Top 4 Decks in Eon

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by SuperSaiyanEevee, Oct 18, 2003.

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  1. SuperSaiyanEevee

    SuperSaiyanEevee New Member

    What do you think are the top 4 decks in Eon so far? In Neo-on it was SMF,Gatrsect, and Encargo, but now, what is it? Here's my list in order..

    1. Gardevoir/Gardevoir ex/Wobbuffet
    2. Blaziken/Exeggutor
    3. Blaziken/Delcatty
    4. Kabutops ex

    Gardevoir is just, so powerful I can't explain it. No deck I have seen can stand up to its force besides Gardevoir itself. Chicken and Coconut is just a powerful force. Once Eggys out, game over. I lost to one of these to they after suffering a blow of 320 damage!! Chicken Kitten is a fast strike deck. I barely beat one today even after I had a great lead. It can make awesome comebacks. And lastly, Kabutops ex, is a tough shellfish. The only thing it really loses to is Wobbuffet ( Fav card from SS). Gardevoir can put up an equal fight but it would be a close game. Anyway, these are my top 4 fav decks. See ya

  2. SteveP

    SteveP Active Member

    Yup, good list. I've had pretty good luck with a "bite back" deck against everything on your list except Gardevoir. It includes Cacturne, Sharpedo, and Arcanine. Also, I think Raichu EX has potential if someone can make it work fast and consistant.

    I'm thinking that Gardevoir might be the first banned card from E-on, after everyone starts proving how powerful it is.

    Has anyone tried a Shiftry/Energy Removal deck yet? Yah, it's lots of coin flips, but it just might be able to slow down Gardevoir enough.
  3. old man

    old man New Member

    No Wailord EX up there? I haven't tried Wialord in a eon format, but in a Neon format I won the 2 tournaments I played it in. I must now change it around for eon.

    Also no Slaking? I played Slaking today in eon format & the only losses I had were to 2 Neon formatted decks. This slacker seems to be a top contender as well. 1 of the games was against a Gardevoir EX, but the opponent never got it going before Slaking was able to take it down.

    The thing I'm having most trouble with is balancing out my trainers to not have unusable supporters all the time.
  4. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Top 4 doesn't really give justice to the Eon format. It needs to be a top 10 in order to get all the good decks out there in.

    Also, you can combine both Blaziken decks into one Big Fire catagory, which will help in rankings.

    HOwever, going as your top 4...

    Top 4 (as I see it)
    1. Gardevoir (ex)/Wobbuffet/M2X
    2. Big Fire
    3. Slaking (counter for the rest of the T4)
    4. Raindance (Swampert/Water) (counter for Big Fire)

    IMO, Kabutops isn't as strong as a swarmer as his Discovery counterpart, and swarming was Kabutops's big advantage over everything else. Place one NRG on all, and start the beatdown, adding NRGs as it goes along. With the ex rule and a severe lack of healing, Swarm decks just don't do as well.
  5. SuperSaiyanEevee

    SuperSaiyanEevee New Member

    I tried Slaking but it was too slow. :( Wailord ex is also slow with a 5 retreat cost. Althoough he has that attack I dont really like him. Swampert works well. I played him and did quite well. Sceptile also works. I played him with Wobbuffet and beat a Neon deck. Omastar didn't work for me. But yeah, Gardevoir and Big Fire definitely work.


    HYPER EEVEE Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    :unknown-h :unknown-i I think there should be some sort of deck like maybe beedrill it killed someones deck or maybe omastar
  7. SuperSaiyanEevee

    SuperSaiyanEevee New Member

    Thaaaat Omastar. It wasn't too powerful. It lost 2 times I think. :nonono:

    HYPER EEVEE Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    OOOHHH kay
  9. Scizor

    Scizor New Member

    Ok here is what i think the top decks are:

    1 Blaziken/Exeggcutor (Most consistant IMO in the format)
    3 Sceptile TeCh
    4 Really up for grabs there are a lot of decks that could be good, but i think the top 3 is obvious. It is all about consistancy in this format and those 3 decks have it.
  10. YoungJohn06

    YoungJohn06 New Member

    On the thing about the top for Neo-on decks, you forgot Meganium Exeggutor, that thing is a beast/my personal all time favorite deck. I took out every deck there was... even Entei Cargo.. if you play right and have a little luck you can beat entei cargo.

    Anyway back to the original topic..

    I think the top 4 decks are..

