The Mew Hunter: ISO Japanese promo cards (and more)!

Discussion in 'Buyers House' started by gerbilfluff, Aug 8, 2007.

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  1. gerbilfluff

    gerbilfluff New Member

    I can offer payment via Paypal.
    (My account's tied to a credit card, but I'd be happy to add in any needed c.c. fees to your payment if necessary.)

    Looking to buy one each of these card binders:
    * "A Sign of Mew" (from
    * Worlds 2007

    Japanese Promos:
    * Imakuni's Loudred ex (#021/T, Trainers Magazine Vol. 21, March 2003)
    * Ash's Treecko (#036/ADV-P, Shogaku Comics, Aug. 2003)
    * May's Torchic (#037/ADV-P, Shogaku Comics, Aug. 2003)
    * Brock's Mudkip (#038/ADV-P, Shogaku Comics, Aug. 2003)
    [Getting the money needed for these next two promos might take me a little longer, but I'm still after them:]
    * Eevee (Fanclub Trade-In Prize, April 2000)
    * Porygon (Fanclub Trade-In Prize, April 2000)

    Japanese Pokemon Misc.
    * Binder from Pokepark Promo Green File (just the binder/postcard; got the cards I was after)
    * Mew deck box (tall box, green background)
    * Nintendo DS Mew Version phonestrap (gashapon figure from Yujin)
    * Mew & Mewtwo keychain (gashapon from Banpresto/Shopro; both Pokemon connected to one O-chain)
    * Porygon2 Pokedoll (once sold via

    Somewhat interested in these English promos, if you've got them for a good price:
    * 027 Tropical Tidal Wave (Worlds 2005; foil stamp type is unimportant)
    * Spring Victory Medal

    PMs preferred, but feel free to post items/prices in this thread as well.

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