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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by DaytonGymLeader, Oct 17, 2003.

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  1. DaytonGymLeader

    DaytonGymLeader New Member

    Well, first foray into public deck building/listing. Here 'tis:

    Pokemon - 21
    2 - Mewtwo Ex
    4 - Eevee (SS)
    3 - Espeon (SS)
    2 - Duskull (Suprise)
    2 - Duskull (Haunt)
    3 - Dusclops
    3 - Skitty (any 50 HP one, but I'm using the Double-edge one)
    2 - Delcatty (Energy Draw)

    Trainers - 21
    4 - Copycat
    4 - Oracle
    3 - Switch
    3 - Wally's Training Method
    3 - Professor Birch
    2 - Town Volunteers
    2 - Pokemon Fan Club

    Energy - 18
    16 - Psychic
    2 - Warp

    Premise is simple. Let your opponent build energy counts while building Dusclops. Delcatty/Oracle for draw. Mewtwo for heavy lifting and energy retrieval. Espeon for heavy lifting as well. This deck should give Gardevoir a run for it's money.

  2. Dendrobatida

    Dendrobatida New Member

    Heya, Steve....

    Hope the Dayton league is still running strong :)

    Just a quick suggestion for the deck:

    Since you're only running stage one evolution lines, you might want to replace wally's training with professor elm's training method. Wally's training does allow you to evolve again the same turn you've already evolved a pokemon (treeko to grovyle, then wally's to sceptile in one turn...not bad), but that isn't going to be as useful with a stage one, since you're not going to be evolving it any further than once. Also, it can only be used on your active pokemon, whereas PETM can be used for anything, allowing you to build from the bench a little easier.

    Other things you might want to consider:

    A tech skyridge flareon? Easy to get with Eevee's first attack, and Sceptile is big in our area :)

    Trade the birch out for pokenav? Pokenav, being un-supportery, goes pretty well with oracle, especially early game. Sure, you can't get a trainer, but you oracle, get whatever pokemon you want up there, then pokenav, grab that poke the same turn, and rearrange the other two cards to your liking. Helps get those delcatty out even quicker.

    Cheers, and say Hi to the crew for me today.

  3. DaytonGymLeader

    DaytonGymLeader New Member

    I did some playtesting today with it against Scizor. The deck walked all over Scizor (4 successful Judgements in 2 games, sorry Nick). However, there's definitely room for change.

    I was considering dropping the Wally's for Oak's Research for a couple of reasons:

    1 - Copycat doesn't net the usual 6-7 cards as it once did (at least so far around here). A guaranteed 5 is better than 3-4.
    2 - Wally just doesn't cut it for Stage 1 Evos. Yeah, it provides some search for the evo on the active only, but there's more alternatives already in the deck for it that are better.

    I looked at Elm and thought that Wally could do the same for me. Elm does provide different utility that does fit in with this deck though.

    Sceptile is going to be a force to be reconed with (but not here yet ;) ). The big fear for this deck is Godevoir. I think the energy count here is tight and really don't want to jack it around with fire and psychic (granted I could use Multi or Rainbow, but I'm still uneasy about it).

    PokeNav could work because it grabs energy or pokes. I'll have to put that under some serious consideration.

    I'm also thinking about dropping the Warp Energies as well - they only came into play for Energy Draw. Maybe this is the spot for the fire.

    I pulled that 3d Skitty more than I thought I would.

    So for now (at least til next week):

    -3 Wally
    -1 Skitty
    +2 Oak's Research
    +2 PokeNav

    I still think that Oak is the way to go just for reliable numbers, but I'll give Nav a try.
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