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Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by Cardzmaster2004, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. Cardzmaster2004

    Cardzmaster2004 <a href="

    OK, so here's the idea.

    Last season jsut ended with quite the interesting (and satisfying) result from Worlds. This year has marked a huge change in the TCG, on that rivals the initial change over to PUI from WotC. That said, I think an Awards show is in order.

    Here's a couple ground rules as we get started:

    1. I'd like to take this seriously. Sure, we can joke around about nominations here and there, but I don't want this topic to end up like last year's end of year awards topic.

    2. Feel free to voice any opinion you think is viable. Some people may challenge your choice, but you can stick to whatever guns you feel appropriate.

    3. Don't take anything as a personal attack in here and don't MAKE personal attacks in here. Let's keep it civil in here, y'all.

    OK, so there was, at one, an end of year Awards given out for POkemon players who made major acheivements over each season. They used to be proposed in October and results were posted in late Novemeber, after voting was over. There was no real prize awarded, jsut the knowledge that others in your own gaming area respected your contributions to the game.

    I think it's high time we started this abck up again. The constant bickering on this board has gotten to an all-time high and I'd like to start a topic that focuses on teh acheivements of this year, not the ills of it.

    I'd like to propose some catagories to nominate people in. People are welcome to propose new catagories and nominate people in those catagories as well. here's the general outline I had in mind for nominations.


    1a. Official catagories are headings that are listed in the main post (Post 1) and cover a wide range of topics in the Pokemon TCG World, from Top Player to News of the Year.

    1b. Only official catagories will be voted on at the end of the nomination process.

    1c. New catagories may be proposed and need at least 5 other people supporting that new catagory before it will be accepted.

    1d. Catagories deemed offensive will NOT be accepted under any circumstances.

    1e. Only the top 5 players in each catagroy will advance to the Voting process.


    2a. You may nominate up to two people in each catagory.

    2b. You may only have one post dedicated to your nominations.

    2c. You may edit your nomination post at any time to change your choices for nomination.

    2d. You may NOT nominate yourself.

    2e. When proposing a new catagory, you may nominate up to 3 people for that catagory.

    2e(1). Only the person first proposing the catagory may nominate 3 people.

    2e(2). People supporting the new catagory may nominate up to two people for that catagory.

    2f. People may be nominated in more than one catagory.


    3a. After the nomination period is over, those nominated will be given the chance to post why you should vote for them. Those not on the board will be emailed or contacted by me (or other players if I do not have their contact information) and their sppeches will be posted by me in a quote box, creditting that player.

    3b. Posts by nominees will be no longer than 1000 words in MS Word.

    4. VOTING

    4a. After the nominees have posted their speeches, voting will open.

    4b. Players will email their nominations to a special email address to be posted later.

    4c. Only those nominated and members of PokeGym will be allowed to vote.

    4d. Votes will be kept confidential and not be posted.

    4e. If you post your votes anywhere on the 'Gym before the results are posted, your votes for all catagories will be nullified.

    4f. When voting, please indicate your PokeGym SN or nominee name (if not a 'Gym member) and your vote for each catagory.

    4g. You may only vote for one person in each catagory. Voting for more than one person in a catagory will result in your votes in that catagory being nulled.

    5. PRIZES

    5a. I'm working on an avatar design for winners. More to be posted on this later.

    BTW, the rules are subject to change if people protest to the wordings at all.

    Well, now that the ground rules have been set, I'll be posting the catagories a bit later tonight. I won't post my personal nominations in these catagories; I'm only catering this Award event. Look for an update later tonight. Until then, Cheers!

