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Discussion in 'VG News & Gossip' started by Benzo, Jun 8, 2014.

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  1. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    We are working on a trade thread system for members to have a trading resource. In the meantime, please follow these simple little guidelines:

    This thread can be used for posting your wants/offers for your Pokémon games. Please edit/update your main post to reflect any changes on offers and wants, and please use the PM system for communications to make trades.

    Trading is under your own discretion and definition of "what is a fair trade" between you and the other party involved.

    Please make sure that your FC is Posted with in your Post! Your post will be deleted if your FC is not in your Posting or Signature!


    Please list Pokémon in a manner similar to this example, whether offering or looking to trade for.

    Wanted: (or Offering)

    Garchomp (not shiny, shiny)

    Adamant nature

    IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31

    Ability: Sand Vail

    Hold item: (if any)

    Please PM me for trading details!

    FC= Poke-mons-rule

    Again, we are working on a system to make trading an easy process for everyone to use and to the advantage of the member base. This thread is temporally pinned for now, but changes are on the way.

    Happy trading!
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  2. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Ok, since I asked for it, I guess I'll be first.

    Seems a shame to throw away all that cool info, but had to edit it as per the rules of the thread. As of this time I don't need any pokemon since Benzo helped to fill my pokedex. However I may in the future. In the meantime, I'll keep monitoring this thread to pay it forward.
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  3. SnorlaxDude

    SnorlaxDude New Member

    I am looking for a couple of shiny Pokemon and some other Pokemon as well. This is what I am looking for.

    Shiny Wants
    Shiny Toxic Boost Zangoose
    Shiny Moxie Pinsir
    Shiny Inflitrator Noibat
    Shiny Moody Remoraid

    Pokedex Wants

    Here's what I have for offer.

    Rare and Shiny Pokemon
    Lv34 Shiny Golduck(Serious nature, Damp)
    Lv12 Fancy Vivillon(Rash nature, Compound Eyes)
    Lv1 Shiny Zangoose(Naive nature, Immunity, will trade for a Shiny Toxic Boost Zangoose)
    Lv1 Shiny Pinsir(Rash nature, Mold Breaker, will trade for a Shiny Moxie Pinsir)
    Lv30 Shiny Raikou(Careful nature, Pressure)
    Lv20 French Shiny Giratina(Naive Nature, Telepathy 6 IVs)
    Lv10 Celebi(Naughty nature, Natural Cure, from Pokemon Bank)
    Lv54 Moltres(Lax nature, Pressure)
    Lv45 Shiny Lairon(6 IVs, Bashful nature, Rock Head, cured from Pokerus)
    Lv54 Shiny Pelipper(Naughty nature, Keen Eye)

    Pokemon with IVs
    Lv1 Fletchling(Adamant Nature, Big Pecks, 3 IVs HP, Defense and Sp.Def)
    Lv1 Fletchling(Adamant Nature, Gale Wings, 4 IVs HP,Attack, Sp.Atk and Speed)
    Lv1 Fletchling(Adamant Nature, Gale Wings 3 IVs HP, Sp.Def and Speed)
    Lv1 German Cottonee (Calm Nature, Prankster, 3IVs HP, Sp. Atk and Speed)
    Lv15 Japanese Mow Rotom(Bold nature, 2 IVs HP and Sp.Def)
    Lv28 Hypno (Serious nature, Insomnia 2 IVs HP and Sp.Def)
    Lv31 Forretress (Bold nature, Sturdy, 3 IVs HP, Attack and Defense)
    Lv1 German Fennekin (Sassy nature, Blaze, 2 IVs HP and Defense)
    Lv1 French Ralts (Modest Nature, Trace, 4 IV HP, Defense, Sp.Atk and Speed)
    Lv1 Elekid (Adamant Nature, Static, 2 IV HP and Defense)
    Lv1 Rufflet(2 IVs, HP and Speed, Jolly nature, Hustle, nicknamed Lincoln)
    Lv1 Japanese Charmander(1 IV (Sp.Atk), Adamant nature, Blaze)
    Lv25 Japanese Poliwhirl(6 IVs, Serious nature, Water Absorb)
    Lv32 Machamp(2 IVs, Attack and Sp.Def, Naughty, Guts)
    Lv100 Greninja(2 IVs, Sp.Def and Speed, Serious, Protean)
    Lv37 Milotic(2 IVs,Attack and Speed, Bold Nature, Marvel Scale)
    Lv1 Riolu(5 IVs, HP, Def, Sp.Atk, Sp.Def and Speed, Timid Nature, Inner Focus)
    Lv1 French Tyrunt(2 IVs, Sp.Atk and Sp.Def, Mild Nature, Strong Jaw)
    Lv44 Swoobat(2 IVs, HP and Sp.Def, Sassy Nature, Simple)
    Lv1 Zubat(4 IVs, HP, Def, Sp.Atk and Sp.Def, Naughty Nature, Inner Focus, Nicknamed "Guanda)
    Lv1 Tirtouga(6 IVs, Relaxed Nature, Solid Rock)

