Top 8 MS Masters Report; I'm Back!

Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by Nekizalb, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    Well, I've been gone a while. High school Cross Country, Robotics, and a full Gifted/Honors courseload has caused me to be away from the card game all through BRs and Cities. Thus, MS States was going to be my first Masters tournament, and I was really looking forward to it.
    After seeing and testing Magnezone/Regirock, I knew that was the deck I was going to play. It ran smoothly, had the potential to win any game, and definitely didn't have problems with tank decks. I modified Morten's list a little, putting in a Palmer's Contribution and a surprise Relicanth.
    In the days leading up to States, I playtested like mad and made the drive to Baton red face paint to pick up Magnezone Primes from Matt and Ms. April, whose generosity made it possible to play. Thank you so much!
    We have 33 Masters for the State Championship, so 6 rounds with a top 8. I say hello to my friends Kaitlyn, Payton, Carlos, Mikey, and, of course, BRENT. I also meet a new friends: Isaiah, who I had been PMing on Pokegym, LovingTheAlien, who drove up from Florida, and Colin, who went with LovingTheAlien.

    Pairings go up, and I begin my journey into Masters.

    Round 1 vs. Nicole M, VileGar
    I start my Masters journey by facing the grinning face that has been the pain of my existence for so long: Gengar SF. After drawing her opening hand, she exclaims "oh no!" Thinking that she started with a lone Unown Q, I elect to take the risk and put my own Unown Q up with a benched Spiritomb. I'm first, and she has a...Mr. Mime. I sigh and do 40 to it (I didn't have any other basics.) She topdecks a Collector and starts to get set up. I play a Collector of my own and start to Darkness Grace. Once her first Gengar gets set up, I Skuntank it, then burn two energies with Magnezone to avoid Fainting Spell. I dispose of a second Gengar, which hits heads on Fainting Spell. My tech Relicanth takes two prizes, one of them being the Mr. Mime. By the end of the game, I am too far ahead for her to keep up and so I win this one by burning a lot of energies. 1-0

    Round 2 vs. Amanda C, Scizor
    She can't OHKO me (Magnezone has resistance) so I pretty much sent however much energy I needed to the Lost Zone to mow down a few Scizors with the occasional Skarmory. Pretty straightforward game. 2-0

    Round 3 vs. Colin S, LuxChomp
    This is where I was going to put my 4 Judges to the test. Colin drove all the way up from Florida, and from talking with him before the match I know that he is a great player. So this was going to be a hard match. He opens with Dragonite, and I take a prize off that. I put a Sunyshore City Gym into play, and his job is a whole lot tougher. He has a Twins and Toxicroak ready to retaliate, but can't because of my Stadium. We go back and forth for a little while, while I start to slow down by Lost Zoning so much energy. The occasional Bright Look on a Regirock is also bad. Eventually, it's down to 3-1 prizes, with me leading, and Colin Bright Looks my Regirock up. I have a Warp Energy and one prize left, so I put a fighting energy on my benched, full-health Magnezone. Pass. He attaches and passes. I put a lightning energy on Magnezone. Pass. He passes too. I play the Warp on Regirock and Lost Zone 3 Energies for the win. GG! 3-0

    Round 4 vs. T.J. B, LuxChomp
    I go second with Relicanth. He Psychic Restores me. I Judge and Pass. He Crobats, the Garchomp plus DCE for the donk. 3-1
    We play a practice game afterwards, which I won, and I had the element of surprise that game. He didn't know what my deck did. Oh well, let's move on.

    Round 5 vs. Licia C, Gengar
    She's a Pokemom with three Juniors, and she left her regular deck at home. Although she manages to get several Gengars up, I play around Fainting Spell and just outspeed her deck. I don't remember too much about this match, but I won off sac Uxies and Azelfs. 4-1

    Round 6 vs. BRENT, Chenlock
    So I'm at the TOP table playing one of my best friends, who is also one of my life mentors. I've known Brent for so long and have enjoyed playing against him as a Senior. He's such a pro player and I'm so excited to finally be playing him in Masters when I'm a Master. This game was pretty chill, seeing as we're both in top cut (my resistance should be enough if I lose, and he was 5-0 going into this) so we play it out. I wreck him with a well-timed Judge but his Sableye's speed put me behind and I never really caught up. I did make what Brent said were some good decisions (doing 50 to a Sableye and leaving it) but I just didn't catch up this game. 4-2

    So at 4-2, my resistance is good enough to land me as the 5th seed. I'm playing Cory, who I saw playing Magnezone across the table at round 5. I'm disappointed; Magnezone mirror is really lame.