    CATAGORIES (and current nominees):

    Top Player (International, not US; all age groups):

    Yamato-- 28
    Steffen From--9
    Sami Sekkoum--6
    Tom Roos-- 3
    Kemply 05-- 2

    [DEL]Arco Oliesmans--2
    Andrew Chonong--2
    Jawad Benhammou--1
    Jeroen Roberts--1
    Maurice (Raichu 88)--1
    Arnoud van Bemmelen--1
    Andy Stone--1
    Marcus R--1
    Go Miyamito-1
    Oscar L.--1
    Nicholas Fotheringham--1
    Diego cassiraga--1[/DEL]

    Top Player (US; all age groups):

    Jimmy Ballard--10
    Chris Fulop-- 7
    John Kettler--7
    Eric Craig-- 5
    Austin Reed--5
    Steven Silvestro--5

    [DEL]John Silvestro--4
    Jeremy Maron--3
    Jason K/Ness--3
    James F--2
    Bobby Malec--2
    Orion Craig--1
    Terren rehovit--1
    Garret farrington--1
    James Ballard (11-14)--1
    Mike Jones--1
    Delores Diaz--1
    alex Brosseau--1
    Chris Bianchi--1
    Martin moreno--1
    Michael D--1
    A Drunken Monkey--1[/DEL]

    Top Player (International, US Included; all age groups):

    Steve Silvestro--5
    Jason K/Ness--3
    Jimmy Ballard--3
    Stephen From--3

    [DEL]Jeremy Maron--2
    John Kettler--2
    Tom Roos--2
    Bobby Malec--2
    Moza-- 1
    RoboMoza-- 1
    Eric Craig-- 1
    Mike Martindale--1
    Arco Oliemans--1
    Arnoud van Bemmelen--1
    Riah Rosenberg--1
    Marcus Raj--1
    Delores Diaz--1
    Andrew C--1
    Thomas A--1
    James F--1
    Martin Moreno--1[/DEL]

    Top Judge:

    BigDaddySnorlax-- 7
    Ian Fotheringham(NoPoke)--7
    Vince/Meganium 45--6
    Prof. Clay-- 3
    Steve Arena (pokedaddy)--3
    Michael From--3

    John Spurlock/Lugia'sRealm--2
    Eskil Vestre/tego--2
    Heidi Craig--2
    Mike Cook--2
    Matt C from OH/MI--1
    Kristel (from Belgium)--1
    Vickey Reed (from Aust)--1
    Frank Brown--1
    Dave S--1
    The Lathems--1
    Hape Wagner--1
    Clay M--1
    Ray Simmons--1[/DEL]

    Top Deck:

    Absolutions/Speed Spread--18
    Grumpig Stall--9

    Rayquaza Sniper--1

    Top Article (on PokeGym or other Site):

    Yamato's Empoleon--5
    Designing a Fair Rating System-flaming_spinich--3
    DLD4A Article TBA--3
    A guide to deckbuilding for new players, Pr. 1--2
    Japanese Trophy Cards by Dogma--2

    [DEL]electtivire deck--1[/DEL]

    News of the Year:

    Decrease in Worlds Invites--8
    5 Sets Rotated After Worlds '07--4
    K-value rating system--4
    Worlds '07 in Kona, HI--3
    The Release of D/P--2

    [DEL]US Tanks at World 07--2
    Australia got 3rd at Worlds--2
    15+ John S. takes 3rd in both events at US nats--1[/DEL]

    Most Improved Player:

    Omar Izaguirre--6
    Steffen E.--4
    Andrew Choong--3
    Anthony Casapaillno--3
    Aaron Fisher--2
    Aaron Curry--3

    [DEL]Arco Oliemans--1
    sam H.--1
    Kant Shen--1
    Jeremy Scharff-Kim--1
    Zach Fisher--1
    Yee Wei Chun--1
    Brian Jessing--1
    Brian H--1[/DEL]

    Rookie of the Year:

    Zach Fisher--12
    PichuBrosRox/Jason P.--6
    Kant Shen--4
    Envoy of Chaos--1
    Josef Bolton--1

    [DEL]Jason Pierce--1
    Patty Lawson--1
    Tom Beltrame--1
    Billy Kettler--1[/DEL]

    Quote of the Year/Catchphrase of the Year:

    The Truth Is Out There--3
    Does It--3
    You Play To Win The Game--2
    Mario is not deck--2

