TheDarkTwins Nationals Report. How I T64'd and Almost Lost.....Twice (Plus Prof. Cup)

Discussion in 'Conventions' started by TheDarkTwins, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    So, first I will write my Professor Cup Report. My Nats Report is below this report. I played Venomoth/Claydol (HP)/Volbeat/Illumise/Porgyon2 w/ Mars Lock.

    R1 - ??????? – (Raichu/??????)

    His Raichu + Scramble’s help him but he can’t get a prize lead and that hurts him.

    Win – (1-0)

    R2 – Jorel – (Goreyss/Chatot)

    I miss a paralyzing flip and I end up losing because I flip tails and I can’t recover.

    Win – (1-1)

    R3 – Benny Richlin (Mirror)

    Ben was one of group of 3 players who Frankie D. and I built the deck with. I get a much better start and he isn’t that good and I end up running through him because he is making to many mistakes.

    Win – (2-1)

    R4 – Tim Metro (Eggs/Golduck/Primeape)

    I get a T2 Venomoth attacking and he just has trouble recovering from this. I get a Claydol spread going with doesn’t help him. I end up taking it pretty easily because of my great start. I really like his deck, it was very good.

    Win – (3-1)

    R5 – Lissanne Lake (Venomoth/Monferno)

    I get another T2 Venomoth and her start is pretty bad. I end up running through her Pokemon pretty quickly FTW.

    Win – (4-1)

    R6 – Prof. Birch – (Parasect/Venomoth/Smeargle)

    I am playing up, which isn’t what I want. He gets a great start and I use a Wager and then get my Mars Lock going. Expect by the time that happens I am already too far behind him to catch up without time being called. I was rushing and make a few mistakes. I feel I could of 100% came back. He was missing energy drops left and right and I think I had enough steam to comeback as long as his didn’t topdeck amazing stuff. I was losing 2-5 on prizes when time is called. He said my deck was the best deck he faced all day at this point.

    Loss – (4-2)

    R7 – Dennis – (Donphan)

    I get the worst start of the day and lose. This also prevents me from making cut.

    Loss – (4-3)

    R8 – April – (Raichu/??????)

    I remember I had this game early, but prolonged it so we could have some extra fun/

    Win (5-3)

    So, I am planning to play Empoleon/Bronzong/Dugtrio for Nats. I wasn't sure about one card. I took out Chatot for a Shard which was completely useless. I should of put in a 3rd DRE instead. I had plenty of times when it would of been HUGE, but instead I went with shard.

    R1 - ???????? - (GG)

    I get a really bad start but luck for me so his was also very bad. He prizes his Duskull. I am able to start spreading around his Pokemon and I also fall behind on purpose. By the time he is able to KO my first Empoleon, I have backups and he really can’t compete with the constant Dual Splash. I am able to take all my prizes and win the game.

    Win (1-0)

    R2 - ???????? - (GG)

    My second GG, but I know how to beat GG with Empoleon and I pretty much let him take a few prizes so that he would have trouble KOing my Empoleon's. Once he does that I start swarming and he just start having huge problems because I am setting up KO's left and right and all he can do is Sonic Blade/Psychic Lock which is just not helping him at all. He finally falls behind because he runs out of big hitters. Flipping 4 prizes to knock out my first Empoleon was a mistake leading to me taking this one.

    Win (2-0)

    R3 - Tim Metro’s Wife (I am sorry I don’t remember your first name) - (Darkrai/Weavile/Blissey)

    I T3'd her with Weavile with Empoleon.

    Win (3-0)

    R4 - ???????? - (Mirror)

    I get a T3/4 Dugtrio up and he has no answer for it and I end up winning with amazing ease because I can hit his bench and he can’t hit mine.

    Win (4-0)

    R5 - Andrew Knaack - (Mirror)

    I play against Mirror once again, and I get a much better start here. I manage to get my Dugtrio up again quickly. He has problems getting his up but I manage to get 40 damage on his Diglett and decide against koing it and Dual Splash 2 of his other Pokemon and let him give me the scramble advantage instead. This proves to be a very wise move. He evolves it and then I proceed to go Aggro Bronzong. However he plays Gorebyss and decide that sweet tempting my Dugtrio is a good idea. However, I have enough energy to overcome this. After I use my Bronzong to take out atleast 2 of his Pokemon on the same turn (Dugtrio/Claydol), He decides to use Gorebyss's second attack to confuse my Bronzong. I however had been holding back my Warp Point just incase he did this. for this. I just use Empy Swarm and to finish him off and win the game.

    Win (5-0)

    R6 - Ian R. - (GG)

    We play each other all the time and this was an AMAZING game, which I decided to pretty much handed him at the end. I made like 3 mistakes with under a minute to go to lose the game. (I send up the wrong Pokemon, don’t attach my DRE, and don’t play down a Pokemon to prevent him from bringing down my Claydol, which would of won me the game. I was winning 2-1 on prizes and it was my turn and I just completely messed up and letting him take the next 2 prizes and giving me my first loss.

