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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Pablo, Oct 5, 2003.

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  1. Pablo

    Pablo New Member

    I was thining how awesome, the Neo3 Kabutops was, and now we got a better version of him, with nearly double HP, so I tried thinking of the best way to use it, and this is what I came up with:

    Pokemon: 18

    4 Mysterious Fossil
    2 Claw Fossil
    3 Kabuto (SS)
    3 Kabutops ex
    2 Skitty
    2 Delcatty
    1 Solrock
    1 Lunatone

    Trainers: 25

    3 Rare Candy
    3 Copycat
    3 Oran Berry
    2 Oracle
    2 Forest Guardian
    2 Moo Moo Milk
    2 Warp Point
    2 Switch
    2 Underground Lake
    2 Energy Restore
    1 Fisherman
    1 Town Volunteers

    Energy: 17

    2 Cyclone
    15 Fighting

    Strategy: Get out Tops ASAP, and swarm as much as possible. Delcatty/Oracle is self explanatory, and Forest Guardian lets me search for mysterious fossil.
  2. Dek

    Dek New Member

    I dont mean to be mean or rude or anything, but you do realize that Mysterious fossil is a trainer. Other than that, it looks good to me
  3. Tyranitar666

    Tyranitar666 New Member

    Up the pokemon count as 7 basics is a bit low. Drop both forest guardians for 2 more Oracles. They rule. Drop the NRG Restore for a 1-1 boost in the Delcatty line. Drop the Cyclone NRG for Boost NRG. They give you a turn of attacking for 3 flips as his attack now requires only one colorless to use. Drop a warp point for a 4th copycat. You may wanna run Juggler over Warp point but Im not sure.
  4. League Leader Terry

    League Leader Terry New Member

    I'd just like to point out that Mysterious Fossil is practically a basic thanks to the slight change to the Mulligan rule in the Sandstorm rulebook. So, in terms of Mulliganing, he's got 11 basics.
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