tradeing pokemon:) i want yugioh

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by j2dar8, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. j2dar8

    j2dar8 New Member

    i have alot of cards but kind of old i think

    i have
    dragonite EX dfx3
    t tar EX df x3
    altaria ex df x3
    kingdra ex dfx2
    flygon ex df x3
    latios ex df x2
    shiftree ex cgx1
    flareon ex ds x 2
    jolteon ex ds x1
    vaporeon ex dsx1
    mew ex lm x1
    bennete ex lm x1
    delcatty ex cg x1
    blaziken ex cg x1
    swampert ex cg x2 one ****
    crawdaunt ex x1
    and i have a whole metanite deck and a raieggs deck with 4 holon trans holo:)and i have more pokemon from df and down just ask ;)


    light and darkness dragon x 3
    necroface x3
    d draw x 4
    crush card virus
    seald gold coffer
    raiza the storm monarch ult x 3
    foolish burial x 3
    needle worn holo TP x 3
    morping jar holo x1 TP
    snipe hunter holo only
    sakuretsu armor holo only
    spirit reaper holo only
    thank u pm me or write me here :)
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  2. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    I think you should check how many active threads you have before opening any more new one's....Here is what is in the trading forum rules:

  3. j2dar8

    j2dar8 New Member

  4. j2dar8

    j2dar8 New Member

  5. j2dar8

    j2dar8 New Member

    no one likes me here anymore :(
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