The other luxray.

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Elite_4_Allen, Mar 8, 2011.

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  1. Elite_4_Allen

    Elite_4_Allen New Member

    I was thinking, "when zekrom comes out, that'll definately be my deck to play!" For those of you who don't know what the strategy would be in a Zekrom deck, it's to use Pachirisu to get a quick setup and do high damage consistently. After looking through the binder for a while, I found something that may be as good, maybe better, than Zekrom. That's right Luxray LA.

    Pro's for Luxray:
    Luxray has Rivalry, Making it great against any decks using lv. X's.
    Luxray has free retreat.
    Luxray has plasma, which helps set up if you need it.

    Cons for Luxray:
    It's a Stage 2, making it slower than Zekrom.
    It discards energy after it's attack.
    Needs expert belt to do 120(without rivalry)

    Pro's for Zekrom:
    Zekrom is basic.
    Zekrom doesn't discard energy.
    Zekrom has monster HP for a basic.

    Cons to Zekrom:
    Zekrom has a two retreat cost.
    Zekrom has no resistance.
    Zekrom does damage to itself.
    Zekrom's first attack isn't that good.

    So, what would a Luxray list look like?
    Here's the one i've been testing with.

    Redshark 3.90 Deck List
    Date: Tue Mar 8 20:32:16 2011
    Name: Luxray
    POKEMON: 16
    Stage 2: 3
    3 : Luxray, LA-8
    Stage 1: 2
    2 : Luxio, LA-62
    Basic: 11
    3 : Shinx, AR-102
    2 : Uxie, LA-43
    1 : Unown Q, MD-49
    3 : Pachirisu, CL-18
    2 : Shaymin, UL-8
    TRAINERS: 32
    Trainers: 13
    4 : Pokemon Reversal, GS-99
    3 : Energy Switch, GS-91
    3 : Rare Candy, UL-82
    2 : Junk Arm, TM-87
    1 : Luxury Ball, SF-86
    Pokemon Tools: 3
    3 : Expert Belt, AR-87
    Supporters: 14
    3 : Bebe's Search, RR-89
    2 : Seeker, TM-88
    1 : Lucian's Assignment, RR-92
    2 : Twins, TM-89
    3 : Fisherman, GS-92
    3 : Pokemon Collector, GS-97
    Stadiums: 2
    2 : Broken Time-Space, PL-104
    ENERGY: 12
    Special Energy: 2
    2 : Rescue Energy, TM-90
    Basic Energy: 10
    10 : Lightning Energy, CL-91

    STRATEGY: Get a fast start and use Pachirisu's self generation power to fuel energy onto Luxray fast. There are a couple of things usable to get energy off your pachirisus and onto your Luxrays. Shaymin UL is the most commonly used, if I can't, then energy switch. If you have to, Lucian's assignment is good, too. After Testing, I'd say it has a slightly favorable matchup against LuxChomp. Once you get a Luxray out and set up it will be VERY hard for them to do much about it. Especially with the threat of rivalry if they play their lv. X's. But, its not an autowin. The can spary pachirisus and then dragon rush them or bright look them, which isn't good.

    I think this deck can do very well in our format, what do you think?
    Unfortunately, if this deck ever sees any play at all, it will likely be overshadowed to most people by Zekrom when he comes out.:nonono:
  2. drakeleon

    drakeleon New Member

    They will promocroak you to death with a psychic and an energy gain if they have a Lucario GL (which happens less than you might think, but is a definite worry). Or a crobat or two makes the poison kill a lock. BUT- it looks like fun. ;)

    I've learned not to run 3-2-3 lines of main attackers until trainer lock dies. 4 candies and preferably some BTS seems essential, too. *shakes fist* So, I'd make that a 3-3-3. Instead of reversal, which is a flip, I'd try Pokemon Circulator, Warp Point, or even Infernape E4, Lv. X. The reason: if they bring up a level X, you force them to switch and start slaughtering everything in sight. Also: 4 warp

    Other thoughts: I see no need for Fisherman over Palmer's. 4 DCE seems like a must. Similarly, there is likely no room for rescue. Lucian's isn't so bad. I'd also consider Theory or some other kind of Shuffle draw. If you want to run Twins, try Electrode Prime. Blow yourself up, attach energy to Luxray, then search your deck for two cards.... :)

    I'd say it isn't likely to do terribly well except against /Luxchomp, due to the lack of level Xs. Dialgachomp will just shut rivalry off. But it would be interesting to take a look anyway! Could be explosive.
  3. OkaOka

    OkaOka New Member

    Why Reversal? Because The reprint of Gust of Wind Comes!
  4. himynameisrobson

    himynameisrobson New Member

    It was beast when I used a Magnezone deck in 2008-2009 season , and it was a tech to grab the energies, then move them with Zone LV.X. But I see no potential in Luxray by itself.

    I'd play it using Engineer's Adjusment primarily, Pokemon Catcher (a.k.a Gust of Wind), some candies, junk arms and a bunch of Expert Belt (3 is a good number)

    3-2-3 Luxray LA
    2 Pachirisu CL
    2 Shaymin UL
    2/1 Uxie
    1-0-1 Exploud SV (his weakness is the worst)

    4 Engineer's Adjustment
    3 or 2 Bebe's
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    2 Department Store Girl
    3 Rare Candy
    2 Junk Arm

    10 Lighting
    2 Rescue

    It's a skeleton list, you decide all the rest

    Hope I helped! Hit me up for more if you want. :biggrin:
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2011
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