    1. Gardevoir/Gardevoir EX/Wobbuffet, like you said. It's too good. It's like Slowking was... very powerful.
    2. Blaziken/Delcatty and Blaziken/Exeggutor. They're both really good.
    4. Sceptile Tech

    They're all strong.
  11. liminy0

    liminy0 New Member

    Omastar deck is really powerful, it can hit for 70 with 4 energy. Then the people using rare candy for stage 2 will get into trouble. A pull down for all highest stage can knock out almost any basic with evolution.
  12. SuperSaiyanEevee

    SuperSaiyanEevee New Member

    Omastar is powerful but not fast enough. Gardevoir people usually play Wynaut so that helps them get ready faster than Omastar.:(

  13. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Talk about putting hte cart ahead of the horse

    I think it's a bit early to make a "Top X" deck list yet: we haven't even had one major even in the format. More to the point, a lot of what youhave listed I have seen lose as often as it one. A good question is how much experience do you have with the format? Too little? Too much? Yes, you can have too much: it's not a set amount, just to the point where you have become jaded. Anyway, the list I saw favored big fire, which seemingly died in my area. We still have decent Anti-Fire Water "TecH": Sandstorm Wailmer is an 80 HP Basic that can do 20 for :colorless :colorless or 30 with Auto-Sleep for WCC. It can really pull your fat out of the fire. Remember, it doesn't have to be be able to OHKO a Blaziken to be good... or even a Combusken. The point is that you can send it out, and hey, it has almost a 50% chance of surviving to finish the job on the next turn ("almost" since a person might have a Full Heal or Switch, etc.) Even if it falls, it has just hit for a massive 60 damage. Either you play a bunch of healing, period, meaning all the little and big stuff, or that will matter. Why? Because, this is not supposed to "own you", just weaken you enough so that your decks real heavy hitter can safely come out to play. Eon has a "wonderful" potpourri deck that can be made from various basics. We don't have the "Big Bad Basics" of old anymore, but we do have some nasty newcomers that are "Almost Big Bad Basics". Mewtwo ex is a big bad basic, so of course I am not talking of it. Nor am I talking about the other Basic Pokemon ex: they are big, bad, and basics, but I don't mean that in a good way. I am talking most of some Nintendo newcomers from Sandstorm. Seviper does 20 for :colorless :colorless but is a nice 80 HP grass basic... oh, and if you are a Pokemon ex, then you also are Asleep and Poisoned. Would Mewtwo and Gardevoir ex eat it? Probably. But remember that Kabuto? FOr that matter, any Grass weak Pokemon ex. For to a Grass Weak Pokemon for CC should of course be considered good. Solrock and Lunatone. Lunatone might see some use on it's own: 70 HP, the ability to draw 3 cards and do 40 for FCC is quite good for Modified. Lunatone is not a card I ould play on it's own, but together with Solrock, it can be useful: each card then can at least give trouble to Dark, Fighting, Fire, and Psychic Weak Pokemon. I would not use Lunatone on it's own though, as we have better Psychic Basics: Mewtwo ex of course, and the new Wobbuffet. Don't underestimate it: RaNdOm played me with his Gardevoir/Gardevoir ex deck, and did soundly thrash me... because for about 5 turns, I failed to draw the energy I needed, in a deck that had 20 energy. If I recall corecctly, I jsut made the mistake of overthinking-I was running Steelix, and "wasted" my Metal energy on it instead of the Ffet. :rolleyes: Why? Because to run efficiently, the deck needs to run a lot of Trainers and Energy, and if I had that one last energy, my Wobbuffet would ahve had time to KO Gardevoir ex, or to OHKO the Ralts he used to finish of my active Ffet (I had two). Well, I am almost out of time, but think about a few other ABBB: Zangoose (CCCdoes 60 to evolved Pokemon), Kecleon (a little luck and you can being doing quad damage to Gardevoir ex, with a 25% chance of OHKOing it!), Sandstorm 'Buzz (bench hitter, self powerer, and Weakness and Resistance are ignored only on the bench), and Marril (w/free retreat and 75% paralysis), once people start TecHing properly, I think we'll see a lot of common picks fall.
  14. Stegy

    Stegy New Member

    My top four would have to look just like Bullados' list, although I can see Slaking at #4 or even #5 with Sceptile tech at #4 (I think Sceptile is #5). It's way too early to discuss the top decks. Yes, there are decks that are used more than others, but there hasn't been any OP events yet. Until OP begins the top decks would be based mostly on Apprentice tourneys and player favorites.
  15. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    There have been a lot of successful decks in out tourneys right now, the field is WIDE open.

