TheDarkTwins 9 Cities Reports - 2ND WIN REPORT ADDED!! UPD - Dec 30th - 2 WINS!! :D

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by TheDarkTwins, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    So, I played Magmortar/Blissey for the first cities which is Newark, DE, then switched to Gardy/Gallade/Absol for the rest.

    Newark, DE

    R1 - Ben S. (Str8 Blissey)

    I get a turn 3 Magmortar Lv. X, however I lacked drawing cards mid game which cause me to fall behind more that I could come back.


    R2 - ???? (?????)

    I turned 2 her with Magmortar


    R3 - Ian R. (Blissey/Vire)

    I get an amazing start however I take the first like 2-3 prizes, but again I whiff on almost all of my draw during the game which cause me to lose.


    R4 - ????? (?????)

    I turned 2 him with Magmortar


    Bad, Very Bad.

    Brooklyn, NY

    R1 - Sam G. (Delta Feraligatr) (Out Of Age Group)

    He cant get anything going as I discard most of his cards with absol and prevent him from using Fearow cuz of Gardevoir.

    Win 1-0

    R2 - R4

    I dont remember most of these games, but I do play against Bolt and I beat him. he is using mirror and that I won all 3.


    R5 - Frankie Diaz (Mirror)

    He get's the wagers and the game because of it.


    T4 - Alex (Sr8 Magmortar)

    G1 - I get a really good start, and end up getting a key flip late in the game with ralts to confuse his only Magmortar in play. (I koed the other 3). I have only 2 pokemon in play after he hits on his attack. I send up my Absol, and leave Gardy Lv. X on my bench. He chooses to use fire blast instead of trying to do 100 to my Gardy Lv. X, he ko's my Absol, and I bring up Gardy Lv. X and bring down his Magmortar Lv. X :thumb:

    G2 - This game was dumb, he only draws pokemon (he only has 8) and I end up just running right thru him because he didnt get any energy.

    5-1 (6-1)

    T2 - Frankie Diaz (Mirror)

    G1 - He gets a good start and wins a wager or 2 and he beats me.

    G2 - I get a god start compared to his horrid start. He isnt able to recover and isnt able to really draw anything helpful.

    G3 - He starts with Ralts and I start with Absol, he goes first and confuses me. I got and process to flip tails. He then retreats and Absol's me. I then flip tails again and proceed to get wagered once or twice losing both and losing the game in the process

    5-2 (7-3)

    Nanuet, NY

    R1 - Frankie Diaz (Mirror)

    I lose like 2-3 wagers and get crap so I lose. :nonono:


    R2 - David S. (Out Of Age Group)

    I go 2nd and use absol and discard his candy and gardy (he had a ralts on the bench) He cant recover and I end up winning because of that.


    R3 - Luke D. (InferCatty)

    I get a good start to asbolutely horrid one. I end up just running thru him since he cant get what he needs when he needs it.

    R4 - Jimmy O. (Mirror) -

    Lets see, I lose because of I cant win wagers. I go 0-2 on them.


    Burlington, NJ

    R1 - ????? (Mirror)

    I get a much better start and I end up go thru him and winning.


    R2 - Frankie Diaz (Mirror) -

    Take 1 guess what happened. I lost wagers, oh yep. I cant win against mirror since I keep losing wagers.


    R3 or R4 - Rob G. (Blissey/Absol) -

    I get a god start and I end up being able to discard his boost energies and he cant recover.


    R3 or R4 - I can remember the other game, but I won.


    R5 - Ben S. (Blissey/Absol)

    I get a Gallade up really quick and it takes him 3 Blissey to take it down, however the fact that I had no other basics in play and no way of getting them didnt help me out at all.


    Cedar Grove, NJ

    R1 - Jeremy Maron (Gallade/Absol/Sableye)

    I think he only plays 1 sableye but for my luck he ends up starting with it and going first. He disables my Baleful Wind an I cant do much and didnt get that great of a start, and he proceeds to destroy me pretty quickly.


    R2 - Greg S. - ?????

    I dont remember much but I remember I won.


    R3 - Brian Conover (Blissey/Mothim)

    He comes up with a decent deck, however my Gallade's are way too much for him or his Mothim's Fighting Resistance.


    R4 - ?????? (Squirtle.Dec)

    I turn 3 a squirtle to win.


    R5 - Timmy E. (Blissey/Banette)

    He starts with Shuppet and T2'd my Absol. I bring up Ralts and smack him for the ko. He brings up another Banette and forgets to attach a 2nd energy and attacks. I let him rewind and ko my pokemon. I proceed to bring up Gallade and ko his Banette. He brings up Blissey and I start running thru those. I end up winning because he falls so far behind.


