The Not So Good Nats Report

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by astewart, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. astewart

    astewart New Member


    I arrived in vancover on wendsday from the plane (first plane ride) and went for coffee and met up with the league leader from edmonton so we talked for a while and then headed back to the hotel. The next days I just did some site seeing the aqarium etc...
    on friday the day before the event I had my deck in mind but needed some cards to finish off my empoleon deck.... I went down to the lobby and it was packed with people play testing I was all like wow. I meet up with pokemonmike and pokemonpat and bought some cards off them and play tested intill like 2 in the morning I was confedent I went 7-1 in playtesting...

    ok the day of the event I woke up went to cloud 9 (the revolving restrant at the top + it was like lots of $$$$$$$)

    I get down stairs and I became really sick like throwing up and had like a huge headache but thankfully my freind had some asprin I was all like YAY so I went to deck check got it all figured out and started....

    5 rounds (for senior) and top 8 cut (nooooo I wanted top16) I was playing empoleon (no little bronzong or omastar it just slows me down)

    first round:
    my empoleon VS Glaceon LVX/empoleon
    ok I draw my hand and look and im like come on I had piplup, 2 dre a rare candy and the rest energy I was like noooo she had evee she calls for family gets them all out I draw pull bebe's use it for empoleon (MD) rare candy DRE I was like YA I use dual splash 20 20 to the benched eevees and she pulls off glaceon and uses snow cloak heads so im like ok I use dual splash again she levels up and hits me for 70 im like oh well I lost this I draw oaks visit I use it and got nothing I just surf together she kills me..

    0-1 Oh man

    2nd round
    my Empoleon Vs can't remember

    Cant remember lol but I won


    3rd round
    MY empoleon vs elevtrivire/garchomp

    I was all like great electric ok I have phione and piplup I attahc to phione and get prinplup his turn he has electibuzz bench and rotom start he cant do anything he ends. My turn I attach to prin and grab empoleon with phione.his turn he attaches to rontom and attacks 30 and moves enrgy to electibuzz my turn I draw oaks get claydol but no baltoy im like ok I attach to empoleon and end his turn he attaches to rotom and kills phione im like ok bring up empoleon and kill it he brings up electubuzz evolves into electrivire (SW) so he has 2 energy and motor drives and if he gets 2 heads he wins I then noticed I had a baltoy in my hand I was like noooooooo he gets 2 heads and wins....


    lunch: BLAH I chipped my tooth on the "pikachu pizza"

    4th round
    my empoleon VS random water deck

    he gets articuno and a bunch of other stuff he dident get anything I just snipe away
    5th round
    my empoleon vs G&G/Plox I don't know
    he starts baltoy me phione lets just say he cant get anything going I just wipe him out but he was really good and really nice GG
    I go check my rank im 12th oh well im not going on

    I go and get my prizes then chill outside with this dude that buys and sells cards now my deck is pretty teched up...

    Great judges
    asprin (lol)
    doing good in my first nats
    buying tech cards

    not getting out a claydol when I play a 2-2 line
    the bad pizza (aww my tooth still aches)
    being dizzy

    thanks for reading.... im tired I don't feel like doing perfect grammer ill change it later.... :thumb:
  2. Lord Broly

    Lord Broly New Member

    That Sucks, Alex. Your deck was Amazing though for your
    age. Just keep at it and you'll make it.
  3. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    You were a true trooper Saturday and toughed it out even being ill.:thumb: It was a pleasure to meet both you and your mom as I would say you are very very lucky to have such a great and caring mother like her.:smile: See you hopefully again at another tourney one day.
  4. astewart

    astewart New Member

    Thanks willy Thanks Mike i have convinced my mom to play so it should be intresting.

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