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  1. dreamdemon

    dreamdemon New Member

    hey everybody. i had an idea for a torterra/leafeon deck tell me what ya'll think.

    1-torterra lv.x promo
    2-torterra dp
    1-torterra md
    2-grotle md
    1-grotle dp
    2-turtwig md #78
    2-turtwig md #77
    1-leafeon md #7
    2-leafeon md #24
    1-celebi mt
    1-heracross dp
    1-carnivine dp
    2-eevee md #63
    2-eevee md #62
    1-time space distortion
    1-professor oak's visit
    1-celio's network
    1-felicity's drawing
    1-dusk ball
    1-professor birch
    1-mom's kindness
    1-holon mentor
    1-tv repoter
    2-rare candy
    2-team galactic's mars
    2-dawn stadium
    3-quick ball
    3-professor rowan
    16-grass energy

    if you think its good let me know. also tell what it needs or what to get rid of. thanks.
  2. charchar

    charchar New Member

    wayy to many pokemon. can take out a bunch. furret or claydol in deck. take out like, celibi, heracross, carnivine. focus on tortera.
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