    Shame, that there will never be any use for this information, as the real modified starts after the release of Dragon. That will be the first time serious players make serious decks to play in their city championships.

    Right Now, There are a few decks worth mentioning....

    1. Gardevoir / EX / Wobby - A bit too slow for my tastes, and kind of schizo at times. Has done well, but has not dominated our tourneys. Not as almighty as people think, kind of like Steelix in Neon.

    2. Kabutops/Xatu - Props to Pat Kennedy for this one. This is a beast when up and running, and but for 2 Sceptiles getting 2 heads twice in a row, I would be undefeated with this deck!

    3. Sceptile/Nurse - Once again, a lot of tech, but a hard force to stop. When you get this set up, your get your fill. but for some silly mistakes by Psyduck, this deck would have creamed me.

    4. The Chameleon - Alakazam/Kecleon. May not hit hard enough for all players, but this deck's power is the ability to imitate EVERYTHING, including Garde. Nice to drop a psychic and a grass on Kecleon and let GardeEX dare to take its chances (80 damage per heads).

    5. Sliding Slaking - Slaking/Furret is a lot of fun, grab the boost and watch them run! Use the warp to keep in running, watch the pokes fall trying to get out of the way. This deck has a tendency to be spent after 2-4 prizes. Have found myself actually attacking with Furret!

    6. EX Blastoise - You think Shiftry's ER is good? Don't forget about this guy! Swanton 1717 has made a remake of this deck, which I am sure will have more versions to come!

    Ironically, all the decks use Marill, hmmm, wonder why???/

  16. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    Ok imo here are the Top 4 decks, this is based on from what i've seen and not based on what other people say..

    1. Gardevoir Ex/Gardevoir
    2. Blaziken/Exeggutor
    3. Kabutops Ex/Xatu
    4. Tie between Blastoise Ex/Shiftry/Jumpluff/Slaking

    That is just what i have seen played around in this area. I think Aggron Ex should be up there also but i haven't seen it played. And when the next set comes out Dragonite Ex and Ampharos Ex look very promising. I am so playing Dragonite Ex. I'll share my decklist for that when the set comes out.

  17. plaidlesspez

    plaidlesspez New Member

    What about Aggron? I think Jumpluff's deck looks very very good. But anyway, I think it's way too hard to make a top list of decks, because every deck has something that counters it, then there's something that can counter that deck, and so on, so I don't see how any deck can win consistently. It'll basically be luck of who you play when tournys start.
  18. League Leader Terry

    League Leader Terry New Member

    Um, do you mean the Blastoise from Expedition? If not, I wasn't aware a Blastoise Ex existed yet. :)
  19. swanton1717

    swanton1717 Member

    QUOTE: Right Now, There are a few decks worth mentioning....

    1. Gardevoir / EX / Wobby - A bit too slow for my tastes, and kind of schizo at times. Has done well, but has not dominated our tourneys. Not as almighty as people think, kind of like Steelix in Neon.

    Isnt Gardevoir one of the fastest decks in eon?[/QUOTE]

    Gardevoir is relativly fast. But it can only be really fast if you can get multiple Gardevoirs out. So i think its up to par with the speed of other decks.

    And to the post above Blastoise from Expedition is what he means.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2003
  20. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Regarding Garde...

    With all the hype, and all the talk, I have yet to see that card dominate a tourney, just going 5-0 hands down.

    I have played E-on at all my tourneys since the sandstorm prerelease, which has to be at least 10 tourneys, all with over 12 players...

    At NONE of the events did Garde dominate the field and run the table. I think Garde may have won a tourney, but not with the dominating style of Gatr of Old Neon.

    Wobbuffet is too much out there keeping him in check. Wobby is splashable, and includable in every major deck that worries about the Garde Nightmare. Sure, sure, attack with regular Garde, but right now psychic is big, and the decks seem to be all aiming at Garde as a target.

    Once the real big tourneys begin, we could begin to see some separation, as the best players strap on their best decks.

    As for now, I just don't see it, I'm sorry.

    That is why I said what I did about Garde. Notice he still made #1 on my list? I do respect the card nonetheless.


    Come see me, Swanton1717, Mega Murkrow, the player known as Psyduck, and more at Pokemon Rocks America this Saturday at Union Station in St. Louis!

    Great fun, great prizes and much, much more!!!

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