The New Modified Format (A Comprehensive Deck Article)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mysterioustrainer, Oct 3, 2003.

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  1. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Hello Pokemon Trainers. As many topics are constanly being sprung out like crazy. You should know by know what the Modified Format consists of, well in case your memory is fuzzy, here is the details:

    Collections Allowed (expansion symbol):
    Expedition (a circular e logo)
    Aquapolis (a temple with a water drop in it)
    Skyridge (two round hills)
    EX: Ruby and Sapphire (a gem)
    EX: Sandstorm (a picture of the claw and root fossils)

    Promo cards:
    Only Nintendo Promos 001 and on

    Of course any cards like basic energy from older collections that have been released in newer collections are also allowed and there are no banned cards in this format.

    Startled? I sure was. I thought Best Promotional cards would be in, however that does not seem to be the case. Overall there is a good chance that your best deck is no longer legal for this format. So in this article I am going to talk about what deck construction mainly consists of now.

    Pokemon cards:
    As if the game doesn't rely on evolution chains enough it sure does now. Also most Pokemon cards aren't restricted to just one evo chain possiblity. For example you have three different Typholsions you can build from. That is pretty good. Another perspective is that deck strategies with Pokemon are very simple now. If you are not quite sure what deck combos you can make I extremely recommend starting simple with staight offensive and possibly using two different types of energy (say make a Charizard and Raichu EX deck). Another thing you should do is build as many different decks as possible, that is one of my best ways of making good ideas. Overall the game is more varied now and don't expect to see the same deck twice in a tournament.

    Trainer Cards:
    Trainer engines are going to be same for the most part. The trick now is finding that good running engine for decks. The biggest problem is that some of the most popular cards used in Trainers are now gone, mainly referring to Elm, Bill, Focus Band, and Gold Berry. Plus countless others. Supporters are making up for the loss though, I should expect to see more decks using Professor Oak's Research, Professor Birch, and Forest Guardian. Even yet, "deck speed" (the quickness to get the main strategy of the deck going) is most likely to slow. Cards that rely on getting Pokemon out are probably going to be more common such as Poke Ball, Professor Elm's Training Method, and Wallys Training. Last expect to see trainers based on the strategy of the deck. (For example, a Blaziken deck is using Energy Restore)

    Energy Cards:
    As if I have anything to say for this. Special Energy cards are like trainers for the most part and only fill gaps in strategies. Basics should be used more because of the lack of Elm.

    Recommend Guideline for Construction
    Pokemon: 15-20
    4 Primary Offensive Basic (The Basic Pokemon that evolves into the pokemon that you plan to use the most)
    2-3 Primary Offensive Stage 1 (Your strategy pokemon or your pokemon that evolves into your strategy pokemon)
    0-3 Primary Offensive Stage 2 (Strategy Pokemon)
    3 Supplimental/Secondary Basic (The Basic Pokemon is or that evolves into a pokemon that helps the main strategy)
    0-3 Supplimental/Secondary Stage 1 (The pokemon that helps out the main strategy)
    3-8 Last Hope/Deck Prep (This use to be babies, now Pokemon like Dunsparce and Pokemon-ex take this place)
    Trainers: 15-25
    4 New Hand Cards (Professor Oak's Reaseach, Birch, Copycat)
    3-8 Hunters (Finds paticular cards, Forest Guardian, Wally's Training, Professor Elm's Training Method)
    3-8 Healers (Pokemon Nurse, Oran Berry, Potion, Hyper Potion)
    3-8 Techical Strategy (Anything that helps the deck perform)
    0-2 Stadium Cards (try to squeeze these in if you can)
    Energy: 20-30
    0-8 Special Energy Cards (Only if the strategy supports them)
    12-30 Basic Energy Cards

    Sigh that is all of the advice I can offer, hopefully you will be able to build off of these strategies, good luck with your game.
  2. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Not a bad article. As my own article shows, I have different opinions about card ratios, but otherwise, it's a very good article. And note that I am not saying that my method is necessarily better -- I think it usually is, but the card ratios you gave can work.
  3. mysterioustrainer

    mysterioustrainer New Member

    Of course it only works for the person who builds the deck. So we can only offer what we know of the game.
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