Torrterrable Worlds 2007 Report with Pics

Discussion in 'World Championships' started by JohnnyBlaze, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    2007 Pokemon World Championships Last Chance Qualifier
    Kona, Hawaii
    Waikoali Village
    Friday 8/10/07
    258 total participants – 140 in Masters

    We flew from NY to Chicago then Chicago to Hawaii. Be prepared for a long flight. The flight was about 12 hours long. We flew over with last year’s 2nd place winner Jimmy “Banginbox” Ballard and his wife, also Troy and his son, and Rick Langstein and his son and son’s friend who ended up 8-0 in the Masters Grinder with Mario, and whoever else I forgot to mention. We landed in Maui for refuel which was a beautiful Island then on to Kona. We stayed the 1st nite with our friends the Sauks: Greg, Ben + Geoff. Who each made Day 2 in the Sr’s. Congrats on that. The resort was awesome. With a Train and/or Boat running up and down the resort to get to the 3 different hotels and all the different pools and lagoon. Warning food was uber expensive. The TCG area was decorated with all different kinds of cool posters and designs.

    I decided to go rogue and go with my Torterrible deck as coined by Steve Silvestro. There will be a lot of Lucario, Mario, and Speed Spread variants so the deck has high HP and enough healing power to overcome all that. Also it has decent matchups against Ape as I am packing 4 Cess. Crystals and 3 Battle Frontiers. You actually want to be losing with Torterra as all you need is 1 Grass energy on the benched Turtwig, Rare Candy to Torterra then Scramble and then next turn Torterra Lvl. X to abuse its Power: Forest Murmurs. Well how did it go? Well here is the report

    Round 1 vs. Victor P. (DogFace 89 on the Gym)

    Victor is from Georgia and was playing Electanite. I have a good matchup against this as long as he doesn’t go aggro with his Delta Dragonites who resist Grass. I can ohko the Electivires as they have 100hp and Torterra Lvl X deals 100 damage in one hit. I start with 3 mulligans to his 1. We both get decent setups. I have a Cess. Crystal with Budew locked for about 3 turns until he can Windstorm it away. Victor does misplay with Cess. Crystal in play and draws a card with Delta Electabuzz power. We call over a judge because Vic has a large hand of about 12 cards and there is no way to tell which card he drew. Finally when we got a proper ruling from Vince (Meganium54) about 4 mins. have expired. I request a time extension and we get one. The game goes back and forth with Vic having an answer to everything I drop. I drop a Cess. And he has a windstorm. I drop a Battle Frontier to shut off Dragonite and he drops a Holon Ruins. I try not to drop both Tool and Stadium but it doesn’t matter because Vic plays smart and holds his Stadiums until the right moment. I am able to draw 5 prizes as does Vic and after time is called we have the 4 min. extension. I have Holon Farmer back in my Torterra Lvl X the turn before and with only 12 cards left in the deck I play Holon Scientist for 8 cards. I need the Torterra Lvl X for its 100 damage against Vic’s active Electivire and end up drawing into all 3 of my Rare Candies that I haven’t seen all game and other useless junk. So Vic then ends up koing my active Torterra to win. Very close and good game.

    L: 0-1

    Round 2 vs. Clay (Blaziking)

    I’ve know Clay from the message boards and from various large scale tournies like Nats. Clay is from Texas and is running his version of R-Gon = ClayGon. Clay gets a quick Flygon-ex d out along with a Ray-ex d. Im able to put an early 10 damage from Flick Poison on the Ray-ex d. And I also put 130 damage on Flygon-ex d throughout the game and I just wait until I get the Torterra Lvl X out. Then bang Forrest Murmurs for 4 Prizes by taking out his benched Flygon-ex d and hitting the active Ray-ex d for 100. Clay never did get back up and running after that and I took all 6 prizes on him.

