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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by harlanator, Mar 15, 2011.

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  1. harlanator

    harlanator New Member

    the day before states i was really nerves about what i was going to run, so i started looking through my old cards that i thought would spark an idea than it hit me i was going to run gyrados and not only that but a secret teck that i foung useful poke blower plus. seems dome right nope but i thought there is strategy toward this card such as ten damage but more the reason to play two to bring up the bench that was important. against all my matches i used it as much as possible so that i could distrupt them and with other cards which i will not post. this is how the rounds went

    Round 1

    average dialga chomp player that wasnt able to get deafen off so i whent and poke blowed up his garchomp with dce making him unable to take a ko plus that turn i also mesprit locked so that game was pretty much my win especcially sense i was able to pokeblwer again taking all possible set up.

    Round 2
    was another dialga chomp thats wasnt as a much of a challenge so i just seekered every turn my mesprit and looked him in dead draw which lead to gg.

    Round 3

    next i played an expert luxchompplayer named mica former compettor in worlds and was very good he whent first with a godly hand search with sable than he passed i giritana dropped after a uxie and setting up a magikarp on bench which turned the table he told me his hand was gyra auto win with 3 lighting and cyrus and everything he than drew horrible i was able to get a ko and he couldnt do any for the rest of the game with my power lock he scooped not long in the game.

    Round 4
    foyrth round was depressing me going first against luxchomp with a unown Q start a girl named kiristen donked me.

    round 5
    round five i whent against a good friend named lizzie who was running my worst match up villegar but she didnt now how to play against me so i showed her my hand and told her moves than she started to catch on it was a funny match in the end i still won because i still played hard but didnt take advantege against her showing me her cards.

    round 6 was a blur but i did win it wasnt hard because i would remember it than

    round 7 i whent up against a waliermere deck that was winning all day which didnt possible but it was a really good deck still, and on turn 3 he did scoop after my poke blower spaze.

    TOP 16
    played wailmer both game opened up with double drawer and sableye won that game

    TOP 8

    whent against koichi former quarter finalist in junior devision in last years worlds, game one whnet back and forth but he took the first game with expert belted luxray. second game he drew horrible and i out speeded him for the win. third and final game was good but i drew a second poke blower from my prizes allowing me to win next turn he tried to stall bye bright looking up registeel but i warped for the win


    i whent against a good luxchomp he and me had a good first game in which he beat me than i fot 6 tails second game aloowing him to win.

    DURING the day

    staes was fun and im looking forward to washington staes i also made a friend named stephen r how was running gyrados for sates but than lost in top 8 he was a well player plus i also made friends with the girl that donk me it was a good and exciting day. ill tell u though drawer is the best thing ever used it in all my games and t made my win faster and easier i recommend this card to former gyrados players that want to to kill a main not a stand bye decoy that they put up to stall. and that my report ill see you in washington
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    Well played harlan
  3. gallade

    gallade New Member

    Yah, great job man.
  4. Blitzer

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    lol jk bro. Nice job.

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