There's No Place Like Hoenn

Discussion in 'Anime Realm' started by Water Pokemon Master, Nov 15, 2003.

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  1. Water Pokemon Master

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    Well, we saw the 3rd episode of Hoenn air today. Max joined the group, and we got to see Norman and his wife Caroline, as well as a gym battle. I liked how they have been using the gameboy music for the episodes now, especially where PikaPi is battling Vigoroth - that was so cool! I also liked TR's new bg music. The voices, though, are getting to be so old. I do like Max's voice, but a 3 year old who watches the show would know that was the voice they were going to use for him. It was funny how Max kept being hit by every attack, and how Ash kept calling him "kid." Too bad Ash knows his name now. Torchic pecking Max all over the place made me laugh so hard, and I never laugh when watching the show unless I am around other people.

    What did you guys think?
  2. Charizard19190

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    They are not really getting to deep on stuff, are they? i mean, don'tcha think ash would have met any wild PKMN on the way? but, anyways, i hope Brocko's back soon...i miss him. & that max is kinda...weird. "Hey Al!"
    they are going to have May's whole family travelin' if they don't get REALLY going! [laughs]
    But this weeks episode was great, but Norman shoulda use at LEAST 1 more attack besides "Scratch!" "Vigoroth, SCRATCH!" at the end of the battle though he used Headbutt.. i thought Pikachu could've taken it though...pika's gotta be over, way over Lv. 60, it just, did'nt seem right...& i think May needs some tips from Ash, or she ain't gonna get nowwhere with the Torchic. Well, you've seen me thoughts about it, so let's get the show on the road!

    P.S. they use the name "Hoenn" too much! Hoenn Alone, There's no place like Hoenn...arrrgh! oh well. Peoples are gonna get mad at me at how i've downsloaped at certain things, but overall it's a great new start!

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  3. treecko_332

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    Darn, couldsome one plaese discibe the episode for me.

    I was ... um ... (personal stuff) and forgot to tape it.


  4. Water Pokemon Master

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  5. Spectreon

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    Brock should be back in the next episode or 2. May really isnt in to training her Pokemon for Battle. They have already made that clear, and that have bigger plans for Mays Pokemon. Besides, we never saw Misty or Brock or Tracey go after Gym Badges. The closest we ever saw was Misty battling that boy at his unofficial Gym.

    As far as the obsessive use of the name Hoen, they tend to name the shows off of other titles or sayings, such as the movie "Home Alone" or the line from Oz, "There is no place like home", easily replacing Home with Hoenn. Since it is the first few episodes, it isnt a big suprise, and most shows dont even bother giving you the name of the episode. Take NBC's "Friends" for example. Most episodes are titled "The one with... insert whatever the episode was about"
  6. Water Pokemon Master

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    If Kids' WB decides to air the special with Brock that should be the next episode, Brock will return in the episode after that. Otherwise, the next episode should be about Ash catching a certain Pokemon and then Brock will return in the next episode.

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