The Spriting Icon Game!(Turn sprites into cards! Set 3 coming soon!)

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    Didn't find a forum where I could post this so I guess this is where it belongs.:biggrin:

    From Pokebeach, to PE2K, to the gym! Welcome to SIG, a new game in the form of cards! This is lead by me, the creator of this game. This game is originally for spriters, but non-spriters can join us too!.
    Below are all you need to know to play with us!.
    Spriting Icon Game Home
    1st: Eternal Legacy
    2nd:Mortal Enemies
    [size=x-large]Battle Now![/size]
    SIG Userbar ( Use this and put it in your signature to help us grow :D )
    Card Guide/Stencil:
    People involved: (As of April. 17 2008)

    and more...
    The vertical bar to the left is the health bar. The health marker begins at the top square, marking full HP. The numbers on the health bar show how much more damage it can do when the health marker is at that point on the HP bar. If a number is on the top square for example, you can do additional damage at the beginning of the battle. When the health marker goes beyond the red square, you're knocked out. The 6 square horizontal bar at the bottom right is the attack bar. To attack, roll a die or use a random number generator to get a number from 1 to 6. If you get 2 for example, you use the second square in the attack bar as your attack. For the attack, if you got a number "3" in a red background for example, this would mean that you are dealing 3 bars of fire type damage. That's for the attack option. You have an option to roll a die to defend yourself instead, this is called a block. If you roll a die getting a 3, regardless of the color, you will prevent the next 3 damage done to you. In addition, if the attack you recieve is only 2 bars of damage worth, meaning it's lower than your block power of 3, the 1 damage needed to be equal with your block power is returned to the attacker dealing 1 damage to itself while completely doing no damage to you. You may only block once a battle, consider it as a last resort. The "+" and "-" on the lower right side symbolize your weakness and resistance. If it's a blue "+4" for example, that would mean that you take 4 more bars of damage from water type attacks, and a green "-4" would reduce 4 bars of damage from grass type attacks done to you. If you encounter a card with a white number block on the upper right of the card, that's the amount of damage it can reduce from attacks, sort of like a defensive count. If you see a crosshair(green circle with a cross) on the upper right of a card, it means that it can choose to attack your other pokemon instead of your current one.
    Card examples:
    Ultra Rare:

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