    T4 - Jimmy O. (Mirror)

    G1 - I start Absol he starts with Ralts, he goes first and proceeds to confuse me (wow I am so not suprised on this). I go and proceed to flip tails. He then retreats and starting to Absol me. I try again to use Baleful Wind but I again flip tails. He then discards a candy and another card. I retreat for a different Absol I draw. I play Mars and Proceed to top deck 2 candies into my 1 card hand. He plays mars and puts the 1 card that isnt a Candy on the bottom and discards candies 2 and 3 from my hand. I got I top deck my last candy. He ends up discarding that and I conceed since I dont have any type of board control and with all 4 candies in the discard I am not coming back from this game.

    G2 - We both get Ralts starts however, I find trouble when I lose all 3 wagers in a row. I am actaully laughing now because I am so bad at wager. We finish the game. I just got completely destroyed by Jimmy.

    I should have another report this weekend. I think I have decided to take out the Wagers. I think there are a few cards that may help me out a bit better if I topdecked them against mirror. But If you counted you would see in the tourneys I used Gardy/Gallade/Absol I am 12-1 against everything but mirror and 2-7 against mirror. It is kind of a sad thing.

    Seaford, NY

    R1 - Bye. I dont like getting the bye as I need the ratings points but I'd rather have it R1 then any other round.


    R2 - Mikey F. (InferCatty)

    So, during the week I made some changes (I swithced Wager for Birch and other stuff). I start with Ralts him with Chimchar. I get a greats start and I Psychic Lock him, and he only has a windstorm. He cant do anything and conceeds.


    R3 - Frankie Durso (Gardy/Gallade/Absol)

    He starts with Ralts (DF), I with Absol. He goes first and puts me to sleep. I roll and wake up. I start getting setup and he RC into Gallade but can do much as I have discarded his whole hand. I end up winning as he cant do anything to get a Gardy or Gallade up after I took down the first one that had only 1 energy on it.


    R4 - Frankie Diaz (Gardy/Gallade/Absol/Sableye)

    I start with Ralts/Ralts/Psychic/Quick Ball/Gallade/Gallade/Kirlia and he goest first. He discards a Gallade. I dont remember much after he discarded my Kirlia on T2. I proceed to lose as I cant recover.


    T2 - Frankie Diaz (Gardy/Gallade/Absol/Sableye)

    G1 - With only 11 players a T2 is all we have. Being the #2 seed I make it. This game was stupid. We pretty much setup for the first 32 minutes or so of the 1 hour time limit. He then starts the attack by hitting my pokemon with Gallade. I have lake boundary in play and expecting this I had attached my charm earlier to Gardy so it wouldnt get discarded. I one hit ko his Gallade. We then trade prizes until he cant ko one and I take a 2-3 prize advantage of prizes left. He conceeds G1 at this point as he couldnt come back. (I did win 1 of the 2 wagers in this game played by him).

    G2 - We have 22 min left. I start up with my absol and end up discarding all 3 of his Night Maintenance and a Gallade. His other is prized and he cant get completely setup with my continuely baleful winding his hand. I get a gallade up and he cant recover. He gets as closes and getting my Gallade 10HP from getting ko'd but doesnt have a way to do the xtra 10 damage. After I knock out that he just conceeds as he has only sableye and absol left and no way to get his pokemon back from the discard pile. (I do manage to win the only wager played in this game also) :biggrin:

    4-1 (5-1)

    So I win the tourney!! :thumb:

    Newburgh, NY

    R1 - Shaw L. (Empoleon/Lucario)

    He gets a really bad start. He conceeds on his 2nd turn as I would of won next turn by KOing his only pokemon (Riolu)


    R2 - Greg S. (Magmortar/Blissey/Absol)

    My start is pretty bad, but I am able to ko his Magmortar with Gallade, after that he has some problems since he runs out of cards to play from his hand.


    R3 - Frankie Diaz (Mirror)

    This game went to time and to 1-1 in prizes. I had the early advantage. I had a pluspower in hand and needed my charm and an energy Midgame to finish him off mid-game. I whiff on the energy to start my turn, so I play it safe and get the energy. If I had played mars the top 2 cards were the 2 cards I needed. I am positive I made the right move, since atleast I could attack. This ended up being the dif. in the game. I ran out of steam and he came back and won.


    R4 - Evan (Honchkrow)

    He gets an awful start and my confusing him first turn definately didnt help matters. After 6-7 turns he gets benched by my active Gardy.


