The lost art of decking?

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Porygon3, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. Porygon3

    Porygon3 New Member

    Gone are the days of decking your oppenent with anything other then some weird stall deck: When Pokemon first came out, only one stall Pokemon was around: Chancey + Pokemon Center + Item Finder... Uggh, no futher help arived untill some fossles were dug up: MOLTRESS!! Yes!! Wild Fire rocks like no other attack, you get what you pay for though: 1 for one. It was some time before Tickle Machine arived and the Combo with Inposter Oak was born: if you got just one Tickle off- have some 7 cards mahaha... then finaly Tyrantar came along: the dark one!! What power!! Whats that? It does dammage AND decks them out? Sign me up!! Then Mountan Eater Lavantar came out (tech in a Recall or Aerodactal with memory so you can do it whenever) and you had some major pain: add in the fact that the latest Tyrantar made (both) players discard 3 cards.... wait, I'm getting ahead of myself, theres a power that deserves mention: Bezerk Fralagator + Hyper Devospray!! YAY!! Wow... Blane's Quiz 2, and Pokemon Judgement: both added ways of making your oppenent (possibly) draw more cards... the fun ended when the E seres came out: there is nothing that has your oppenent discard cards from there deck (although the 1 possible discard from hand in the R/S set is OK)... no attacks, no powers, nothing... its kinda sad: where are the Pokemon that cause some deck destruction? The trainers? Where have they gone? Will Moltress and Tyrantar and Fralagator (yes I had a deck with all of them in it... didnt quite work...) be the only Pokemon that are able to deck out people with out just basic suvrival? Is decking a lost art?
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    The problem is that building a deck to make the other guy deck is extremely difficult now, thanks to Cleffa, Elm, Copycat, and other hand-changers. By the time you deck the guy, you lost 20 turns ago.
  3. GuardianTIM

    GuardianTIM New Member

    Actually, I can force my opponent to deck themselves with the longevity of my pokemon combined with OaksResearch and DesertShaman.

    The 3 pokemon I use are Aquapolis Scizor, Aquapolis Blissey, and Beautifly (RuSa).
    Aquapolis Scizor has an attack called 'Snatch' which does 20 damage, and before doing said damage, I may choose one of their benched pokemon and switch it with the defending pokemon.
    Blissey has a Pokemon Power called 'Happy Healing' which lets me flip a coin and remove damage counters from one of my benched pokemon equal to the number of Energy on Blissey.
    Then, to top it off, I have Beautifly with 'Parallel Gain', which does 50 damage and removes 1 damage counter from each of my pokemon.

    In short, unless they can wipe out one of my pokemon in one or two hits, I've already brought them back to the bench (Switch works wonders here, if necessary) and healed them completely!

    Now, you're thinking - Won't he run out of cards too? That's why the Oaks Research and Desert Shamans are there. With the Uber-hand I've aquired, I play my Supporter then shuffle it back into my deck, drawing 4/5 cards, depending which one I play. Also, the DesertShaman is perfect against my opponents Oracle, coz they have to shuffle their hand back in as well, losing the placement of the cards.

    Personally, I find that if I want to deck someone and they don't have a Fire-type deck, or any Overwhelming deck (think RuSa Wailord, for example) then I can quite happily do so.
  4. Baboon

    Baboon New Member

    Yes, as dkates said, it gets quite hard, as all it takes is your opponent realizing that's what you're trying to do and he'll just keep drawing and playing as few cards as possible. Then, at the last card in the deck or so, use Elm/Cleffa and continue the cycle.
    I have not seen a truly good decking deck in quite a while.

    I remember one game I played in Summer '02... I had a Damage Swap Chansey deck, and we just got nowhere. Almost all the damage coming into me was sucked up by the Metals/Healing Field/Gold Berry, and if not, Kazam would move the damage to a Benched Pokemon, and so on. It was an AIM match, and it lasted 2 hours and 55 minutes... ;-p Every time we each got to the bottom of our decks, we kept Elming. In the end, I won as he ran out of Elms and ways to recover them. ;) That definitely was more of a joke game though. Don't remember why I wasn't Double Edging. ;) Maybe I thought I could deck him or something... Regardless, it doesn't work. :p
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