    Loss (5-1)

    R7 - Nick C. - (Mirror)

    I was doing fine this game and I just was messing up all over the place. I was tired and I was still upset from last round and my back was killing me. I have the advantage but a Cess Lock pretty much killed me and the fact that his Dawn Stadium was messing up my math. A late warp point seals this for him because I can’t draw anything useful. I really should of KO'd the Mew* when I had the chance.

    Loss (6-2)

    R8 - ?????? - (Gallade/Pidgoet d/Empoleon)

    I just get a huge start and I get up Dugtrio and he just doesn't know what to do. I let him KO my first Empoelon with Gallade by flippin over 4 prizes but from there it goes down from there.

    R9 - Adam C. - (GG)

    So, I pretty much get a really really bad draw to his insane start.

    Loss - (6-3)

    I make T64 as the 2nd Highest 6-3 on the Yellow Side.

    T64 - Alex Frezza - (GG)

    G1 - We both have pretty bad draws, but I am able to get up Empoleon very quickly and turn 4 2 of his Ralts on the bench. He really can't recover because I just was sooooo far ahead the whole game and he just couldn't get it to work with only 2 Ralts.

    G2- Crap Start FTL.

    G3 - I have a god hand after he mulligans and I proceed to completely mess up. I celio's for the Prinplup so I could get T3 Empoleon but he wager's me on T3 and I draw 3 water energy and it is proceed by a T5 Psychic Lock. I should of celio’s for the Claydol It may have been a better choice overall. I guess that is what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. :nonono:

    I end up getting 56th (or Tied for 56th), which is very good considering there was about 530 players. I end up only losing 6.23 and getting an Worlds Invite by grabbing the 24th of 25 spots. I make T64 and I not only lost in T64, but almost lost my Worlds Invite as well. That would of been horrible if that had happened

    Thanks for reading,


    Props –

    John K. for helping me once again.
    Brent S. for helping me playtest a few games the night before.
    Frankie Diaz for T8ing Nats. WTG
    Justin W. for T64ing.
    Starting 5-0
    Dave Schwimmer for giving out more than I was expecting for helping out on Wensday.
    POP for running a great weekend worth of tournaments.
    TOM for screwing up the pairings in T16 giving me the chance for a trickle down. :thumb:
    Pulling Leafeon Lv. X from my Professor Cup Packs
    Losing only 6.23 points at Nationals when I went 6-4.
    Earning a Worlds Invite via Ratings/Rankings
    The Awesome Professor Cup Playing Mat

    Slops –

    Finishing 1-4 at Nats.
    Dustin Z., Ross C., & John K. for not doing so well and missing the rating invite. :sad:
    Missing Top Cut in the Professor Cup for the 4th straight year.
    Lack of sleep. (Thanks roommates)
    Sean Foisy – No Explantion Needed.
    Jimmer not being there.
    My Playtest Partner not being able to make Nationals
    Origins Dealer Room
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  2. Serebii1997J

    Serebii1997J New Member

    Good job, good job Drew. You did great, good luck at Worlds! Good job representing NE.
  3. garchompx12

    garchompx12 New Member

    GJ drew northeast took this tourny
  4. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    How did you lose only 6.27 points going 6-4:confused: I lost over 14 going 6-3:mad:

    All joking aside congrats on your invite see you in Flordia,
  5. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member


    Yep, thanks.

    Well for you Jay, here is my rating page so see for yourself. It was actually 6.23

    128 806000382 1 1844.30 1671.63 You 11.89 1856.19
    129 806000382 2 1856.19 1741.26 You 14.98 1871.16
    130 806000382 3 1871.16 1643.87 You 9.36 1880.52
    131 806000382 4 1880.52 1726.11 You 12.82 1893.34
    132 806000382 5 1893.34 1838.02 You 18.53 1911.87
    133 806000382 6 1911.87 1927.46 Opponent -21.01 1890.86
    134 806000382 7 1890.86 1842.89 Opponent -25.02 1865.84
    135 806000382 8 1865.84 1762.84 You 15.66 1881.50
    136 806000382 9 1881.50 1832.60 Opponent -25.08 1856.42
    137 806000382 10 1856.42 1914.59 Opponent -18.35 1838.07

    I bolded my start and finished ratings.

    Thanks and I will indeed see you in FL.

  6. Absolution

    Absolution New Member

    GJ Drew, and thanks for the props :p
  7. Vengence Dragon

    Vengence Dragon New Member

    Great Job drew, hopefully you won't do so badly in florida.
  8. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Thanks. No problem, you deserve it. :thumb:

    Thanks, I hope I do well as well. :lol:

  9. charchar

    charchar New Member

    nice job drew and thanks for the cool japanese items.
  10. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Thanks and No Problem,
  11. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    Good job on making top 64 Drew. I'll see you at Worlds!
  12. Jason

    Jason New Member

    Congrats on getting the invite, Drew.Cya in Orlando :)
  13. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Thanks. Okay, Cool!! :biggrin:

    Thanks, and have a safe flight!! :thumb:

  14. B_B_C

    B_B_C New Member

    NJ + NY = ftw! See you at worlds drew.
  15. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Yep, See ya there,


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