Torrance City Championship!

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  1. Prima

    Prima Fanfic Contest Judge - Emeritus

    Comic Cult Torrance is hosting a City Championship!

    Saturday, January 10, 2015
    1047 W Carson St, Torrance, CA 90502
    Noon TCG City Championship Check-in

    Registration: ONLINE right til check-in ends.

    Check in desk 12-12:45 – masters please note your payment must be complete to check in!

    Deck List: download or customize online: Turn it in at Players Meeting 12:45

    Retrieve (or obtain) your Player ID now!

    JR/SR Free; Masters $10 or 200 Bulk


    New: EON Ticket Street Pass!
    New: “Play for a Pack” in last round!
    New: Winner of all 8+ person divisions gets free VIP pack admission to February Regional Championship!

    This is a “standard format” event. Single game swiss rounds with up to top 8 best “2 of 3″ 50 minute single elimination round, depending on attendance in your division. Registration is online only. You could borrow a smartphone from a friend to register at the venue, but do it in advance.

    Your legal sleeves (solid color or Pokemon issued), if used, must be unmarked, of course.

    Advice: Don’t play with old sleeves; wear becomes marks. Attend to your hygiene; you will be sitting next to other people in person. Do not plan to bring more trades than you can keep under your chair; keep track of your stuff. Also, fill out your deck list in advance; neatly made changes are permitted on site. Vending must be OK’d with organizer by Dec. 6 in writing.

    Masters we add to prizing and you “Play for a Pack”:

    Play out the last round (no pack to intentional draws nor concessions before time)
    Winner takes the Phantom Forces pack.
    No winner? Player that took the most prizes wins the pack.
    Tied on prizes? Player that won the flip takes the pack.
    Masters Admission Payment

    Required to be complete before end of check-in. One of the following:

    $10 cash ($1 convenience fee for credit)
    200 clean, unmarked un/common Pokemon cards any set (no trainers or energy)
    If you’re paying in cards, don’t arrive last minute or you might miss round 1.

    We look forward to seeing you there! :pokeball:
  2. Prima

    Prima Fanfic Contest Judge - Emeritus

    Important Update for Torrance Cities

    Due to the size of the venue this time, we have a maximum seating of 60 players total. To guarantee your seat for this event, you must preregister online at EventBrite. We would love to have more players than that, but it won't work out for this event.

    So go forth, preregister, and we'll see you there! Please note that you must provide your valid Player ID when you register at EventBrite.
  3. bulbasnore

    bulbasnore Administrator Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    And whats more if you got a wait list/standby ticket -- I wouldn't come a long way. We don't expect many, if any, guaranteed ticket players not to show up. We don't want you to drive a long way and be disappointed.

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