    “Well,” Dan started to say, a malicious grin spreading across his face, “If he does miss it, can I have a little fun with the water heater’s settings before he gets a shower?”

    “No.” Was the firm reply. “If you want to get back at him for missing it, just constantly remind him about how he missed one of the most important events of your life. NOT by changing the water temperature. And not to be mean or anything, but has it ever occurred to you that you might fail and have to try again?”

    This comment made Dan immediately stop what he was doing, which was swallowing a mouth full of half chewed pancakes. Choking stumbled from his chair and ran to the sink. Not bothering to grab a glass, he stuck his head under the faucet and turned the water on. After taking a long drink and getting his head soaked in the process, the teen just stood there, dripping into the sink.

    The thought of failing had never crossed his mind before. But now that the ramparts of his confidence had taken that hit, he wasn’t so sure of himself.

    Suddenly becoming aware of his mother’s gentle touch on his shoulder, the teen shook his head, as if to rid himself of the horrible notion.

    “I’ll be fine.” He said, more to himself then to his mother. Then he turned, his good humor apparently restored. “Speaking of which, if my Primary Capture does start in twenty minutes, shouldn’t you get changed out of that terrible outfit and let me eat?”

    Looking down and blushing again, Dan’s mother turned and started walking towards her room.

    “You’re right.” She called over her shoulder. “After you finish eating, put your dishes in the sink. I shouldn’t be to long.”

    As Dan watched her quietly enter her bedroom, his thoughts returned to that one terrible comment.

    “I’ll be fine.” He said once more to himself. Then, frowning, he returned to his food. But now, his excitement was tainted by uncertainty. Uncertainty and reality.

    Well, chapter one is at an end. R&R please. (Get's ready for DPs criticism) Also, please remember that I will not be writing any more of this until TLOT is done, and that might take a while. Until next time, Pikamaster.
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    That was hilarious. Especially the economy nightmare and the presentation thoughts.
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    "who in the world iN Prof Oak?"
    "Member of the small town me"
    "If he does miss it"

    Those are the typos I can discover.

    And yeah, it's frickin' hilarious. Too bad it has already been quoted by Charm. Rox.... T_T
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    Thanks for the feedback. The tipose are now fixed. =P
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    I only bothered to read the frist part of the frist chapter but, it was funny. I don't like reading thing off a screen.
  6. Pikamaster

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    Ok, I've decided to completely change a lot of things, so I'm going to rewrite chapter one. Since I probably won't get around to doing it for a while, this thread can be locked, I'll just make a new thread when I actually write it again.
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    This sounds a LOT like a bunch of different books I know you like to read a lot all put together...
  8. Pikamaster

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    Does not, feel free to name which ones. Anyway, I said I'm changing it so why do you care?

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