    W: 1 - 1

    Round 3 vs. Allison

    Allison is from No. London, England and is over here with a contingency of players. She was very nice and cordial. Allison was playing Shiftry-ex. I start with a Turtwig start with 1 Grass energy, 2 Holon Transceivers, 1 Grotle, 1 Torterra, and, 1 Battle Frontier. A pretty decent start I must say. I can get a Turn 3 Torterra out and hopefully draw into Torterra X. I attach to Turtwig and hit for 20!! Yeah 1 G for 20. Then Allsion nails an ER 2 flip on my only energy. Unfortunately Allison only has Holon Castform out and no way to get basics. But with Shiftry-ex being weak to Grass I think I would have won anyways. Good luck to your son Allison!

    W: 2-1

    Round 4 vs. Ted (Houndoom13)

    Ted is from Seattle, Wa.: home to the 2007 Senior World Champ Jeremy S. Yeah!! Ted was playing classic FireStarter Blaziken with Delcatty Energy Draw and a tech Blaze-ex. Ted got all his Rare Candies and had 2 Fire Starters out and a Delcatty out to Energy Draw. I tried Flick Poisoning his Pokes but everytime it seemed like Ted had a Switch or Warp Point to get out of Poison. Then in addition to all my Pokes being Fire weak this was a match I was clearly fighting from behind. Once I did get a Torterra up and running, Ted had a Blaziken-ex that could hit for 100 damage and then it was downhill from there. I looked at my prizes and I had 2 Holon Transceivers and a Holon Scientist prized so this was bad luck for me.

    L: 2 - 2

    Round 5 vs. Mikey F (Magnechu)

    Mikey is a fellow NY player playing in his 1st Grinder in Masters and Mikey is a high caliber player going 8-0 in last years Worlds before losing in Top cut I believe. At 2-2, I am actually playing up in the Top tables that are 3-1 due to good resistance from my Round 1 opponent who is 4-0 at this point. Mikey is playing Lucario-lutions. Now Torterra has a wonderful matchup against this deck as clearly I am healing all my Pokes by 20 a turn. But low and behold Mikey techs in a Flareon-ex for the Scizor-ex hate that is a major deck by the Japanese and also it won 2nd place at US Nats by Jaeger. We go back and forth with ko’s but my last Torterra gets hosed by his Flareon-ex then it is downhill from there for me.

    L : 2 - 3

    Round 6 vs. Dorothy (PokeDot)

    Dot is another lady that I face that is from England. Dot is playing Delta (Raieggs) with Shuckle tech for Scizor-ex decks. Really pure Scizor-ex decks play no techs to go against SafeGuard. But low and behold I play no EX’s and Torterra is such a beast to take down for RaiEggs that I just plow through whomever she sends up. Dot was such a nice lady to play and I felt bad for her as they do not play with Diamond & Pearl cards yet in her league and she had no idea what Torterra did. At this point there was going to be a dinner/drop break for those players that wanted to drop. I would say about half the field dropped before Round 7 but I am playing Torterra all the way baby!!

    W: 3 - 3

    Round 7 vs. BYE
    I end up with a BYE Round 7 and the player behind me has a BYE too!! Why not pair us up instead? I guess a win is a win but I hate BYEs. So instead I watch the match next to me it is an American player with Ambush vs. Japanese Scizor-ex. The Japanese players’ deck literally takes off like a Rocket and has Turn 2 Scizor-ex and then ends up having 3 Scizor-ex’s up and running switching back and forth taking all 6 prizes. The secret is that he was playing Trainer cards like Masterball, PokeNav, PokeDex to mill through his deck prior to playing his Supporter then playing a Draw Supporter like Oak’s Research, CopyCat, or Steven’s to get even more cards.
    W: 4 - 3

    Round 8 vs. Mac

    Mac is from Iowa and playing InfernCatty. Finally I get to go up against it!! I am building up my Torterra sacking Budew’s in the process as Mac is discarding DRE’s to ko the Budew’s. lol He gets a Delcatty Energy Draw and plays 3 Windstorms each time I play a Cess Crystal. ***? I couldn’t find any Battle Frontiers. I have a fully healed Torterra with a Grass and Scramble attached to it and next turn I have the Torterra X to kill his only Ape in play. It is Mac’s turn and his Ape has 1 energy. He CopyCats my hand of 6 and pulls off the other Fire and 2 Plus Powers. ***? So he hits my Torterra for the 140 damage. So last round I lose.