    [DEL]We Are In Control--2
    ____Just got Rick-Rolled--1
    Your Deck is Torterrible--1
    Mr. Multi--1
    Lets Play Kittens--1
    Get a Job--1
    "Jason, is Sarah Going to be Here Tomororw?"--1
    Chaw Piglets!--1[/DEL]

    Nomintation Time Table:

    All Nominations due by: 11:59 pm EST on October 1, 2007

    Nominee speeches due by: 11:59 pm EST on October 15, 2007

    Votes Due to the Poke Gems email by: 11:59 pm EST on November 1, 2007

    ~Cardz out.
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  2. PSYCO829

    PSYCO829 New Member

    Best judge at worlds, Big Daddy Snorlax
    Best at starting disturbing and catchy trends: Anthony Caspanello, AKA The Ft. Lauderdale Loud Mouth
  3. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    Catagorie proposal, I hope I did understand it correct.

    1. Who had the most luck last season (in games)
    2. Who had no (almost no) luck last season (in games)
  4. spoinkmaster

    spoinkmaster New Member

    1. Who won the most BRs on earth? (Me noobs :D)
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2007
  5. PSYCO829

    PSYCO829 New Member

  6. Excuse my spellings, it is late and dont feel like spell checking

    Ill support those 2 and purpose a few more catagorys, and nomanate now (Reson for nomantions in parnitheis)

    Best Luck-

    Colten Meahl (T1 Metagross, we </3 you Colton)

    Worse Luck-

    Richard Forrest/PSYCO829 (Key cards prized)

    Bobby Malec/Pengien Master (Magnamite start at worlds and 33rd at nats )

    Best Judge


    Top Player (International, not US):

    That guy from finland who won in Masters

    Top Player (US):

    Which ever US player placed highest at worlds in Masters

    Top Player (International, US Included):

    um, the world champion in of corse masters, finland guy

    All around good guy-

    Ness (Make a wish foundation and wasnt he in the paper for teaching pokemon at a school or something, idk)

    Most Memoroble Moment-

    Most Memoroble Win-

    Funnest Reason For a Pentaly-

    Best Hair-

    OMAR/Iammexican (HE IS OMAR!!)

    Best Quote

    2006-2007 Sour Grapes Champion-

    (For me there are too many choices on who to nomanate for this one, will update later)

    EDIT- 9/1/07 11:34 PM EST

    Best Couple

    Bobby Malec and Elissa Hill

    Rest will be filled in later
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  7. Mew

    Mew Active Member

    Top Player (International, not US):
    Kemply 05
    Stefen From (this is teh World Champ... right?)

    Top Player (US):
    Chris Fulop

    Top Player (International, US Included):
    Moza(RoboMoza is moza...)
    Jason Klatceqlolinzkyz (sp?)

    Top Judge:
    Prof. Clay
    Meganium 45

    Top Deck:
    Speed Spread

    Top Article:
    Metanite's Update by Cyrus
    Yamatos Empoleon

    Most Improved Player:
    Matt Moss
    Alex Brosseau

    Rookie of the Year:
    Zach Fisher
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  8. ToysRUsKid

    ToysRUsKid Active Member

    CATAGORIES (and current nominees):

    Top Player (International, not US):
    Tsuguyoshi Yamato
    Top Player (US):
    Eric Craig
    Top Player (International, US Included):
    Eric Craig
    Top Judge:

    Top Deck:
    Speed Spread.
  9. cloud9

    cloud9 New Member

    Most non-expected country to do good in Worlds:
    Denmark ^_^

    Top Player (International, not US):
    Steffen From

    Top Deck:
  10. Black_jirachi

    Black_jirachi New Member

    Top Player (International, not US):
    Arco Oliesmans
    Jawad Benhammou

    Top Judge:
    Eskil Vestre

    Top Deck:
  11. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Top Player (International, not US):

    Steffen From - He got 2nd at Worlds and look v v

    Top Player (US):

    Eric Craig - He played Absolutions.

    Top Player (International, US Included):

    Steffen From - I believe he won all events he participated in, except maybe 2 or 3.

    Top Deck:

    Absolutions - My fav. deck. I just <3 it. It also won both US Nats and Worlds.

