This surely CUTS through anything *MF*

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Fantasy Fox, Aug 9, 2003.

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  1. Fantasy Fox

    Fantasy Fox New Member

    3x Kabuto(neo 2)
    3x Kabutops(neo2)
    2x Scyther(neo2)
    2x Scizor(aqua)
    2x Cleffa(neo1)
    2x Elekid(neo1)
    1x Aipom

    4x Fighting
    4x Metal
    4x Recycle
    3x Rainbow

    4x Elm
    4x Copycat
    4x Double Gust
    4x Focus Band
    4x Fossil(2 Mysterious/2 Egg)
    3x Gold Berry
    3x Stadium(2 Energy, 1 Healing)
    2x Oak's Research
    2x Town Volunteers

    1. Scizor as the main guy destroys everything in its way.
    2. Kabutops as the backup, sometimes could be the main guy too.
    3. Aipom to get back anything from discard pile to deck or anti deck out.
    4. Fast drawing power(4 Elms, 4 Copycats and 2 Oak's Research) makes this deck fast.
    5. Rainbow on Scizor for extra flips/damage.

    Please fix my deck. :thumb:

    Note: This is a cutting deck because it has Claws, Scythes, and Razor Blades...thats why the topic is name as so.
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