    Final Record: 4 – 4 So Torterrable goes 4 - 4 in the Grinder.

    Now onto Day 2 my son Nick already has an invite to play in the Senior World Championship. He goes with LatiLock with Latias-ex, Latios-ex, Latios, Latias, Rayquaza Star, Delta Mewtwo and basically the Holon Engine with Battle Frontier hate. Seniors is 6 rounds of Swiss then cutting to the Top 16.

    Round 1 vs. Hiro O
    Hiro is from Japan and is playing Flygon/lutions. Flygon-ex seems a bad matchup for all basic deck like Lati/Lock but Nick took 4 prizes by using Rayquaza Star. Unfortunately he was 10 damage away from koing the Flygon-ex to take all 6. Hiro ends up winning though on Sand Damage from the bench. Nick did not find any of his Battle Frontiers all game to shut down Delta Flygon.

    L : 0 -1

    Round 2 vs. Orion C.
    Orion is the little bro of Eric C in the Masters and poor Orion tore his knee ligament or something the nite before so he is in a wheelchair all weekend and cant enjoy the pools. Orion is playing Speed Spread. Nick basically uses Latio-ex D Ice Barrier for the majority of the game to shut down all of Orion’s ex and Nick wins the game.

    W: 1- 1

    Round 3 vs. Martina C.
    Martina is from Italy and is playing MARIO. There isn’t much to this match as Nick pulls off a Turn 2 Latias-ex to ko her only Poke. Such is the way with LatiLock very easy to get that Turn 2 ko.

    W: 2 – 1

    Round 4 vs. Geoff S
    It was Geoff and his dad and bro we stayed with the 1st nite. Geoff is from back East. Geoff is playing Flariados which is usually a bad matchup but Nick has teched 2 Warp energy and Warp Point in his deck for this matchup. Nick takes all 6 prizes and wins easy.

    W: 3 – 1

    Round 5 vs. Tais A.
    Tais is the Campion from Denmark and is running a pure counter deck to Nick’s. It is very similar to the LatiLock but also has Metagross Super Connectivity along with Sceptile-EX to shut down opposing ex’s. Nick tried to hang in there but there wasn’t much he could do once Tais got the Sceppy-ex’s out.

    L: 3 – 2

    Round 6 vs. Austin C.
    Now there will be some 4-2’s that make the Top Cut so Nick has to win his last round vs. Austin. We have known Austin and his family from many events over the years and they are very nice people. Austin hails from the great state of Texas. Austin is playin Speed Spread with a Jirachi-ex for tech. This was actually a close game for Nick as Jirachi-ex shuts off Nick’s powers and is mainly weak to Psychic. Nick got really lucky and flipped 3 heads in a row with Spiral Rush to ko Austin’s only Jirachi-ex that he plays I believe and then Nick used Holy Star for the last 4 prizes. Good game Austin.

    W: 4 – 2

    So Nick ends up 4 – 2 and we wait around for Final standings to see if he made it. He ends up in 20th place. His resistance was hurt from his 1st + 3rd Round opponents who actually donked the rest of the tournament. So I end up purchasing tickets for Tomorrow’s Mysterious Treasures Pre-Release that we play in.
    Here is a picture of Nick and I at the local King Shoppes plaza that actually had the cheapest food around:

    Also here is a link to all our Hawaii photos on webshots:

  2. PokeDaddy

    PokeDaddy New Member

    Johnny -

    GJ, GREAT report, and there is always 2007-2008.

    The Blaze gang is the best.

  3. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Round 1, a Proper Ruling from a judge?

    How dare you call me out like that, you are going to ruin my reputation as being an uncaring overlord!

    In all seriousness, thanks for the props, and great to see you!

    See you all in Florida!