    Top 8 vs. Cory D, Switch Magnezone
    Cory is from Texas, and he was on a road trip with some of his buddies. They decided to play some Pokemon on the way back, hence their appearance at MS States. He's also a really great guy to talk to, and that was one of the reasons I enjoyed these games a lot. He's also running 1 of each Magnezone (both SFs, the Prime, and the Lv. X) so I was glad it wasn't a mirror.

    Games 1 and 2 were both really similar, so I'll just put them together. Both games, I am a little slow to set up while he uses Gyro Ball on me. I start to catch up by OHKOing his sac Pokemon, and he can't OHKO me with Gyro Ball. I get the first game down to 1-2, with me leading, but he pulls the ERL trick on me for two prizes. Nice! The second game I play around ERL, bringing it down to 1-1 prizes. He can't OHKO me for his last prize so he sends up a Belted ERL hoping I can't Lost Zone 4 energy, but I can, so we go into sudden death.
    In sudden death I get a Magneton set up with two energies, and he sends up a Magnezone Prime with one energy and Judges away the Bebe's I was going to use to most likely win the next turn. I draw into a Judge, and that is all I can use. I play it and reveal the top 4 cards of my deck for the small audience that gathered. Whiff, whiff, whiff (Bebe's), whiff. I sigh and pass, Cory shows me the energy, and I laugh and shake his hand. Congrats! 1-2, 6th place.

    The next day Payton and I partner up for the Team Play Championships. I modify my deck a little, so he will play the BTS and Skuntank for us and I was running Expert Belts and extra Warp Energy. I forgot a lot of details, so I'm sorry about that.

    Round 1 we played against a Kingdra and a Kingdra/Jumpluff. My Magnezones OHKO'd any Kingdras while Gaia Crush from Steelix took care of Jumpluffs. 1-0
    Round 2 we faced VileGars, and Shadow Room and Fainting Spell got the best of us. It was hard for me to keep up when I was taking two Shadow Rooms before it got around to my turn. 1-1
    Round 3 we faced Brent and Mikey's girlfriends, who were playing Steelix and Tyranitar. Both are tanks, and Magnezone is good at OHKOing tanks, so whatever they got out was pretty much Lost Burned. Sorry! 2-1
    Round 4 we played against double Honchkrow G/Skuntank G/Sevipers. Payton can't be affected by special conditions, and I always had a Warp Energy ready to heal my Poison before OHKOing an attacker. It wasn't too nice to beat Mr. Mike, the PTO who hosted both wonderful tournaments, but Payton and I took the win. 3-1
    Round 5 we played the Rockets, Brent and Mikey. They were running Magmortar SV and Leafeon that does 50X special conditions. Payton took a Blaziken FB to Steelix's face, but once that tech went down, he was safe because of his Poke-Body, so who do the Rockets go for? ME! It comes down to time, and I Belt my Regirock and try to hit a Leafeon for 90 but get Tails, Brent hits me for 100, and Mikey pulls out a Crobat to win. Hahaha, it was fun. 3-2

    -Doing well in Masters
    -Mr. Mike, for hosting both Tournaments
    -Matt and Ms. April, for their generosity
    -Brent WINNING
    -Brent and Mikey winning
    -Payton for being an awesome partner
    -My parents, for agreeing to take me
    -Meeting new friends
    -Brent's Chinese-speaking Lessons

    -Sudden Death
    -Being double-teamed at the team play (haha, it's all right, Brent and Mikey)
    -Little Caesar's for not being as good as Domino's

    And also, because of my Dad's job, I will be moving to China this summer. My availability to play Pokemon is limited. I'll enjoy it while I can! Houston Regionals is gonna be a blast!
  2. CameraMan

    CameraMan Gallery Admin Emeritus

    Great Job Aaron, even if you did beat me in Team Play! Great to have you!
  3. jeffrey123

    jeffrey123 New Member

    Sick job bro!!!

    Even as a master you're a force to be reckoned with. Welcome to masters lol.
  4. spazcrackers

    spazcrackers New Member

    Thanks for the kind words Aaron. You really are one of the best deck builders and in-game players I have met. I look forward to seeing how far you go at your first regional tournament as a master level player! See you soon!
  5. Blitzer

    Blitzer New Member

    Nice seeing you back playing, and a good showing to boot.

    Wayta go man.
  6. Nekizalb

    Nekizalb New Member

    Mr. Mike- thanks! It was great!

    Alex2k- thanks! It's soooo much better than seniors.

    Brent- Thanks for your kind words! And I'll definitely miss you. And see the finals!

    Simon- thanks a lot! I'm enjoying it!

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