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Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by pokemonmike, Jun 9, 2008.

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    I have more of certain trainers but only have 4 of each listed so LMK which you may need more of and I will LYK how many I hav

    Trainers: (if you don't see something ask as there is a good chance I have it.)

    Celio's Network x4
    Rare Candy X 12 (4 GE, 4 POP 5 , 4 HP)
    Team galactic's Mars x4
    Team Galactics wager x4
    Roseanne's research x4
    Bebe's Search x4
    Crystal Beach x4
    Windstorm x4
    Castaway x4
    Steven's Advice x4

    Alternate/reverse holo trainers/supporters/stadiums/tools

    Rare Candy x4 (HP)
    Windstorm x4
    Castaway x4
    scott x4
    cessation crystal x4
    holon mentor x4
    professor elm's training method x3
    professor birch x3
    professor oaks reasearch x1
    copycat x4
    Crystal beach x3
    Steven's advice x5 (x3 pk, x2 HL)
    Strength charm x6

    Holo energy's

    Boost x5
    holon FF x2
    Holon GL x2
    Holon WP x2
    Special darkness x6
    Special metal x6

    Click name for picture.

    Darkrai x2 - $30 each.

    Green DP Character Sleeves (green) x1 (actually have 85 of these) $50 for 60 or $70 for the full 85 sleeves.

    DP Character Sleeves (blue) x1 $50

    Maroon Pokeball Sleeves x1 - $20

    Dark Green Pokeball Sleevesx1 - $20
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