Tips for the Upcoming Season!

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by GinoLombardi21, Oct 11, 2007.

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  1. GinoLombardi21

    GinoLombardi21 New Member

    I don't know if its just me but at the recent Battle Roads i've attending, there were some individuals who absolutely stunk up the place. It got so out of hand I brung my own bodyspray to spray the air before I played at that table I was assigned. Cities is coming up soon so lets start making everything better.

    As the season begins I look forward to seeing everyone again. I want everyone to enjoy their season, so I will give tips on how to make your season better for you and everyone else.

    1) TAKE A SHOWER! This is the most important.

    2) USE DEODORANT. This too is important.

    If you will be doing a lot of driving to your events, you may sweat in the car on the way there, you may also sweat while playing, so these are some tips to help.

    3) USE BABY POWDER its not just for babies, it will help absorb and prevent some of the moisture, and odor.

    4) BABY WIPES, they work as well, if you find yourself sweating after three rounds, grab a few of these and wipe away. They really work.

    5) PEPPERMINTS AND CHEWING GUM. 6 hours of talking and laughing can also take its toll, so peppermints and/or gum will help eliminate that potential problem.

    I hope that these tips will make EVERYONE'S season more enjoyable.

    (Props to mukman for letting me reqoute his idea from last season during cities)
  2. twitchy lv x

    twitchy lv x New Member

    lol,darn right
  3. Jason

    Jason New Member

  4. ryanvergel

    ryanvergel New Member

    Not a very original thread.
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  5. Hot_Carl

    Hot_Carl <a href="

    I've added this info to my wristplay. Thanks for the tips bro.
  6. (TYranitarFReak)

    (TYranitarFReak) New Member

    6) win the games
  7. SHPanda

    SHPanda New Member

    people who don't shower generally don't win games anyways.
  8. Absoltrainer

    Absoltrainer Active Member

    I disagree.
    When I don't shower, then when my opponent comes I raise my arms up and stretch.
    My opponent takes a breath.
    He/She then concedes and I win the match.
  9. (TYranitarFReak)

    (TYranitarFReak) New Member

    YES! how brilliant!
  10. Jran Sakarra

    Jran Sakarra Active Member

    you forgot about not eating any gassy foods or something that will mess you you stomach...
  11. Muninn

    Muninn New Member

    Some people at DH smelled like they just came out of a coma. x_x
  12. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    Eau de Toilette over deodorant ANY DAY!
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