Toxic Typhlosion δ!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by fieryseraph, Sep 6, 2007.

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  1. fieryseraph

    fieryseraph New Member

    So there have been a few posts floating around about using the poison theme from crobat/toxicroak, but the thought came to me that it might be interesting to combine them with Typhlosion d...

    3-2-3 zubat/golbat/crobat
    3-2-3 cyndaquil δ/quilava δ/typhlosion δ (df)
    1-1 toxicroak
    4-2 chingling/chimecho
    2 skarmory ex

    4 holon circle
    4 rare candies
    3 windstorm
    2 scott
    2 celio's
    2 holon mentor
    1 phoebe's stadium

    8 psychic energy
    4 double rainbow energy
    2 scramble
    2 cyclone energy


    The whole point of this deck is to double poison them (from crobat), burn them (from typhlosion), and then sit back and laugh while they wither away.

    Typhlosion d is the main attacker; he can burn AND he can move a damage counter per turn. This is key becuase his power still works when holon circle is in place. Set up toxicroak so they can't easily get rid of the poison, Skarmory makes it more painful for them to retreat.

    So if you can get everything moving, they are taking 50-90 damage per turn before you even attack. If you want to attack, typhlosion does 60 damage on top of everything else, or if you need to wear them down a round, put the holon circle in place, usually against the big 130 HP guys.

    If they retreat despite the fact that skarmory will hurt them, you can use Typhlosion's power to bonk them on the bench, or rotate up a crobat and snipe. The cyclone energies help to have greater control of the game.

    The ching/chime starter really makes the poke line heavy, but it seems to me that without it (and its draw-3-cards-per-tun power), getting 2 stage 2s set up really becomes a chore. I don't know of a better way to do it, aside from nidoqueen's help perhaps, that may be worth looking into.

    It seems like it has at least a few good matchups. It will rock Mario's socks (psychic), and so many stage 2 decks don't work if they are affected by conditions. I think it has some potential vs. a damage spread deck too, becuase if you play a phoebe's stadium, that's a free retreat for typhlosion, you can rotate a couple around per turn and put multiple of those 'aqua shower' bench damage counters right back where they came from. :-D (although typhlosion is weak to water, that's a bummer) Another way to deal with damage spread is to move all of your damage counters to Crobat, use his attack and hope he hops back into your deck, erasing all the damage as he does so.

    What do you think? Too clunky, too slow? If nothing else, it looks like a deck that would be annoying to play against, which is inherently fun. :-D It was worth throwing out there, anyway.

    (props to pyrot53, his list inspired me, and I posted this in his thread first, but no one really saw it there)
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  2. KingGengar

    KingGengar New Member

    My fix:
    3-2-3 crobat
    3-2-3 typhlosion
    4-1 chingling
    1 skarmory ex

    -- 22

    2 mentor
    2 great ball
    4 celio's
    4 rare candy
    4 windstorm
    3 steven's
    2 rowan
    1 team galactic


    12 psychic
    4 dre

    -- 16
  3. mila

    mila New Member

    3-2-3 crobat
    2-1-2 typhlosion
    2-1 chingling
    1 skarmory ex
    1-1 croak
    2 mr mime
  4. fieryseraph

    fieryseraph New Member

    KingGengar: I think you made some good suggestions, I like how you lightened up the poke line.

    mila: I thought about Mr. Mime as a staller/starter, and I think it's a pretty decent tactic, but typhlosion's power doesn't work unless he is active. I suppose with phoebe's stadium, you can rotate everyone around as much as you want, but it seems to me that to maximize mime as a staller, you have to put energy removal in the deck, and that's another 4 cards I have to find room for... plus I think the ching/chime starter is better, becuase in addition to stalling, he actively helps you set up.

    What does everyone think about the viability of the deck?
  5. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    3-2-3 Crobat
    2-2 Toxicroak
    2-1-2 Typhlosion
    4-1 Chingling
    2 or 3 Skarmory ex
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