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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by EpicWin, Mar 21, 2011.

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  1. EpicWin

    EpicWin New Member

    Woke up, drove to the tournament and registered. Simple as that. I’m in seniors playing LuxChomp. I think I had a good chance today. 6 Rounds, top 8.

    Round 1) VS LuxChomp

    This is a match I knew I would have trouble with. I have only tested it once and lost. So I went second starting with Garchomp C. I don’t remember much about this match though, but I had a small lead of 2-3 prizes (i think) until I belted my Uxie Lv.X. He KOed it with his Uxie Lv.X and he got the last prize soon afterwards.


    Round 2) VS Dusknoir (Shadow Command)/Umbreon

    I didn’t know what he was playing when we started until I saw an Eevee. Later in the game he got out a Dusclops. He couldn’t get set up due to me either Dragon Rushing Dusclops and Eevees or Bright Looking them.


    Round 3) VS Metagross SV/LA

    They start Beldum and I start Garchomp C. They go first, attach energy, get another Beldum and end. I draw, Flash bite their active twice, E-Gain and DCE to Garchomp for KO. Then they promote Beldum and evolve. I use SP Radar for Garchomp C Lv.X and Flash Bite once and Dragon Rush for the win.


    Lunch Break: Went to Wendy’s. It was packed!

    Round 4) VS FlyPhan

    This was a close match. They set up and Flygon with a belt on it and I start to dragon rush it while it is on the bench. They got Phanpy out of the active slot with SSU, promoted Flygon, and got a KO. I brought up Luxray GL, level up, and bring up they’re Nidoqueen. I retreat, bring up a Garchomp C, level up, and get easy snipes. We went into +3 turns, giving him one and me two. After his last turn, he scoops. It was 2-1 prizes in my favor. GG.


    Round 5) VS Machamp/Garchomp C

    This is straight forward, he can’t get set up very fast and I sweep his field. He got a few KOs but not enough to win.


    Round 6) VS MewDos

    He prizes 2 Magikarps and his Azelf. I keep bright looking his Regice and he get 2 KOs with Mew, but I took all 6 prizes from easy snipes. GG


    TOP CUT!!!!!!

    Top 8) VS SabeLock

    Game 1) They go first, DCE + Ambipom G VS my Garchomp GG…
    Game 2) I don’t run into any supporters until he had 2 prizes left and I couldn’t catch up. It is all over.

    I end up with 5th or 6th I think. Not sure. Got a reverse psychic energy in one of my packs though! Also had so much fun. Met some new people.

    Met some people in person
    Top cut

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  2. PkB_

    PkB_ New Member

    Belting your Uxie X was a misplay but you would've lost hte game anyway. Not being cocky but I've played probably 150 mirror matches and you probably wern't going to win.
  3. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    Lol, what an easy metagame :p

    good job though man!
  4. EpicWin

    EpicWin New Member

    Yeah, I only tested mirror once. Good job btw.

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    Thanks, you too. Sucks that your deck got stolen though. I heard about that. dannggg.
  5. PkB_

    PkB_ New Member

    thanks man you giong to regs?

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