    T4 - Frankie Diaz (Mirror)

    G1 - This game is absolutely awesome. It goes 46 minutes. We both get our setups, we keep trading ko's. I have a ralts prized and it really really hurts. (I think I had 2 prized to begin the game). This really hurts as it is the reason I lose. I use my 1 night maintenance late game and stupidly get Ralts, Ralts, Kirlia. I thought about getting Gardy Lv. X, had I would of won the game by being able to bring down his benched Sableye. He also discarded a DRE turn 1 via Baleful wind that he hit heads on confusion to get rid of, that combined with the ralts being prized didnt help.

    G2 - Um, we didnt even get close to getting finished this game.


    Blue Bell, PA

    R1 - Shaw L. (Magsol)

    His starting hand is bad and he cant recover quick enough.


    R2 - Frankie Diaz (Mirror)

    I get a pretty good start he doesnt. I get out Gardy/Gallade, and start hitting him. He runs out of bench pokemon and conceeds.


    R3 - Ben Sauk (Blissey/Absol)

    I make a huge mistake after letting him redo something. I am not sure it would of made a huge change in the game, but he ends up taking all 6 prizes as he gets a much better start.


    R4 - Tony W. (Gallade/Magmortar/Absol)

    I go first with Ralts to his Ralts. I attach and do 20. He attaches to his benched Ralts, instead of Misdreavus. He therefor cant use Mismaigus attack when he needs to, and my T3 Gardy and T5 Gallade dont help as I bench him out.


    R5 - Rob G. (Magsol)

    I am not gonna type a report for this matchup. I am just gonna say there was a huge issue and I dont really want to get into it. The only thing I would like to say is to Rob. I am sorry that I upset you and I hope we can still be friends/friendly with each other.


    So the 5-0 drops to get his points so I face the deck that has my only 2 losses against non-mirror.

    T4 - Ben Sauk (Blissey/Absol)

    G1 - He gets a very very good start and I cant draw anything to save my life. When he gets down to my 4 left to his 2, I conceed G1 to him.

    G2 - I get a few Gallades up and Gardy up. I end up taking all 6 prizes and he cant stop all my fully evolved Gallade/Gardys.

    G3 - Let's just say that he went 1/6 on TSD flips (He only plays 2 that I saw) and he had 3 Boost still in his deck. The deck only had like less than 20 cards left. Sorry Man.

    5-1 (6-2)

    T2 - Frankie Diaz (Mirror)

    G1 - Absol start vs. Ralts start for him. He confuses me and I just start getting setup. I am able to take the first 3 prizes before he takes one. He deck doesnt have enough to catch up as my board control is way too much for him.

    G2 - Same start but he draw is soooo much worse. I end up getting up 2 Gallade and 3 Gardevoir during the game. He only takes 1 prize to my 6 and I end up winning.

    6-1 (8-2)

    So I win, sorry for the lack of detail on that report just a bit tired right now.

    Denville, NJ

    After waking up and seeing I broke the T25 as 25th. I decide to make a few changes to my deck. I take out 2 Psychic and put in 2 Basic Dark. I know there is gonna be some Banette today.

    G1 - Ethan - (Empoleon/Theme.dec)

    He gets a first turn Empoleon on me but doenst have the correct energy to attack for a while. I end up taking it down and he start to run out of steam as I discarded pretty much his whole hand early game.


    R2 - MK - (Banette/Blissey/Absol)

    He starts with Minun and proceeds to draw into absolutely nothing helpful. I get a Gallade and Gardy up and start taking his Blissey's down. He isnt able to get out 1 Banette (I think) the whole game.


    R3 - Frankie Diaz - (Mirror)

    He has a Gallade with 1 energy in play and an Absol/Sableye. I take the chance in the 2 cards in his hand that he doesnt have the DRE/Scramble. He does and I end up losing.


    R4 - Timmy E. (Magsol)

    He gets a so-so start, However I am able to 1 hit ko his Magmortar with Gallade. He proceed to stall with Absol's. He finally gets another Magmortar going and I have 3 prizes left. He attaches a buffer piece to Magmortar. He has no cards in his hand and I have a Gallade active. He cant 1hko me, but can 2hko me. So, I get a basic dark as I already have an Absol in my hand. I flip over all my remaining prizes (3) to do 90. He goes koes my Gallade. I proceed to Raid him for 40 after I retreated Ralts. He cant recover and he loses.


    R5 - Alex (Str8 Banette w/ Minun)

    He gets a very good start but he doesnt get a night maintenance/tsd/lake boundary all game and he ends up running out of basics as I ko 4 of his pokemon, which is all the basics he as 1 shuppet is prized. Very nice game Alex. It was a very good deck and it was a close match.


