The MECA of Tounaments... Keeping the doors open?

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by EHLERZ5, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. LOLZ

    LOLZ Member

    Yes, because you have to have a registered account to opt in to play points thus being able to earn play points.
  2. Pikabruce

    Pikabruce New Member

    Although it's very strange that when you look at the Nationals tournament results on, there are about a dozen players who are only listed as "Not Opted Into Rankings". If they didn't opt in, then how were they allowed to play? :confused:
  3. Pete De Shaw

    Pete De Shaw Master Trainer

    Because we were merciful. Technically you do not earn Play! or Championship Points unless you have activated a Pokemon Trainer Club account and attached your Player ID to it. You also don’t earn points if your date of birth in our database puts you into the wrong age division. Because this system is new and because the Points display on was not working properly for much of the season we allowed quite a few exceptions that we don’t plan to allow next year.

    During pre registration we had a line for people who thought they should be eligible but were not on the list. We started with three computers and increased that to five after Dan was able to break free from his other duties. This line went on for about 3 hours and moved very slowly.

    The people who show up as not opted in have not set up their Pokemon Trainer Club accounts. We were able to find their Player ID numbers and see that they played in 10 or more Play! Points worth of events even though they had not earned any points due to the lack of an active Trainer Club account. We let them into the tournament with a warning that we won't be so understanding next year.

    One of the problems I encountered several times was players who had set up their Trainer Club accounts with joke names. Funny now, not so funny when you have to wait in a 3 hour line so that you can get into Nationals. If you are one of those clever folks who created your Trainer Club account under Super Awsesometrainer rather than your real name, you need to submit a customer service ticket to get that resolved.
  4. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    If players are truly serious about playing at nats, then then can put forth the very small effort it takes to properly set up their accounts. Don't expect TPCi to catch your slack every year.
  5. deashira

    deashira New Member

    As a relatively new player, how can I make sure my account is set up properly going into the next season? I have an ID number but I only participated in one Battle Roads this year.
  6. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

  7. tropius573

    tropius573 New Member

    We had 2 brothers who had just started playing again about 4 months ago and needed to get the 10 points to go to Nats. They joined each of our two leagues and went to every tournament possible to get their 10 player points. They drove all the way out to Indianapolis and then I get an email the night before that each of them had 9 points and they were wondering when they would get their 10th point. I explained to them that after I post the player roster for our league they would receive the points for that season, but unfortunately that would be after Nationals. Fortunately, the staff at the registration desk realized that they would be receiving a point after Nationals for participating in our League and therefore they were allowed to play in the tournament. On another note, this years Nationals went so much smoother than last years Nationals. It took them 50 mins to start the first round in Masters last year because the had to re-pair players after many never showed up to play the first round game. People signed up to get the exclusive shirt and card at registration and then dropped before Round 1. This year you had to play through the entire first day (5 rounds) and then you received the shirt and the card at the end of the day. It is my belief that this is another reason why Pokemon is doing what they do regarding Nats and player points. It makes things much smoother and pleasant for the players who want to play and not just get free swag. Yes, you do have to have a registered POP account to receive the player points with which to participate in Nats.
  8. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    Answer: When a company catches your slack.

    Question: What is customer service?

    Possessing a "merciful" attitude is only a win for TPCi because the customer service they extended left a good taste in their customer's mouths. Those players able to play, a win for the player, and the correction of so many accounts helps TPCi, a win for TPCi. Simply saying "sorry, you're not going to be able to play" accomplishes neither of those.

    Since "merciful" was the chosen word, I'll look to the kings of Ireland who recited: "...let him exalt mercy, it will exalt him."
  9. Lawman

    Lawman Active Member

    To answer a Q a few posts back, yes, some people were denied entry into the event bc they lacked PP. Shoot, we had players show up and they had NO CLUE there were even PP around! So, you can imagine that they had zero PP.

    Bottom line, how does the brass at Pokemon OP get budget each year?? Maybe off the #'s generated at leagues, tourneys throughout the year and track those numbers?? The more real players they can track.....easier to ask for X dollars IMO.

  10. FunnyBear

    FunnyBear New Member

    Yes, the pre-reg nightmare on Thursday was due to this requirement
  11. NoPoke

    NoPoke New Member

    FWIW the 10 P!P requirement for UK nationals probably made a significant contribution to speeding registration this year.

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