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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Zwittz, Mar 26, 2011.

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  1. Zwittz

    Zwittz New Member

    _I have a very bussy life but I will do my best to check this thread, so dont get mad if it takes me a day or two to respond. Thanks.
    _All my cards are mint or near mint unless other wise stated.
    _All my cards are English and I will only trade for English cards.

    2x rayquaza & Deoxys bottom
    2x Entei & Raikou set
    1x Suicune & Entei bottom

    1x Ampharos
    3x Feraligatr
    1x Donphan
    1x Ursaring
    1x Crobat
    3x Tyanitar
    3x Lanturn
    1x Slowking
    1x Houndoom
    2x Scizor
    1x Mew
    4x Absol

    Level Xs
    1x Rhyperior X (has crease in top right corner)
    1x Mewtwo X
    1x Mewtwo X promo
    1x Uxie X (pealing on all sides)
    1x Dusknoir X
    1x Regigigas X
    1x Machamp X
    1x Pakia G X
    1x Dialga G X
    1x Gallade 4 X
    2x Luxray X
    3x Staraptor FB X
    2x Garchomp C X
    1x Blaziken FB X
    2x Tangrowth X
    2x Gengar X

    secret rares/ shinies/ others
    1x Hitmonchan reprint
    2x pikachu reprint
    2x Surfing Pikachu reprint
    1x Flying Pikachu reprint
    1x Alph Lithograph 4
    1x Dragonair state promo
    3x Gible City Promo
    2x Gabite State Promo
    2x Garchomp National promo
    2x Poliwag City Promo
    2x Poliwhirl State Promo

    Rares and Trainers just ask and ill check. (too many to list)
    Also the Official J-wittz hat from the J-wittz Profit Videos on You Tube I stole from im because he is my cousen and i love messing with him.

    5x Pokemon Organized Play Psychic Energy
    3x Pokemon Collector1x garchomp C rh
    2x Gangar Prime
    1x Lugia Legond set
    1x ho-oh Legond set
    I Have other wants that in cant think of so feel free to make offers and I will also cyl.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2011
  2. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    please cml for 2x entei and raikou bottom and 2x entei raikou top

  3. Absol101

    Absol101 New Member

    Please CML for Mew Prime.
  4. Zwittz

    Zwittz New Member


    1gengar prime
    1feraligatr prime

    2x entei and raikou bottom
    2x entei raikou top
  5. GlowstikNinja

    GlowstikNinja New Member

    Please Cml for Ursaring prime and Houndoom prime...
  6. drifloon kill

    drifloon kill New Member

    i lik your uxie lvx lmk
  7. Zard1111

    Zard1111 New Member

    cml for RDL set. thanks.
  8. for some reason

    for some reason New Member

    Please CML for Uxie LV.x. Also do you have any pictures of the damage??? if so I would like to see them. LMK thanks!!!
  9. chopemdown

    chopemdown New Member

    sorry the gengar primes gone anything else you see? lmk thanks
  10. Zwittz

    Zwittz New Member


    Im interested in your Gengar Prime.
    I have Ursaring prime,Houndoom prime, Axelf X, and Anphros pl RH
    Let me know if you want to make a deal

    ---------- Post added 03/27/2011 at 04:43 PM ----------

    Everyone else im sorry but i did not see any thing we could make a deal on.:frown:
  11. Swordfish1989

    Swordfish1989 New Member

    Can you describe how bad the Uxie X looks, or provide a scan? Does it have creases/bends?
  12. Pokegamer

    Pokegamer New Member


    CML for your Uxie Lv.X

    Please, Let me know??
    I will give you anythink from my list you want

    Make offer for Uxie because I need it really bad

    I have one Garchomp C RH
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2011
  13. Medix

    Medix Active Member

    CML for your:
    1x Donphan Prime
    3x Tyanitar Prime

    How much do you value your:
    1x Uxie X (Bad condition, but still play able in sleaves)

    LMK ;-)
  14. SilverSceptile2072

    SilverSceptile2072 New Member

    CML for:

    Mew Prime x1
    Gengar X x1
  15. Zwittz

    Zwittz New Member

    Make me an offer

    in interested in your
    any Magnezone PRIME
    any Yanmega PRIME
  16. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    cml for:

    luxray x
  17. Zwittz

    Zwittz New Member

    Let me know

    how many :psychic: Holo Reward Energies do you have? i need 5
    also do you have any pokemon collectors for trade?
  18. Gamer1oo

    Gamer1oo New Member

    do u have any charizards??????
  19. Zwittz

    Zwittz New Member

    Make me an offer

    im interested in your
    2x Magnezone Prime
    2x Yanmega Prime
    2x Tyranitar Prime
    2x Donphan Prime
    besides the luxray X i also have 1x Mew Prime and 1x shiny Kyogre from your wants
  20. Akimbo

    Akimbo New Member

    what can we do for the luxray and mew?
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