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    Everyone wants a card that is unstoppable, but when that card comes out and is made into a common deck (niniken, kindra ex, BAR) I like to find ways to beat it, I love rogue decks and here is a card that could prove useful in many situations.
    You know how magma/aqua some cards are two types? Well howabout steel and dark type
    Pokemon name:Darksteel
    Discription:Black, smooth, a giant pokemon machine, it has the brain of a dark type and the body of steel type.

    Poke Body:All effects of energy cards attached to all pokemon on your side are doubled.
    If there are any energies attached to your other pokemon this pokemon cant attack.

    Attacks: DS Grand Evolution: Search your deck or hand for an evolution card and place it on your bench, no basic is required. Darksteel does 30 damage to himself.

    DDSSC: Hyper Drive:90 damage to both your pokemon and the defending pokemon. Discard as many energies as you like from Darksteel. For each energy discarded in this way, discard that many energies from any of your opponents pokemon in any way you like.


    This card will destroy other decks but only for those that wish to take the risks.

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