    Regular Haves
    Lv1 Trapinch(Hardy nature, arena trap, has various egg moves)
    Lv1 Squirtle(Lax nature, Rain Dish)
    Lv1 Zorua(Lonely nature, Illusion)
    Lv1 Gastly(Timid nature, Levitate, has various egg moves)
    Lv1 Charmander (Rash nature, Blaze)
    Lv1 Fennekin (Lonely nature, Blaze)
    Lv1 Honedge(Mild nature, No Guard, with egg moves)
    Lv1 Bulbasaur(Modest nature, Overgrow, with Giga Drain)
    Lv1 Charmander(Modest nature, Blaze, with egg moves)
    Lv11 Chespin(Naive nature, Overgrow)
    Lv31 Magnezone (Rash nature, Sturdy)
    Lv40 Omastar (Gentle nature, Swift Swim)
    Lv40 Armaldo (Hasty nature, Battle Armor)
    Lv40 Ferrothorn(Brave nature, Iron Barbs)
    Lv1 Heat Rotom(Modest Nature)
    Lv1 Fan Rotom (Quiet Nature)
    Lv1 Omanyte (Quiet Nature, Shell Armor)
    Lv1 Eevee (Timid Nature, Anticipation)
    Lv1 Pichu (Jolly Nature, Damp)
    Lv1 Cyndaquil (Quirky Nature, Blaze, with Quick Attack)
    Lv1 Squirtle(Modest nature, Torrent)
    Lv1 Treecko(Hasty nature, Overgrow)
    Lv1 Eevee(Quirky nature, Run Away)
    Lv1 Treecko(Timid nature, Unburden, with egg moves)

    Pokemon Y In-Game Name:Trae
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  4. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Ok,QUESTION: Can I have another post if I have a question - or decide I want to offer pokemon for trade aside from my pokemon wants/needs? Cuz at this point, I really have no wants/needs, but at some future point I may want to get specific IV pokemon for a competitive team or two. But until then, I don't mind doing some trades to help people - with some of my event pokes, or shiny's or even some of my 5 IV pokemon. Anyways that's my reasoning. If it's a problem, you can just delete this post and I'll have my answer, and no worries, mate.
  5. Benzo

    Benzo Front Page News Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    hmmmmmm- good question-

    for the time being, I suppose a second post will suffice until we have a trade system up. Active posting to "bump" is ok by me (will double check on this)- as this is for trading.

    all posts made that are considered "complete" meaning that what is in that post has been satisfied and no longer of need by the op to further pursue that trade and should thus be edited to reflect those changes.

    if like for example you want to "bump" this to reflect a completely new request- I do not mind that personally since there is not a solid trade state system.
    I do not want people to have to rely on digging through this thread to see if people have up-dated their one and only post, if that makes reason.

    so, working with the site and it's features, seeing what system can be created- I will allow (unless I am told other wise and this is still a topic in discussion for an implemented system for trading) multiple posts from the same member as long as the op is editing to reflect the changes to what they already have for requests and offers.

    I do think however that say a maximum of 3 post's per member for this thread so as to not "flood" this thread with to much or excessive "bumping"- meaning that the op should stay on top of their post's and try to complete the main objective before bringing in more "new" want's.

    so, let me get more info on this as to solutions and what can be done so that you all may be able to keep things current without too much bumping or the what not.

    One solution off the top of my mind is to put a link in your sig and your post number for this thread, and as you edit your op people will not need to dig through the thread to see your trade postings.

    Post in your sig a link to this page, say your post is #2 and that you keep it current.

    best I have atm, sir-

    - - - Updated - - -
  6. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Ok, not a pokemon, but I currently need a Moon Stone to evolve one of my pokemon. I used the ones I had to evolve different pokemon.
  7. Smeargle1

    Smeargle1 New Member

    Okay, I have a Hoopa that I'm willing to trade.

    Looking for: Shiny Dialga named Primal.

    Friend Code:2105 - 8928 - 9693

    Name in game: Omega Ruby; Lomni, X; I think it's Ronu, but I'll have to check. Tradable in both.
  8. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Hmmm, Might be interested, if I can trade my Shiny back to my older game and rename it. It might be a challenge. Give me a few days to see if it's possible.
  9. Smeargle1

    Smeargle1 New Member

    Never mind, I got it. Thanks anyway, though.
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  10. Zetachunk

    Zetachunk New Member

    Currently replaying Pokemon Yellow on 3DS virtual console. Need to be in person to trade. Anyone in the San Diego area with some Pokemon RBY on their 3DS wanna trade?

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