    Top Article (on PokeGym or other Site):

    Japanese Trophy Cards by Dogma - Just a great and exciting article

    News of the Year:

    DP - The release of the new era of Pokemon is of course one of the best news
  12. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Top Player (US):

    James F (Senior)
    Jimmy Ballard

    Top Organizer:

    Camille P-R (Pokemama)
    Vince Krekler (M45)

    Top Judge:

    Devin P-R (Marriland)
    Vince Krekler (M45)

    Top Deck:

    Electranite (does it need to be explained?)
    Rayquaza Sniper (Rob Downs, SLOW DECK)
  13. spoinkmaster

    spoinkmaster New Member

    Who won the most BRs?

    Doooo it.
  14. rhodesia123

    rhodesia123 New Member

    itz just a small pet peeve o mine, but can you change all the catagories to categories?
  15. moza

    moza New Member

    Top Player (International, not US):

    Top Player (US):
    ...ugh, to many to name

    Top Player (International, US Included):
    Jason K
    ugh, again, a lot of people to name.

    Top Judge:
    Matt C(T8 OH states w/aggron ex/delcatty ex :p), and never makes ruling mistakes

    Top Deck:
    Metanite(not biased opinion either)

    Top Article (on PokeGym or other Site):
    A guide to deckbuilding for new players, Pt. 1 :D

    News of the Year:
    Flint/me not getting into worlds =(
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2007
  16. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    Top Player (US):
    Chris Fulop

    Top Player (International, US Included):

    Top Judge:

    Top Deck:

    Top Article (on PokeGym or other Site):
    Yamato's Empoleon

    News of the Year:
    5 sets rotated!
  17. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    Top Player (International, not US):
    Masters : Arco Oliemans
    Masters : Steffen From
    Seniors : Jeanette Klijmij
    Seniors: Jasper van Bemmelen
    Juniors: Arnoud van Bemmelen
    Juniors: Hiroki Yano

    Top Player (US):
    Master: Steven "old rod" Silvestro
    Seniors: Orion Craig

    Top Player (International, US Included):
    Masters: Arco Oliemans
    Seniors: Jasper van Bemmelen
    Juniors: Arnoud van Bemmelen

    Top Judge:
    Michael From
    Ian Fotheringham

    Top Deck:

    Top Article (on PokeGym or other Site):

    News of the Year:
  18. jkwarrior

    jkwarrior Active Member

    You should have a most improved player award
  19. Rainbowgym

    Rainbowgym Active Member

    Maybe a catagorie called
    "Worst ruling made by any judge during a tournament"
    Remember, No names only the ruling, it's to get the worst ruling of the last season.
    I don't think it has to be all about people or bashing people.
    If I am wrong forget this nomination, I only would like to know how things went.

    1. Not being allowed to move a holon Castform with the Gardevoir EX Flame Ball attack.
    2. Not being allowed to discard a fire nrg from Salamence d with Holon Research Tower in play, to use the Salamence d Delta Blast attack.
    3. not sure yet which one will be here.
  20. Cardzmaster2004

    Cardzmaster2004 <a href="

    The main topic has been updated through jkwarrior's post. I'll wait a while beofre doing another update.

    A couple notes to a few posters:

    ft laud loud mounth: I adapted your notes into names (Austin Reed placed highest at Worlds, and Roos won).

    TRuK: Didn't catch your Speed Spread nom. Will update it in the main catagory soon.

    bullados: If the catagory for Top Organizer is eventually accepted, I'll move pokemama into that list. For now, I have her in with the Top Judges in case the catagory doesn't make it into the final voting round.

    moza: I adapted your News of the Year to read "Decrease of Worlds Invites" in the main topic. if this isn't acceptable, please PM me as to why. If your reasoning is solid, I'll change the nom. in the News of the Year post.

    Rainbowgym: As this is a Top Player competition, age groups don't matter. This is one of the few times when Juniors will be playing against Seniors who are battling it out against the Masters. I did accept your nominations in all catagories with two or less nominees in them.

    Keep those nominations coming!
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