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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Namurashi, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. Namurashi

    Namurashi New Member

    Pidgeot from Call of Legends

    Hello everyone! I've got a bit of confusion on this Pidgeot card today. I was wondering what the ruling was for it's headwind attack was. It adds a Double Colorless to each of their attack payments, but if the pokemon were to switch out would the new pokemon have to pay the new CC for their attacks as well?

    Personally, I thought it did for a while because it says, "each of the Defending Pokemon's attacks is CC more." but after talking with some people and reading around on other sites people said they bypass this by switching out. So I'm kind of confused. Thanks for reading!
  2. when a pokemon goes to the bench any all effects on it removed ie if you retreat chomp c x and poketurn active you can use dr again
  3. vaporeon

    vaporeon Moderator

    If the defending Pokemon is switched from Pidgeot's Headwind, then the effect ends and the new Defending Pokemon can use its attacks at normal cost because the effect is not on the Player or Pidgeot, it's on the current Defending Pokemon.

    Pidgeot's Headwind attack was written for the case players were to do Double or Triple or in the event there were more 1 Active Pokemon. If there were more then 1 Active Pokemon on your opponents side when Headwind went off, then each of their Active Pokemon, no matter how many must pay 2 extra to attack.

    I hope this helps you out.
  4. Namurashi

    Namurashi New Member

    Oh I see. Thank you very much lucario aura wielder and vaporeon for clearing that up for me. I really appreciate the thorough explanation.
  5. Noah121

    Noah121 Active Member

    If it put an effect on your opponent rather than the Defending Pokemon, it would have said something to the effect of, "During your opponent's next turn, your opponent's Pokemon must pay (C)(C) more to attack." Unfortunately, since it references the Defending Pokemon, the effect is on that Pokemon and will be removed upon retreat, evolution, etc.

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