  4. PokeDaddy

    PokeDaddy New Member

    Vince -

    You are an uncaring overlord that just happens to know the rules of the game. :biggrin:

    Thanks for the three words = "let it go"

  5. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    So what was that ruling?
  6. PokeDaddy

    PokeDaddy New Member

    Yes, you can cut your opponent's deck.
  7. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    No, I mean regarding the mis-drawn card.
  8. PokeDaddy

    PokeDaddy New Member

    Silly me.....


    Opponent draws an extra card and neither player can agree on the card drawn.

  9. shiftrymaster68

    shiftrymaster68 Active Member

    I didn't realize that you were Nick's dad! I was at the big pool on Sunday with Steven, Nick, and Joe if you remember. GJ w/ Torterra in the Grinder though!
  10. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Way to go with something orginal, Anyways nice job, your son did great to.
  11. Dom

    Dom New Member

  12. HoennAsh

    HoennAsh New Member

    It was great to meet you and had a chance to talk to you, I was the player that played Ambush that faced the Japanese player with Scizor ex in round 7. It was cool to hear that someone was playing Torterra at the grinder and you seem like an awesome player. I hope I have the chance I will be able to talk to you much more than what we have at the grinder.
  13. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    It was nice to meet you.

    Congrats on your Son going 4-2 in Worlds. And Good Job using Torterra in the Grinder, Infernape scareded me away from using mine. It was nice to meet you. See you next year in Florida.
  14. Drich

    Drich New Member

    Hey Ghost Rider, three years in a row ! I remenbered in 2005 in San Diego where we talked a lot about Pokémon and you helped me a lot with my deck.

    Look, nothing really changes, you have always good advice for me, and you're always great to meet. I'll be in Florida next year and I'm sure you'll be able to help me with my deck one more time !
  15. JohnnyBlaze

    JohnnyBlaze New Member

    PokeDaddy - Steve to a great person and your son Thomas. Congrats on T16 no easy feat at Worlds. Nick missed it by resistance. Uggh. To a great new season in Pokemon TCG 2007-2008.

    Vince - That was a great ruling and thanks for the time extension. :thumb:

    PokePop - It was great that you and your sons were at Worlds. Basically the ruling was that the extra card that was drawn from Delta Electabuzz could not be determined, since his hand size was so big. So he randomly shuffled his hand then the judge randomly took a card and placed it on the top of his deck then a time extension was given. And he was given a penalty.

    Shiftrymaster68 - Yup Im Nicks dad and yes I do remember you at the pool area. Hope to see you next year in FL.

    Jaeger - Nice to see you again and good choice with going with Scizor it worked for you and it was one of Japan's secret deck.

    Dom - Was that you dressed up as Chimchar? lol

    HoennAsh - Yes I remember you. It was nice to meet you and watch your match. Too bad you got donked. lol Hope to see you next year!!

    JandPDS - Yes it was nice to meet and chat with you and your wife. Dont let 1 deck scare you. lol Anyhow I only faced 1 Ape in the tournament. See you in FL.

    Drich - Yes nice to see you again. Always a pleasure to chat with you and give you advice.

  16. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz New Member

    nice job/report john. making a torrterrable deck lol.You always create red face paint decks and a very well classed player.same with your son.I hope to see you more in the 07-08 season :)
  17. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    Yeah, we had fun in the plane! At one point there were 4 or 5 of us in the rear galley discussing pokemon, and throughout the plane you could see players playing on the pull down trays!
    See ya real soon!
  18. mumsascrappa

    mumsascrappa Active Member

    What a great report!! Thanks for remembering and posting names of your opponents....nothing worse than....a report that says....I played some kid...or some lady....or some guy.....THANKS!!

    Glad you all had a great time! Eager to catch up with you again during '07-'08!!
  19. Papi/Manny

    Papi/Manny New Member

    Torrterra is a sick card (healing ftw). Too bad about the resistance man. Your entire family is just soo cool and I'm definately looking forward to seeing you next year. :)
  20. Awesome job johhny in the report and great job to nick. In glad he made 20th but it sucks he was killed by resistance. I am glad you and the family had a blast and i wish i could of been there.

    See ya around and good luck in the upcoming months at battle roads

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