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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by furrymuskrat03, Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. furrymuskrat03

    furrymuskrat03 New Member

    Mah Rules
    1. I only trade inside the U.S.
    2. Don't Rip...Or Else...
    3. Please Specify the condition of your card
    4. If you have less refs then me(not likely) You send first. If you have more Refs then me(very Likely) I send first. Same amount of Refs. I send first
    5. Have Fun!(Corny Phrase FTW! )

    All cards are in Near Mint or Mint unless otherwise stated

    Mah Wantz
    4 Gengar IFITDS
    3 Haunter IFITDS
    4 Gastly IFITDS
    4 kingdra dp5
    2 seadra dp5
    3 horsea dp5
    2 Cynthia's Plan IFITDS
    3 TM-TS-1 DP5
    1 Buck's Training DP5
    Nearly Any Japanese Card
    Especially IFITDS
    Claydol Great Encounters
    Empoleon Lv.X(non promo)
    Most Promo's(especially old cities/states/nats/etc)
    10 basic Dark Energy

    Mah Havez

    Bastiodon POP 6 x6
    Arcanine SW(exceptional condition)
    Mawile CG RH(also exceptional condtion)
    Lickilicky SW
    Castaway CG RH
    Lapras GE x2
    Shiftry LM(Exceptional)
    Swampert POP1
    Mew POP5
    Weavile SW
    Armaldo ex pop1 holo(ok condition.not great)
    Flygon ex D x3(all from exceptional to near mint)
    Most Common and uncommon trainers(including rare candy)
    Most common and uncommon energy
    Basic energy xX
    Japanese cards
    Cresselia Lv.X DP4
    Honchkrow Lv.X DP4
    Garchomp Lv.X DP4
    Mewtwo Lv.X DP5
    Gliscor Lv.X DP5
    Flygon ex D
    Medicham ex EM
    Mewtwo star Christmas gift card
    Shining Celebi(mint xcept for one corner where it is a little white)
    Victory Medal 08
    Delcatty ex CG
    RC x3
    Pichu promo
    Entei promo
    Drakrai DP4
    Mewtwo DP4
    Tangrowth DP4
    Blazkien DP4 x4
    Dialga DP3
    Porygon Z DP4
    Dark Charizard Rocket
    Wailord DP4
    Heatran and Regigigas starter deck cards
    Johto starter jpn binder promos

    There is absolutely no selling in the trade forum.

    video games(only pokemon)
    Pokemon Diamond
    Pokemon Colloseum
    Pokemon Yellow
    I also have pokemon from the DS if anyone is interested in buying some or trading cards for some

    Mah Refs

    Trades Pending-1
    My Phione #12 for Kenny No last names please. Ampharos SW Holo and Kirlia Pre Release SW

    Thanks for looking
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  2. Kyogou

    Kyogou New Member

    Would you happen to have four basic dark energies?
  3. DodoBrain56

    DodoBrain56 New Member

    I'm interested in your:
    Pokemon Diamond Version
    Mewtwo Lv.X
    Gliscor Lv.X
    Cresselia Lv.X(Japanese)
    Garchomp Lv.X

    From your wants I have:
    a couple city stamped shinx
    a staff stamped nats Luxray
    and i might have like 4 electivire that are Japanese

    LMK if we can work something out
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