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  1. charizard87

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    I've never done one of these before but because it was my best showing yet, I'll give it a shot.
    I decided to go with Garde/Gallade/Absol just for the sake of running it. I never had any prior experience playing it in league or in any tourney so I'm going in cold turkey with this deck, which showed in the first couple of matches

    Round 1 vs John Conti (Empoleon/Palkia deck)
    John and I have been friends and rivals at Timewarp since the first day we met and I felt terrible playing a good friend in round one but that's the way the computer paired it. I started it out behind but got Gallade and made my first mistake with my new deck, I over looked Mantine's resistance and didn't flip over enough prizes, but thanks to Gardy Lv X I was able telepass and teleport to my heart's content and took a satisfying round one win


    Round 2 vs Benny Richlin (Gardy/Gallade, w/ Furret)
    This guy comes around once in a while to timewarp so I had seen him before. Prior to this tourney I had posted a thread on pokebeach (I think) asking for tips on how to deal with mirror matches. Anyway he gets a fast setup, and takes a quick lead, but I was able to get a Gallade out and and make somewhat of a comeback but the fact he beat me to the punch early on, gave him the edge for the win. He's a very nice guy, and ended up 3rd in the top 8 cut.


    Right before this match Drew ended up misplacing his Mawile, and I scrambled through my box and lent him mine so he could keep battling

    Round 3 vs MK Choy (Magmortar/Typhlosian/Delcatty)
    Well this one duel where my inexperience with the deck showed. Once again I got out setup, but was able to tie at it 3 prizes with my Scrambled Gallade, but after that I attached a psychic energy to Gallade rather than fighting energy, declared Sonic Blade and he pointed out I didn't have the right energies. I got a Gardevoir out to make a last ditch effort but his Typhlosian ended that with it's Evaporating Heat and discarded my DRE. Also I got a late Night Maintenence but it was too late as before that I had no basic energies in my deck so I was stuck.
    (after the tourney I found out he was a math major like me so we talked about our courses that we were taking)


    So I went into lunch break very angry at myself for my mistakes. And I wasn't gonna get anything to eat but John said I should so I had 2 slices and a Dr. Pepper, and I felt recharged and ready to go. John and I (both being 1-2 at the time) vowed that we were gonna finish at least .500. So then at last the 2nd half of the tournament began. John expected to have faced a Magmortar deck by now, but no luck. At this point I was in 30th out of 40 people

    Round 4 vs. Bradley Thornton (Empoleon deck)
    I got sat next to John (who ended up facing his first Magmotar/Blaziken deck) which really helped keep me calm, relaxed and focused. The match started a little rocky but when I nabbed his recently Celio'd Empoleon w/ TGM the tide turned in my favor and I ended up Psychic Cutting every one of his pokemon. A much needed win and a mistake free game, so far so good.


    Round 5 vs. ?-if you know who you are let me know so I can add you in. (Honchcrow deck)
    Now at this point I had heard multiple times about a certain Honchcrow player who severly stalled. So I went in with an air of caution, making my first few turns as short and concise as possible. As I found out as the match proceeded this was not the one. He was actually a very nice player. Unfortunately for him I got a quick setup and ended up Bring Downing everything for the win. Also I ended up next to John again.


    So John and I went 3-2 into the final round, feeling quite confident, until John saw that he was paired up with Drew who always seems to have John's number on the poke-field, I felt so bad for him, but I had my match to worry about.
    Round 6 vs Henry Perez (Honchcrow)
    So having already reached my goal of finishing with a .500 record, I was excited at the fact that I could finish with an excellent record with an outside shot at Top-8 But with John sitting way at the other end of the next row of tables, my nevers started acting up again and it was just me and my deck, with a shot to finish very well at my biggest tournament ever. It started out well with my Absol hitting trainer after trainer after trainer with Baleful Wind which turned out to be the first one's i've it all day, I only ever hit energies or pokemon before this. I took an early lead and caugh the biggest break of the day. I had Teleported a Gallade w/ 20 HP left to the bench. I had almost declared Bring Down which would've severly crippled me knocking out my Gallade, but my opponent (after a series of complicated events), notified me of my mistake. Being that he had asked me if Bring Down would knock out his Murkrow, and I hadn't specifically declared my attack the judges ruled that I would rewind to the start of my attack phase, so I lucked out there. After that tensions were high as time wound down, with a judge having to watch the game to make sure things moved along. With about 2 min left I was up 2 prizes to 3 I was hanging on for dear life every turn more stressful than the last. I was about to retreat my Gallade and get my 5th K.O. when from at the far end of the table I heard the one word that sealed the game TIME! I pointed out the prize count to the judge who declared me the winner, signed my slip walked away and breathed a sigh of relief.

    So I finished 4-2 and calculated that a few 4-2 records would reach the top 8 cut, after the 6 rounds I was mentally drained so I was like if I make top-8, I'm not gonna be in the best shape. So when the final swiss results were posted and I found out that I was 14th, I was very content and pleased with my results. So in 3 rounds I jumped 16 places in the standings for my best finish ever! When I was ready to leave I said good-bye to all my friends there, and wished them all the best of luck. And said a big thank you to Lisanne for lending me the cards I needed to finish my deck.

    Lisanne: for loaning me 1/2 my deck
    me going 4-2
    John for going 3-3 and his son finishing 7th!
    Time Warp for running an awesome tournament
    All the judges for being on their game all day
    Great teamwork between all the judges.
    To the majority of the players being willing to help each other out
    My last match being so stressful and controversial
    my inexperience with the deck possibly costing me a spot in the top 8
  2. deckmaster

    deckmaster Active Member

    Great job sir! This is Frankie.
  3. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    Thanks again for the replacement, I owe you for it, I appriciate it. I ended up getting my foil one back, but that fact was it was creased, I have to see if it is still useable in a deck. I find it funny I have only twice had a card fall out, and both have been this season, both were cards crucial to the matchup I was going to play or played. I dropped a Mew d on the ground before my match with Kricketune in BRs and it cost me the game as I had a great start against it. Anyways, thanks again. :thumb:

  4. AnimeDDR110

    AnimeDDR110 New Member

    Oh, so your Andrew. Lissanne told me you would be borrowing a lot of the cards i needed to make my gardy/gallade deck, which is perfectly alright. Good Job! I finish 4-2 and whats weirder is that i finish in 14th, but i'm in seniors.
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