The Tides Have Turned...Deck II

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Jim Ferrell, Mar 8, 2004.

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  1. Jim Ferrell

    Jim Ferrell New Member

    Here's a brand new idea spun off from my other deck. Which is Swampert/Latias/Magneton...

    Pokemon: 20
    4 Mudkip (Dragon)
    3 Marshstomp (Slash)
    4 Swampert (Water Call)
    4 Dunsparce (Sandstorm)
    2 Suicune ex
    2 Wobbuffet (Sandstorm)
    1 Swampert ex

    Energy: 18
    14 Water
    4 Multi

    Trainers: 22
    4 Oracle
    3 Professor Oak's Research
    3 Professor Birch
    3 Pokenav
    3 Rare Candy
    3 Pokemon Nurse
    2 Crystal Shard
    2 Warp Point
    1 Town Volunteers

    Okay. So I think I was looking at the deck totally wrong. I would just rather cut Magneton out of the idea totally. Water needs something that can OHKO Blaziken ex. And Suicune ex does just that. And not only does Suicune have an amazing attack, but you return all the energy attached to Suicune if you wish. So, for WWW you deal 80. So, the idea is the same. Instead of pulling the energy from your discard pile, you have it sent back to your hand anyways, then reattach via Water Call(s). The idea setup is two Swampert with Suicune ex active. I'm playing one extra energy just so Water Call is a little easier to use. Now, with you sending all of your energy back to your hand, you can break Pokemon Nurse. Just Nurse Suicune when it's damaged then reattach. Wobbuffet can be so nice in this deck. Helps versus Gardevoir ex, Muk ex, Rayquaza ex, even Blaziken ex. Water Call two energy to Wobbuffet and attach the Multi. And you can attack in one turn. Swampert ex covers weakness versus Ampharos ex and helps against Aggron ex as well. The Energy is pretty self explanitory. I am thinking about playing a couple Cyclone energy just help out against mirror Wobbuffet and change my Warp Points to Switches. The main area I am concerned on is the Trainers. I always will play 4 Oracle. But I am a little shaky on the drawing engine. Besides that, I am satisfied...

    Any thoughts on this deck?

    ~Jim Ferrell
  2. Ez1

    Ez1 New Member

    I like this deck better than the other.
    The need for speed is still there.

    Wobby must!!!!! be faster than rayquaza.

    Swampert/swamp ex/sucuine ex must !!!! be faster
    than blaziken.

    The problem still lies in the trainer engine.
    Your trainer engine must!!!! be faster
    than oracle/tv/power kitty. Will
    be tough to do.

    I would consider running a 3/2 swampert/swampert ex line.

    If you can beat the rayquaza you beat the blaziken.
  3. psycodad

    psycodad New Member

    I played a swampert tech deck with multi's last year. The last post here was where I left it.
    I like yours way better due to the increased card pool and my list back them was, well, er, bad. Nurse is a better play here but once again, I am not sure it will help much against the big hitting decks. They kill you one shot! I would drop one and add a nav. It's so good with oracle. One swampert ex and 2 wobby might not be enough to kill amphy but only testing will tell. I am with ez1 here, play 2 ex. Swampert ex and boost might be good also. This list also has a better chance than your other list against muk but still will have a tough time it they play umbreon with muk. Umbreon>wobby. Blaze tails will still give this deck a hard time because you lose an ex and they draw 2, you kill a tails and you draw one. I know ninekin is weak to water but it doesn't hinder the deck. What water needs is a card like ninetails. That is a non ex 1 stage big hitter. You could try azumarill, sharpeedo, seadra, or crawdaunt. I am playing around with sharpeedo and crawdaunt but I like water arrow seadra also. I've done ok with teched out swampert/water 1 stage decks before so I may try again.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2004
  4. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member


    The Barlocks (with whom you are well acquainted) and I have been talking up swampert decks all weekend. In case Steph hasn't filled you in via phone, here's a few of the things we thought of, along with a few more ideas I'll just dash in randomly. Of course, as soon as aqua vs. magma was prereleased, we all immediately thought "Stupid Blaziken...where's my dusty old swamperts?". Anyway, on to the points:

    Suicune -ex vs. blaziken/rayquaza. The second attack is good, but I think the real power of the card vs. blaziken variants, especially quaza, is the first attack, and its ability to move benched energy around. You hamper the player's ability to attach that lightning energy to rayquaza, because they know you'll just scoot it over to a dunsparce, or something equally useless. It is here that you'll be able to slow the blaziken player down significantly in the early game, allowing you to get those swamperts up and running with a shard safely in hand. Makes me laugh just thinking about a blaziken/rayquaza deck stalled because all four of their lightning energy have been moved to a dunsparce. Ampharos does negate this, but as we know, amphy will eventually be rotated out, and is already being dropped for Aqua's manectric.

    Archie+Aqua Walrein: Same basic attack/idea, only here you give up one prize instead of two when the big guy is ko'ed. You also get past both wobbuffett and shedinja. Its attack also gives you the choice of how many energy to pick up, and from where (that extra energy in the attack cost buys you that...). You could actually get away with running a 1-1 of this, just in case, since the archie will let you grab the walrein from your deck. Might be worth the tail end of an oracle to grab the archie.

    SER2: Risky, flippy, but if you're going to be pulling up all the energy from your active each turn anyway, why the heck not? It's not commonly played, so the aggron -ex player won't be expecting it. Nor will the blaziken player who, on your warp point, slides the fully-juiced ninetails into the active because they think you've got nothing.

    As far as your draw engine is concerned, I think I'd go a little less, if anything at all, on the POR. I just don't fancy shuffling all that beautiful water energy back into your deck when you've got the combo rolling. Birch is the better choice for after you've water called the energy down, so maybe a 2 POR-4 birch scheme would be better. Nonetheless, I know that sometimes you just need to shuffle the damn deck, but if you've water called already, shaman and its disruptive properties might be better, too.

    4 multi? Dunno about this one. I think that since wobbuffett is so situational, you'd be better off running 2 and 16 water. The multi can't be returned with suicune's attack, and nothing else in the deck requires them. Further, since you really don't want any more than one attached to any given poke, 4 might actually become a nuisance in certain situations. I think with the oracle/nav heavy trainer line, you're fine with two, to match the two wobbuffett. Or, heck, since suicune's attack returns only basic energy, and the only other energy you'd want in this deck is psychic, why not just go with 2 psychic energy that you can get back from the discard with town volunteers, use to add damage to suicune's attack, and pick up off of suicune?

    High pressure system? Normally, I'd advocate for all water decks to use it, since the only other type it helps is the type that's universally weak to water. Niniken really benefits, but so would this deck (any free retreating pokemon helps with warp point, and all your mudkips and marshtomps would become free retreat).

    Just some suggestions there, which really are as much to help me as they are you, since I'm making a swampert deck as well (heck, aren't we all?), and need to do some concrete thinking about it. Hope it gives you some sort of direction,


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