The Legend's CA state top 8 finish

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by The_Legend, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. The_Legend

    The_Legend New Member

    Ok well I am very tired but I should type this now or I wont do it. Sorry for any typo's I will do my best to catch them on a reread but I can make no promises.

    I was gunna play luxchomp but last night I switched to chenlock out of no where with no experience with the deck. Oh and I got sick friday on the way down to long beach. I woke up feeling good with just a sore throat and got the day started.

    Round 1 Daniel Cardiel Dchomp
    This was a nice man who was there supporting his son. I get a god start T1 Cyrus to take one from his hand and it was his only supporter that I sent to the bottom. Blaze swept this match while I kept NRG from his hand. Chomp took two prizes blaze the rest.


    Round 2 Fernando Becerra Vilegar
    I hadnt played this match yet and so I was very nervous. He seemed to have a bad hand tho and cyrus helped keep it that. Luring flame helped keep plume off the field thru the game.


    Round 3 Chris Silver Vilegar
    This was a pretty good match. I manged to keep plum off the field for most the game but he set up several gengars with rescues attached. Luring flame helped tons in this match. Don't remember much more.


    Round 4 Eric Ha luxchomp (it might have been dchomp but I dont think so)
    I locked him early and swept with draggy and blaze
    not much of a match


    Round 5 Ruben Cisca I think he had luxchomp too but I don't remember much else about this match.


    Round 6 I think his name was jared vilegar

    I set up and take three prizes with blaze and I set up two chomps on the bench one with gain and dce and one with gain and basic nrg and a dce in hand. Some how I had failed to notice that BOTH of my chomp x's were prized. At that point I pretty much got screwed cus I had no more blaze's so I couldn't mange to take one more prize with no aarons in my hand. He took six prizes and I lost. I thought I would be fine without azelf because I had 2-2 lines. Never again.


    Round 7 kenny luxchomp
    I got the lock early and went to work. With this I guarantee my top cut and I relax.


    Round 8 I don't remember his name sorry bro he was running dos
    I start blaze blaze x rescue nrg and a bunch of nrg gains I wasnt really into the game anyways I was in such a good mood. I lost and walked away all smiles


    Top 16 daniel chin luxchomp
    I get the t1 sable and get the lock going and then just sweep. He started to come back around the middle but I had on average 14 cards in my hand every turn since like turn 3. Game two he donks me. Game three I get the lock and sweep. He came off very rude and sour about his hand the whole time, this wasnt the first time I had met him but I found it disrespectful. Especially when the judge tells him "good job now just do that one more time" after he donks me. Have some professionalism.


    Top 8 Chris silver(round 3) I get a hand of power spray, power spray, dce, chomp basic, nrg gain, nrg gain, poke communication I don't get another basic or supporter by the end of turn 3 and chomp is killed by gengar.
    Game two I got a pretty good hand sable and two blaze basics. The tatic I use luring flame on vileplume didnt work though he ran like god and kept my trainers locked all game and always had the nrg to retreat. I ran outa blaze's and both aaron's. good game dude

    my first top 8
    Everyone else did decent
    we all had a great night two night!
    medical herb

    I got sick
    my throat hurts and I can barely talk
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  2. BrightRush

    BrightRush New Member

    Good Job on top 8!. I was your round 6 opponent (Kenny).
  3. The_Legend

    The_Legend New Member

    It was round 7 not 6 right? I'm pretty sure I played Jared round 6. But I remember who you are I just didnt write you name down like I did the first 4 rounds. Thanks for the congrats! I might be going to Nevada states next weekend are you gunna go?
  4. BrightRush

    BrightRush New Member

    My bad it was round 7 lol. And not sure yet going to AZ or NV, hear Arizona has easier meta.
  5. The_Legend

    The_Legend New Member

    lol I'm not looking for the easier meta. I have a new deck and if the meta in NV is anything like cali I have great match ups. Its gunna be fun and im looking forward to great matchs. what was your final record at cali states?
  6. z-man

    z-man New Member

    Nevada is Cali 2.0. Most top tables will be the same as in California. Good job Legend. I think I remember who you are... I sat next to you in top 16.
  7. BrightRush

    BrightRush New Member

    I got 19th with 6-2 and yea NV = most of the same people from CA.

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