    T4 - Jimmy O. (Mirror)

    G1 - He gets a fast Gallade out and nothing else. I finally get my stuff out as I wasnt drawing any energy. He takes the first 4 prizes. I end up taking 6 of the next 7 because of his bad draw winning me game 1.

    G2 - Game never finished. He had 1 prize left. He would of won I beleive had he had 2-3 more turns. Sorry Man, I hate when that happens. I thought I had a chance up til I didnt draw what I need that turn.

    5-1 (5-1)

    T2 - Frankie Diaz (Mirror)

    G1 - Read what happened in R3 in the tourney.

    G2 - Horrid Draw for me = Loss

    5-2 (5-3)

    Thanks For Reading,


    Props (So Far)

    23-2 vs Non-Mirror with Gardy
    Cities Win
    Shaw for taking me along to Newburgh and Blue Bell
    Greg S. for taking me along to a few Cities and back home aslo
    Mrs. Diaz for giving me a ride home from a few events
    Prof. Birch
    Abra's for RPS
    Pulling Honchkrow Lv. X
    Little Girl at Denville :thumb:

    Slops (So Far)

    Going 3-9 against Frankie Diaz :nonono:
    Being horrid against mirror (8-12 or something absurd like that)
    Pulling no Absol in my 68 packs so far
    The GPS + Frankie Diaz :lol:
    No Playtest Partners
    Team Galactic's Wager
    Winning Wager against Diaz like 13 out of the last 15 times and still going 1-3 against him in my last 4 games
    2nd Win = No Lv. X in the 18 packs
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  2. Jason

    Jason New Member

    So you lost to Jeremy Maron? Wow, Just wow. But hey, Gj on what you had done so far...
  3. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    learn to play rps
  4. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    my mom would never let me go to so many tournaments

    and it's not that you're bad at rps Drew, you're bad at pokemon

    just kidding
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2007
  5. KazamBolt

    KazamBolt Active Member

    good job. i lose so many wagers!
  6. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    Awesome Job, Drew Xd
  7. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    I agree Wager is so lame...
    Here we roll the dice or roll a special RPS dice.

  8. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    ^But isn't that illegal to do?
  9. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Jason - I am 2-1 against Jeremy all-time. I had a bad start, you can lose to anyone with them getting a god start and you getting a crappy one. Thanks Tho.

    Dark Weedle - hmmm, I know how to play, I just have been unlucky. I have tried a few different things for RPS. I have just said forget it and have decide to play birch instead since I didnt even play my wagers (for the fact of not needing them) against non-mirror.

    BloodDraek - That stinks about your mom, however, please stop posting crap about me being bad at pokemon and stuff. Even tho your kidding I am sure that you should try to keep what you say on the boards to being nice, not being kinda mean but really joking. I dont say anything bad about you. I would expect the same respect.

    KazaamBolt - Thanks.

    garchompx12 - Thanks.

    Dante63s - You cant do that, unless your not actually rolling it, but you are placing the dice by your own choose on what you want. If your actually rolling it, you are not following the rulings set by POP.

    hectagonman - Yes, if they are rolling the dice randomly.

    Thanks All,
  10. Dante63s

    Dante63s New Member

    Thanks for that info, here they roll the special RPS dice. But still it's rather silly to have to play RPS.
  11. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Hope to see you on the 5th in Cinnaminson Drew!
    You need to make up for Burlington. :D
  12. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Dante63s - No Problem.

    PokePop - I already have an event that I believe is a bit easier to get to. Thanks for the offer tho. I may switch where I go if I feel I have a better chance of winning at Cinnaminson.

    Update with a Win!!

  13. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    Congraz on the Seaford, NY win. And thanks for the Complement.
  14. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Thanks Brian & No Problem!! :thumb:

  15. SomethingElse

    SomethingElse New Member

    about time you won a city championship =P
  16. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    you've already got to play in 6 cities? :( ive only played 3 and probably only have 2 more
  17. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    I could of played in 2 more. 1 it was snowing a bit to hard to go to. The other I had other plans and decide to not go to the tournament and to go do what my plans were originally. (Jets Game)

    Sean - Thanks Man!! :biggrin:

  18. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    gj drew we both won a cc :]
  19. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member


    Updated with another Cities,
  20. Umbreon777

    Umbreon777 New Member

    Ugh... I can tell the diversity among decks up there is quite limited. Still, congratulations on the win!! (I went 0-6 on wagers in South Bend... :frown:)

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