The new Entei/Cargo? Eon (+)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by DARKGeNGaR094, Jan 25, 2004.

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    Please note: I'm not saying this deck is "t3h best evre!!11" or even an archetype, I'm calling it a new entei/cargo? because of the way it works: lots of energy, more energy = more damage, if you get a bad hand, you DIE (unreliable) but when it works, it's unstoppable.

    This is also not a Gardex or Blaziken.
    All hail the Flygon! :p

    So yeah, the deck (note: some (unsanctioned) tournaments in Holland are run with the Eon+ format, which is Eon with trainers & energies from LC and the Best promos)


    Pokémon - 19
    3x Trapinch (DR-Bind)
    1x Vibrava (DR-Dragon Spark)
    3x Flygon (DR-Holo) - Energy Shower + a good attack
    3x Magnemite (DR-random)
    3x Magneton (DR-field) - 10x10=100 (ow)
    2x Skitty (SS-catch)
    2x Delcatty (RS-Holo) - Draw power
    2x Kecleon (SS) - Gardex/Typhex/Kabutex killer

    Trainers - 22
    3x Copycat - Replace with Elms in Eon +
    2x Net Search - Replace with Bills in Eon +
    4x Oracle
    4x Juggler
    2x Lady Outing
    1x Fisherman
    1x Town Volunteers
    1x Mr. Briney - Replace with Bill in Eon +
    4x Rare Candy

    Energies - 19
    6x Lightning
    5x Grass
    2x Psychic
    2x Water
    2x Fire
    2x Fighting

    please rate, tips are welcome

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